Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tree’s Up!

Today was much the same as yesterday….staying in the house. I did get some Christmas decorations up but we’ll do breakfast first. I wasn’t really feeling a hot breakfast today so I finished up a couple boxes of cereal instead; 100_7442

This is about 1 cup of Nature’s Path gluten free maple cereal and the last bit of Nature’s Path ginger granola topped off with USVAB. Cereal must’ve been just what I was craving because this bowl hit the spot!

DD is feeling a bit better yet again, but not perfect. She spent most of the day watching TV; 100_7447

She’s always preferred lying on the floor. Weirdo! Pepper is enjoying her company, too!


Lunch snuck up on me today. The hours between 10-12 seem non-existent. I decided to use up some leftover sweet and sour sauce from Tuesday night’s pork chop dinner by using it as a pizza topping. I piled it on a flat out wrap then dotted it with goat’s milk brie; 100_7448

Then DD and I shared some fresh pineapple. 100_7449

Don’t worry…she had her own bowl!!!

Most of the afternoon was spent on the computer. I left at 3:30 to pick DS up from school and when we came home we put the tree up.


Don’t mind the cat. He figured he needed to get in on the fun! I assembled the tree and added the lights then the kids put the ornaments on. I also set out a few other things; 100_7446 100_7444 100_7445

I drank a hot chocolate peppermint stick soy to keep things festive;


Not long after the tree was up the FedEx man came to the door. I knew this could only mean something good! It was a package sent to me from Campbell’s with the new V8 Garden Blend soup and a few other goodies!!



Dinner tonight was my last Rachael Ray recipe of the week and it was the best one! 100_7456

I love how all her meals come together so fast. This was done in about 20 minutes. I also made some Jiffy corn bread to go along with it. Here’s my bowl with some grated marble cheese and neon Oikos! 100_7457

There was a bit of the yogurt left so I mixed in the last spoonful of pumpkin butter and had that as my sweet end. I didn’t take a picture though. I figure it’d be about as bright as it is above.

So, that’s all for me tonight. I’ll be watching CSI and Vampire Diaries tonight. Really hoping that they’re NOT repeats like last Thursday!!

Bye for now!!


  1. I hope your dd is feeling better soon! Poor thing! I like the floor too.. lol! I find it aligns my back nicely.. haha! When I was pregnant with my 1st I slept on the floor so much.. 'cause that way the only time my back didn't hurt!

    Your Rachel Ray recipe looks sooo good! Yum!! :) Missed reading your blog and seeing all your yummy food pics!

  2. Gorgeous tree; and hooray for CSI tonight! :-D

  3. I've GOTTA try goat's milk brie. You are rockin' goat dairy products! That tree is a work of art :)

  4. Hooray for all the fun christmas decor!!!! I am like half decorated- gotta get on that. That soup is AWESOMMMME (as you saw on my blog)- enjoy it. Great job on the RR recipe.

  5. I'm loving all of the Christmas decorations! We still haven't found time to put ours up yet - hopefully soon!

  6. I haven't been feelin' hot breakfasts lately myself ... sometimes cereal just hits the spot like nothing else does : )

    Yay for Christmas decorations!! I have yet to put mine up ... I hoping to get that done this weekend.

  7. I don't know if it's the freaky warm weather or what, but I haven't wanted breakfast either!!

    The tree looks great!

  8. no hate, i like laying on the floor too! it's just annoying when my dogs are slobbering all over my face.

    love the decorations for christmas!!!

  9. it's so funny that DS likes to laying on the floor!!! :D well... I like to be at the floor too (just right now).
    oh... you've got campbells soup too, you'll going to like it! :)

  10. Your tree and decorations turned out soo cute!!

  11. mmm pizza looks delicious!! I love making pizzas on those flat out wraps :) so crispy and tasty!

    glad DD is feeling better!

    chili looks fantastic, love it this time of year!

  12. Your tree is so pretty, Krista! Your pizza looks incredible...don't you love it when leftovers are so delish like that?! I'm glad DD is feeling better!

  13. i won't lie. i'm super jealous of your veggie pen!

    what a great re-use of the sweet and sour sauce girl!

    yay for dd getting better :)

  14. ahhh where did you find the oikos? DO you shop across the border?

  15. I just realized that's the same cookbook I got for Christmas. Did you get it at Costco by chance? ;)

    Sorry DD had the H1N1 - that does not sound like fun.

    And yes. I'm just catching up on google reader. What can I say? I'm sloooooowwwww.


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