Saturday, July 10, 2010

All Together

Happy Saturday! Hope you’ve all been having a good weekend so far. I know I have been! I wanted to stop in to say hey and post my eats before I head back outside to enjoy the night.

Yesterday was a cereal kind of morning:IMG_2450

I went with a bowl of Nature’s Path optimum ginger cranberry with blueberries on top.IMG_2449

Work was busy, but there weren’t many people in the office. Vacations have definitely started! I tried another new (to me) bar before going to the gym:IMG_2451

This was just as tasty as the Caribbean Ginger one I ate the other day! Not surprisingly, my legs and shoulders were sore from the 30 Day Shred I had done the day before. I really wasn’t up to what I usually do in the gym but I knew that moving would help so I walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill. I didn’t bother with my HRM…..the point was just to loosen up.

When I packed my lunch I kept in mind that I would be learning a new “job” from a co worker in the afternoon so I took a few things that I could spread out. First I ate 2 golden beets that I had steamed the night before:IMG_2452

They look like peaches!! I love beets! It doesn’t matter what colour they are, I find them sweet like sugar. Over the course of the afternoon I ate 3 rice cakes with LC cheese wedges:IMG_2454

And some almonds:IMG_2455

My hubby worked late again last night so I got the kids some dinner and then made myself a bit of a “pilaf”. I cooked a 1/4 cup of couscous and then added dried cranberries, dried apricots, garlic salt, feta, green onion and a leftover falafel. It turned out awesome!IMG_2456

After dinner I went to Costco to stock up on some necessities like detergent, dish washer tabs and cat littler. I also bought a big bag of frozen blueberries and loads of cereal!IMG_2460 IMG_2459

It was also time to replenish my cinnamon.IMG_2458

I hadn’t been sleeping well all week and after a great night with the windows open last night, I think it was due to the air conditioner. Have I ever mentioned that I despise air conditioning? I figure I freeze my ass of 8 months of the year, I don’t need to during the summer. I never use it in my vehicle and I stay out of malls in the summer, too. But I live in a house of 4 and can’t just be thinking of myself so I deal. I was happy that the temps cooled off enough for us to shut the damn thing off! Do you like air conditioning or could you live without it? I can’t be the only one that hates it!!

I wasn’t starving when I got up but needed to eat because there was some running around to do. i ended up toasting 2 slices of cinnamon apple bread and spreading one with almond butter and one with honey pecan spread;IMG_2462

Then it was off to Walmart for some b-day presents and the market! We loaded the basket with goodies while there.IMG_2463

Here’s what was in there besides the eggs:IMG_2466 IMG_2464

Love, love love! When we got home I showered and had a quick lunch before heading over to my parents place to see my niece and nephew. I haven’t seen them since April!! They live 2 hours away which is a real bummer. And it was my nephew’s 5th b-day last week so we celebrated that, too. Back to lunch; again, I wasn’t very hungry so I made a smoothie. I used some of my hubby’s protein powder which I have never, ever tried before. It was OK. Into the MB went a little less than 1 scoop of the powder, 1 cup frozen cherries, dark chocolate cocoa and 1 cup almond milk:IMG_2468

This was creamy, smooth and I loved it! It also kept me full for almost 4hrs….BONUS! I took lots of photos of the kids, but here are a few:IMG_2470

DD & my niece who will be 4 in November.IMG_2471

DS & my nephew. Mom had cake and ice cream for G’s b-day:IMG_2486

Instead of cake my sis and I killed a container of watermelon:IMG_2490

Party hats!!IMG_2479 IMG_2480 IMG_2483 IMG_2478

We spent the afternoon at a festival where the kids enjoyed many a barf inducing ride:IMG_2499 IMG_2495 IMG_2497

Seriously, though…they loved every minute of it! Back at my parents I noshed on a mini Lara bar:IMG_2500

Not long after we all broke into a jar of marinated seafood…IMG_2501

Yes, I ate that!!! :) We all stayed for dinner, my Uncle included and my Dad commented that it’s been a long time since the whole fam was together. He’s right and that made the meal more pleasurable! My bro & Dad went and picked up Portuguese take out from a caterer by their house and we feasted!IMG_2502

There was roasted chicken, potatoes, chickpea and octopus salad and grilled veggies. Delish! Dessert was some sort of custard tart.IMG_2504

It was good, too! I’m back home now and nursing a full belly. Tomorrow is soccer practice in the morning and then DS is off to a b-day party. Later in the day we’ll go back to the festival to watch the yearly greasy pole contest. That’s always a bucket of laughs!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, bloggers!!

Bye for now!!


  1. I haven't experimented a lot with beets- but those golden beets do look yummy. Great market gets- berries! Glad you all had fun at the party. The marinated seafood sort of freaked me out ;) Oh and I totally hate any form of cold, so I'm with you on the AC. I actually kind of like sitting in heat in the car :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend

  2. octopus!!! i've had that before...super chewy! hehe!

    glad you got to spend some time with all your family!!! what fun!

  3. haha my mom used to always get sick on that ride. the one here is called 'The Scrambler' .. but it can definitely scramble ur breakfast if u know what i mean.. especially if u ate scrambled eggs lol.. kk now thats just confusing.

    i ate squid and eel although the memory of it makes me sick.. i'll admit it was good but just thinknig about legs and crawly bits in my stomach grosses me out LOL

    saigon cinnamon has more kick to it! i love that stuff over the regular cinnamon.

    xoxo <3

  4. Haha you are so adventurous for eating that.

    I hated the scrambler as a kid, but DD is adorable for holding her cousin like that!

  5. The rides look like so much fun! :)

    I don't use AC a lot, but our upstairs gets really hot, so sometimes we use it.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  6. I love red beets but I've never had golden, I'll have to try them! That birthday cake is so adorable! I agree about the AC, especially at night. I wake up so congested after about the third night of running it!

  7. nice tart!
    super cute kidlets!

    and i HATE a/c! I think that phoenix and me never would have gotten along for that reason in additon to 17 others..overly a/c'ed everywhere and then 115 outside. no middle ground, HATE IT.

    just move to san diego, you wont need it here :)

  8. Looks like so much fun!! That picture of the marinated squid reminds me of when I used to eat calamari until I looed down at the plate and saw one of the peices staring back up at me...ever since then I can only eat the rings!

  9. Ah beets...they way to my heard right now. I may turn in to a beet I've eaten so many. I can't stop. They're almost as good as candy right now.

  10. That ice cream cake is SO cute. Almost as cute as all the kidlets :)

    HUGE kudos to your for eating that sea...thing. Yikes. I definitely don't think I could do it for anything less than a large chunk sum of money haha

  11. I used to eat good ol' rice cakes all the time! Cinnamon apple bread sounds HEAVENLY!

  12. O love octopus, its very chewy! I get that alot when I go out for sushi!

    Rice cakes rock, I love them topped with cottage cheese too!!!

    Oh the drive back to DC was much better, praise the lord!! lol!!

    I love that our hubbies are meat eaters and we are not, lol! We def would be identical when eating out!

    have a great day!!!

  13. I don`t think I could ever eat octopus... too far out of my box lol.

    I so love rice cakes, and never thought of putting laughing cow on them. I will definitely be doing that now!

    That cake looks absolutely fab!


  14. What a fun weekend!! Ok, how is that starbucks cup?? I have wanted one for a while now....

    I could eat golden beets until the cows come home, i love them!


  15. Air conditioning is not the norm in Vancouver. Not in people's houses anyways. So to me, it's a treat when you do go into a business on a hot day and they have air conditioning!


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