Sunday, July 4, 2010


Ola! How has everybody’s weekend been? Happy 4th of July to all my American friends!! Aside from one very enjoyable event, my day has been pretty low key. I was out of bed early for soccer practice, but as I mentioned last night I had my overnight oats ready to go to save some time:IMG_2390

Last night I mixed a 1/3 cup of Quaker oats, 1 cup USAB, 1 tbsp of chia seed and some dried cranberries. This morning I added fresh blueberries and Boathouse vanilla chai. T’was fabulous!!!IMG_2389

Soccer went REALLY well! This is the first year DS is of age to play in the All Star division. When they’re 10yrs old they can play rep and this program is geared to get them ready for that. Practice ran from 8-9:30 and it was a beautiful morning to be outside. The fam went out to the farm when we got home but I hung back. Why? Because I had a date with Edward!! My friend and I met at the theatre to see Eclipse. We both LOVED it and agreed that it is the best movie of the series so far. I was so engrossed it felt like I was only sitting there for a 1/2 hour tops! Have you seen the movie? What did you think? Because we went to the 12pm showing lunch was kinda buggered up. Before leaving the house I had a few nuts:IMG_2391

Then I ate a Clif Mojo bar about half way through the movie:IMG_2392

Then I ate my last 2 veggie spring rolls when I got home at 2:30.IMG_2393

All very random, I know! I spent the remainder of the afternoon on my deck reading. I’m just finishing The Vampire Diaries series and am enjoying it. Dinner was some pork chop with coconut mango sauce and a refreshing salad I made that was a combination of 1/2 cup each corn and edamame, 1 chopped red pepper, sundried tomato & basil feta and white balsamic vinegar: IMG_2394

Then I had a Skinny Cow fudgsicle x2…..IMG_2395

We spent the evening at my parents place catching up. When we got home I took advantage of the gorgeous night by reading outside some more. I truly can’t get enough of this glorious weather! While reading I ate the last vegan cookie; a ginger one!IMG_2396

I’m off work Monday’s starting tomorrow but still have a full day planned. The kids start Italian school which they will go to each morning for the next 3 weeks, I have a Pilates class lined up for 9:15. Then, I need to pack lunches to go, grab the kids and head over to the next town to get DS to a hockey training session he has lined up at 1pm. It’s at a mall so DD and I plan to get some shopping done in the hour that he’s skating. We’ll go home after that. HA! So much for time off, eh?

Bye for now!!


  1. Oo Italian school! I took Italian all through college and *loved* it. Definitely my favorite classes (I was a math and econ major though).

    I have not seen the movie but really want to. I am debating seeing it in theaters - I might wait for it to come out on DVD. I loved the books and all the movies so far.

  2. Oh boy! I can't wait to see Eclipse! :) Sounds like you had a busyyy day!

    How do your kids feel about getting up every day for 3 weeks to go to italian school over the summer? lol

  3. Yum! Did you make these vegan cookies?? I am needing a ginger cookie recipe :)


  4. I havent seen any of the Twilight movies yet, I am trying to work through the books first! Your corn and edamame salad looks so yummy, perfect for summer.

  5. I so want to see Eclipse...I can't wait! It was my favorite book of the series so I'm glad to hear you enjoyed. Glad to hear you've been taking some time to enjoy the weather. I have been outside every day this long weekend and plan to be outdoors again today!

  6. now I want to see Eclipse, it's a lot to say it's a good one for a long time! ;)
    have a great Monday Krista!

  7. I never really got into the Twighlight series but apparently they're really really good!! Everybody raves about it :) And hope your kids have fun at Italian school! That's pretty awesome! :D

  8. Hope you're having a great day off Krista!
    The cookie looks pretty good.

    I'm so not into the vampire stuff, not sure why.

  9. That's pretty exciting about your Mondays sounds like you're busy though! I love ginger cookies, that looks delicious!

  10. Italian school is so cool Krista. I feel like the only person on the planet who hasn't seen any of the Twilight movies or read the books. Enjoy your Mondays off.

  11. I haven't seen the new movie yet. I've always found Kristin and Robert to be awkward. I just don't see the chemistry with them on screen.

  12. I haven't had spring rolls in a long time--too long! Italian school!? That is so cool. I am 100% Italian, but I still need to learn how to speak it!

  13. All the food looks so fabulous! Now I really want a fudgesicle


  14. haha i had to laugh, thats one packed list of things to do on ur time off :) hopefully u have a bit of fun along the way right!

    enjoy the sunshine <3


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