Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MIA Again

I seem to have made another disappearing act yesterday! I’ve been spending a lot of time with family and haven’t had much time to post. Although the past 2 days haven’t been crazy busy, I haven’t been at home a whole lot. DD had a friend sleep over Monday night so I made the fam a big bacon, egg, toast hash brown breakie Tuesday. I had planned on eggs, too, but changed my mind at the last minute! 100_7844

  • 3/4 cup Rice Dreams “eggnog”
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/2 cup Quaker oats
  • raisins
  • hazelnuts


I did some much needed housework for a few hours then settled in for a small lunch. Small because we had early dinner plans with my family. I went with a smoothie: 100_7846

  • 1 cup kefir
  • splash of USAB
  • handful each of frozen blueberries, blackberries & pineapple
  • 1 tbsp of honey


I’m not a big beverage gal, but this was bang on! I loved it. Once I got myself all dolled up DD and I headed out to Walmart to buy a George Foreman grill. They were 50% off and I’ve been wanting one for some time now. By the time we got back it was time to head out for dinner. I grabbed this baggie of almonds to eat on the way because we were going to a buffet style restaurant and I didn’t want to arrive famished.


So the place we went to is called The Mandarin and has some pretty decent eats. I usually only go once a year so it’s one of those places that remains a treat. I started off light with some sushi, cold noodles and mango salad; 100_7850

My main plate had a little bit of everything that I don’t have easy access to. That’s sort of my game plan at these types of restaurants….only put on my plate what I can’t/don’t eat daily. 100_7851

I didn’t finish everything you see. Some I didn’t end up liking. Most of it was fantastic, though. Especially the snap peas. I had a nice sampling plate for dessert and loved every bit of it! :D 100_7852

Once we left we made our way straight to a hockey game with my parents. Even though our city lost 4-2, the actual game was pretty exciting. We all pretty much crashed upon arriving home. ;)

On to today, shall we? It was a great one! DD and I had plans with Mom to go shopping in Toronto. Seeing as we had to pick her up by 9:30, I went the fast route with breakfast having a bowl of one of my favourite cereals.


This is some seriously good stuff! Here’s my serving. 100_7856

YUM! The 3 of us shopped for 3hours before stopping for lunch. I didn’t buy a whole lot. A new gym bag and some running shorts from Lululemon. To be 100% honest, the main reason for hitting the mall we did is because a Panera opened up across the street from it! HOT DIGGITY DOG! And I was more than thrilled to see that everything was exactly the same as any Panera I’ve been to in the USA. I went with the soup sandwich combo. Turkey artichoke and Fuji apple, with a gala apple that DD ended up eating; 100_7858

Love, love, LOVE!

We got home by 3pm at which point I settled in to get some serious blog reading done. Then we headed back out again at 4 to hockey practice. Ye Haw! Back home by 6:30, I made good use of the new grill with some chicken breasts. That baby rocks! The meat was done in 10 minutes! I served it with broccoli and quinoa. My chicken also had some leftover cranberry sauce spread on top. 100_7860

My bestie came over for a visit this evening as well. She lives 3hrs away and is home visiting for the holidays. It’s SO great to see her! She’s going to stop by for a longer visit tomorrow, too.

Well, I thin that’s all for this post! I have a feeling that I won’t be back until Friday evening so HAPPY NEW YEAR to each and every one of you! I hope you’ll all be doing exactly what you want tomorrow evening. Please be safe, though!!!

Bye for now!!


  1. I love that you and your bestie hang out!! I hope I hang out with mine when I have a family too. I know EXAAACTLY why you liked your smoothie so much :)

  2. Great idea to cook your oats in Rice nog!

  3. aww glad you got to spend time with your bestie and that you'll get to see eachother for more time today! enjoy new years eve girl!

  4. YAY for a George Forman!! I hope you enjoy it! Glad you got some time with the bestie (that includes Panera)! Happy NYE :)

  5. I have never seen that variety of flax plus, but it looks awesome!

    Happy New Year!

  6. I tried nuts on my oats for the first time yesterday. I toasted them and sprinkled some on top. It was very good and I will do it again soon!

  7. Yay for Panera opening! That's my fav salad there too! (It's so good, I've actually been thinking about *trying* to recreate it at home! :) )

    Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year, Krista!


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