Sunday, December 20, 2009

Veggies? Check!

Well, I did a much better job of getting some produce into my system today. And I made sure to start with my breakfast. 100_7679

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/3 cup sunrise blend with quinoa
  • cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin puree
  • raisins
  • walnuts


Backing up to last night for a second, after I posted I snacked on a cup of this cereal;

100_7675 100_7676

And a juicy gala apple. 100_7677

My body thanked me for the apple right away!!

DS’s out of town game was a bust today. The referee’s didn’t show so the game was forfeited. The boys were pretty bummed out about it, too. We’re not sure yet if the game will be re scheduled or if our team will just get a “win” out of it. Thankfully it was in the closest town that we have our games in being only 30 minutes away. I did come prepared with a very green lunch to have on the way home.


Just before leaving the house I whipped up this beauty. I had steamed a whole bag of spinach earlier and I added half of it to the cup along with a cup of frozen mango, half a banana and a good few glugs of USVAB. I poured it into a water bottle and enjoyed it on the drive home.

DD and I spent a good part of the afternoon on the hunt for an ugly Christmas sweater. Lemme tell you….NOT easy to find!!! See, we’re having a “wear your ugliest Christmas sweater to work day” on Tuesday and I said I’d participate thinking it’d be a piece of cake to find one. I finally found something passable at the 4th store we tried. It’s not really ugly, per se, but certainly not something I’d ever be caught dead in. I’ll be posting pictures Tuesday night if you’re interested in checking it out.

In keeping with the “getting my veggies” theme, I made this white chicken chili for dinner tonight from Eat Drink & Be Merry; 100_7680

I have all 3 of the Podleski sisters cookbooks and I realized tonight that it’s been FAR too long since I’ve made anything from them! Anyways, I’ve made this recipe before so I knew the fam would approve. I served each bowl with some mozzarella cheese shreds… 100_7682

Someone else figured he wanted in on the chili action! 100_7686

HA! Little beggar! He hasn’t quite mastered his manners yet.

We all just sat down to watch Christmas Vacation, so it’s time for me to sign off. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Bye for now!!


  1. You most definitely got your veggies in today--I knew you would :) I haven't had a GM in forever but with our house freezing cold I can never bring myself to make one!

  2. I love eat shrink and be merry! :):)

  3. Gala apples are some of my favorite.

    I've never actually made white chili. I will have to try it sometime when my husband isn't eating with me. He doesn't like creamy things.

  4. Ow- the white chili sounds fantastic. I have to get that cookbook. Sorry the game was a bust :( I cannot wait to see the pic of your ugly sweater

  5. I knew you wouldn't go too long without veggies!!! :-) And I really need to get that cookbook--I honestly have probably said that 20 times. All the recipes from it look delish, like that soup--yum!

  6. The white chili looks great!

    And I can't wait to see you "ugly" Christmas sweater! :)

    Have a great week!

  7. OH yum! I've never seen that Wildroots brand before - it looks great!

  8. How aggrevating that the refs didn't show! Can't wait to see the ugly sweater!! I watched Christmas Vacation last night as well - such a classic :)

  9. never had white chicken chili before! Going to have to look up some recipes for that :) I just bought a whole bunch of kidney beans, celerey, onions, and other chili makin materials.. but i may have to switch up the recipe because yours sounds a lot better!

    Hope you enjoyed Christmas Vacation :) Such a great movie!

  10. The ugly Christmas sweater day at work sounds like fun! Can't wait to see pics!

    I've never had white chili, but it looks divine!

  11. That smoothie looks especially neon green and especially delicious. Makes me want one right about now!

    I have all three of those cookbooks as well and I always forget about them! They have some great recipes though, I'll have to remember to give that chili a try.

    Have fun in your ugly christmas sweater haha


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