Monday, December 7, 2009

Menu Planning: Week Six

Hi all! You won’t believe this, but we learned at DD’s doctor’s appointment today that she’s got pneumonia. HA! I was told last week that this may happen, but aside from a cough she’s been back to normal. Well, the right side of her chest is infected. She started on another course of antibiotics this afternoon and will be out of school until Friday when she goes to see the doctor again….hopefully for the “all clear”!! Yikers!

I needed a quick breakfast today because DS had early morning practice and I had to go pick him up. I decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to have a bowl of the Nature’s Path banana almond cereal I bought Saturday; 100_7492

This was amazing and very filling. I loved it! Those people at Nature’s Path know what they’re doing!

After dropping DS off at school DD and I went to Wal Mart to pick up a few Christmas things. (Remember…at this point I was sure she would get a green light at the doctor!!) Among the few things I bought was Twilight for $8.00! Is that a steal or what? When we got home we borrowed KC and took him for a walk down to the drug store so I could mail my over sea Christmas cards. While we were walking it started to snow! Actually, there’s suppose to be a big storm blowing in this Wednesday. Brrr…

I roasted the last butternut squash for my lunch today. I served it with some Dijonnaise and chipotle mustard for dipping. 100_7493

Then I enjoyed a brownie z-bar. 100_7494 It cured my chocolate craving! :D

Next up was the doctor, then the pharmacy. I had some time until I had to get DS from school so I played on the computer and did a few loads of laundry. I was hungry by the time 3:30 rolled around so I had a piece of vegan banana carob nut bread with chocolate honey for a snack. 100_7496

I had bought a pound of ground bison when we were at Whole Foods a week ago and my hubby requested that I make burgers with it tonight. Sounded like a plan to me! I combined the meat with some onion, fresh parsley, panko crumbs, egg white and various seasonings. They were ready for the grill when the grill master arrived home from work. I loaded mine up with goat’s milk brie, mango wasabi mustard, mayo, pickles, tomato and lettuce. Check this baby out! 100_7497 100_7498

For a bit of a sweet end I warmed up some chocolate peppermint stick soy milk. 100_7499

I bought that Glade candle today. It’s apple cinnamon scented and boy does it smell delightful!

We just got back form the kid’s Christmas concert. My sister came over to hang back with DD who was not at all happy about having to miss out. Poor kid! Once I finish here I’ll be catching up on a few magazine’s that came in the mail today seeing as there seems to be nothing but repeats on the TV these days. Before I go, here’s what the menu plan looks like for this week;

Monday – Christmas Concert (6:30-8:30)

  • Bison burgers

Tuesday – Pilate’s (6:15-7:15)

  • Shepherd’s Pie

Wednesday – Hockey (5:30-6:20) & Swimming (DS only) ( 7-7:30)

  • Crock Pot Roast
  • Steamed veggies
  • blended grains

Thursday – Free DD to miss skating lesson

  • Turkey Sausages
  • broccoli
  • rice

Friday – Free

  • Minestrone w/quinoa (CE magazine pg 40)

That’s all folks!!

Bye for now!!


  1. I hope DD will get all better soon! So sorry she has to miss the fun...

    Great meal plan!

  2. oh no! I hope DD is doing much better soon!!
    and you always get me with that bread and chocolate honey...nom!

  3. What bad luck for DD this season. :( I bet even she is looking forward to getting back to school (the novelty wears off after a while)! Hopefully she'll be 100% for the upcoming holiday/break. :)

  4. NO WAY!! My roommate just found out that she has pneumonia too! What's goin' on!? I hope DD gets better soon. Hopefully the meds will help.

  5. oh man! Make sure she gets TONS of rest. I had pneumonia when I was younger and the only way it would finally go away is when I just slept for days at a time! Otherwise, it kept sneaking up and getting worse!!

    Great menu plan. I'm in for Friday especially :)

  6. oh no pneumonia is no good!!! my cousin had it once and it was because a delayed treatment of a cold. but once it was diagnosed and well treated, she was recovered in a matter of days. Hope DS gets well soon!!!

  7. Yikes! Pneumonia! That's no fun - I've been there and it was rough! Hope DD is much better!!

    Your vegan bread snack looks absolutely fantastic! What a great combo!

  8. H1N1 to pneumonia? Not good at all! At least she has a wonderful mom to take care of her :-)

    Love z-bars--they graham one is my fav. And the menu plan this week sounds GREAT! Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  9. Aww, poor DD. :(

    I wanted to let you know that the same thing happened to me when I was 10...and then 17 and then 18. Once you get the whole flu, turning into pneumonia thing, I think it kind of sticks with you. I was hospitalized when I was 17 with it. You're going to have to keep a close eye on her over the next 10 years, as she is now more likely to get it again. The time when I was hospitalized, they told me I didn't have pneumonia cause my chest sounded fine. My Mom didn't buy it, so they did a chest x-ray and both right and left lungs were completely infected. Now since this has happened with DD, never take their word if you feel something is really wrong. I know you would do this anyway- you're an awesome Mom! I'm just giving you a heads up, as this may happen again with her in the future!

  10. Oh, poor DD! I hope she's feeling better soon!

    I love the holiday scented candles, they're so festive, aren't they?

    That is a good looking burger! ;)

  11. Sounds awesome. Those bison burgers looks delish! Pneumonia is no fun. I hope she gets better soon!
    That cereal looks awesome. I love Natures Path products. Take care!

  12. that meal plan looks sooo great! :) nothing beats a delicious, hearty burger yum yum. Never tried butternut squash fries before.. must remember to buy some the next time i go to the grocery store! Hope DD feels better soon :(

  13. menu for the week looks good! I think my mouth watered a bit when you described what was on your burger!

    Also, that sucks about your daughter :( My my..she must be missin all her friends at school. Hopefully she gets the all clear sometime this week!


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