Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eggs & Allergies

Hi, all! How’ve you been on this fine hump day? I can’t believe it’s here already! Guess that’s what having Mondays off does. I’ll take it! I finally made a great bowl of overnight oats yesterday! I think the trick for me is to keep it simple….not too many flavours.IMG_2632

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 cup USAB
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla chai powder
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • blueberries
  • mocha hazelnut sprinkles


Work was pretty busy, but didn’t keep me from getting my morning snack in! IMG_2633

This was AWESOME! Totally worth the $3 I paid for it. The scent was a deep coffee one and it reminded me of chocolate covered espresso beans. I love those! I’d buy this again in a heartbeat!

I brought my laptop to work again yesterday to do the Shred DVD. Two of my co workers joined in on the fun again! This is turning into a bi-weekly event that I look forward to. I think they do, too!

Lunch was a huge salad. You can see the purple carrots much better this time. I dressed it with a little Renee’s Caesar parm dressing:IMG_2634

This lunch stretched out so long that I didn’t eat my afternoon fruit! I did, however, make myself an iced coffee:IMG_2636

While at Starbucks last Friday night I taste tested their new line of Via Iced coffee and fell in love. They were selling the packages for a dollar off so I snapped one up!IMG_2635

The single serve packets are to be mixed with 2 cups of water and are lightly sweetened. I would normally take a little “milk” in my iced coffee but find that I don’t need it with this. The only downside to drinking this was that it was a little too close to dinner and ruined my appetite. DD and I had hair appointments so I knew I needed to eat something. I’m one of those lucky people who gets heartburn if I let myself get too hungry. I toasted an English muffin, spread some LC cheese, egg whites and hot sauce on top and called it dinner.IMG_2637

Sad looking, but my go-to meal none the less. You might even see it again today! ;) It was past 8pm when we got home and DS somehow roped me into playing some Wii with him. Playing with my little man is humorous because as soon as he starts to lose we have to switch games. He thinks he’s being pretty suave, too by telling me that he thinks I was having “trouble” with that one. HA!

I woke to a bright, sunny morning and spend a little too much time relishing that in bed. Needless to say, a quick breakfast was needed so I could get out the door!IMG_2640

All Bran Buds and Nature’s Path optimum cranberry ginger. This box is done now. I might have shed a tear or 2.

I was talked into making a doctors appointment by my boss today because I’ve had a bothersome cough for the past couple of weeks. Guess she got tired of listening to me! On the way to the office I ate a Kardea bar:IMG_2641

Yum! One more to go before review time. In the meantime, what is your favourite Kardea bar??

So, it turns out I have the same type of asthma as DS. I can’t say I’m really surprised because I kinda had a feeling she would say that. Basically, for the both of us, it’s allergy induced. DS has a lot of trouble with his breathing (and coughing) in the spring when all the pollen is out and in the fall when the leaves fall and the mould it out and about. Now, I’ve know for a good 10yrs that I’ve got allergies to grass, ragweed, birch tree pollen, cats and dust. Just like lots of other people out there. In all those years I can honestly say that these allergies have never bothered me. To the point where I didn’t even like to admit to having them after seeing my Dad and brother suffer with horrible symptoms over the years. Well, I guess ragweed is in full swing and this is the year that I’ve started to react to it. I walked out of there with a prescription for the exact same 2 inhalers as DS has. Bummer. Even more humbling is that now I know what my poor child has been going through his whole life. Sheesh!

No gym as my appointment was over the noon hour. When I got back to my desk I pulled out the tuna salad I had packed.IMG_2642 IMG_2643

I’ve had these before and they’re pretty decent in a pinch. This was part of my efforts to clean the pantry out. IMG_2644

It was a tad spicy, but nothing I can’t handle. :) We got SUPER busy at work to the point where I left an hour late. That doesn’t happen often, but we had some balancing issues that needed to be taken care of before we could do our transfer. Then I spent a 1/2 hour waiting for my prescription to be filled. I was HUNGRY by the time I got home and just wanted to stuff my face. Enter eggs again. IMG_2645

Two slices of WW bread, toasted, hummus and farm fresh easy over eggs. Then I had a scoop (or 2) of ice cream:IMG_2646

This is a surprise flavour that I will be sharing at the beginning of next week.

Weeellll….I’ve got a few things to take care of before I tune into SYTYCD at 8. Hope nobody gets hurt this week!!

Bye for now!!


  1. Have you tried making overnight oats with greek yogurt instead of almond milk? It turns so much tastier, and has a ton of protein, no fat (i use 0% fage or trader joe's greek). You should give it a try!

  2. I have seen those flavor & fiber bars at the grocery store before. I will definitely have to pick one up now.

  3. I keep seeing mixed reviews on the bars - GAH, I guess that just means I'm going to have to give them a go myself! Oh the sacrifices... ;)

  4. I love when you do up big posts- you make such pretty meals. Love the purple carrots- I need to find some by me. And I think its very cool that you're motivating the ladies at work to do shred. Sorry to hear about the asthma- its always better to know those things so you can keep them under control though, right? I have been wanting to try that iced coffee- totally buying a box now. Thanks for the motivation ;)

  5. I get heartburn sometimes when I get too hungry too, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!

    Egg whites with LC and hot sauce are one of my quick staples too, and it never fails to be completely delicious.
    I also want to seek out that starbucks iced coffee, neat idea, didn't know they had that!

  6. I've tried that espresso bar before, but it didn't exactly suit my tastes.

    Hee hee. I love eggs, too. they're so yummy and such a quick fix. I used to eat up to 6 a day!

  7. Love the overnight oat combo you got going here, I just made some overnight oats too, and hoping they come out good like always!

    U must take the kids to see Despicable Me, they will LOVE it!!!!!!

    Missed ya girl! Im glad Im back to blogging daily, I missed it! xoxo

  8. Well I think I have fallen in love with your flavour & fibre bar and I have never even had it! I sounds wonderful!!

    I am in love with chia seeds and think they are great in breakfast!


  9. I love eggs on toast! Especially when the yolk is runny. Yummmm. So glad we are on to Thursday and then the weekend..woo hoo!

    P.s I have bbbbaaad allergies..if I am even near a cat my eyes turn beat red and i can hardly breathe...if I touch siamese arm basically blows up in a rash tha resembles boils :S Sucks..cuz my boyfriends parents have 4 I can never visit their home lol

  10. Eggs are *always* my go to meal. I have them in more ways than one every single day! Sorr yto hear about your asthma, but at least now you know and are able to take care of it instead of being bothered by a cough all the time. :)

  11. I want to try over night oats and starbucks iced coffee! both sound interesting! :)
    sorry to hear about allergy... hope it's not too bad.

  12. ive never had a kardea bar! i love my gnu bars though. too bad they're so expensive! cinnamon raisin is my fave!

  13. Lately, I have eaten so many pieces of toast with LC cheese, egg whites & hot sauce! I can't get enough of it, and it's so easy...

    I've seen the new Starbucks iced coffee packets and have been wondering about them. Their regular Via coffee can be mixed with cold water, and I sometimes make it and mix it with vanilla almond milk. I'll have to pick up some Via Iced coffee packets...

  14. I had eggs again tonight...we are both rockin' runny eggs these days :)

    I am an asthma/allergy victim stinks big time. Unfortunately mine is EVERYTHING induced. I'm afraid I will be dependent on inhalers/meds foreverrrrr

  15. That sucks about the allergies, especially if you need an inhaler now too. Stupid ragweed. But at least you know what's causing the problem.

    I tried those Kardea bars ages ago. They were alright, but none of the flavours are really my thing, so I can't say I would eve buy them if I saw them around.

  16. Your meals always look so healthy and delicious!

  17. Sorry to hear about the allergy! Never fun!

  18. hopefully u can get that cough to go away!!! its such a pain when it lingers around!!

    i have yet to try kardea still but i wanna try the banana one first <3

  19. An espresso chip bar sounds amazing--I will have to keep my eyes peeled for that one! Haha I think that is too funny of DS, it sounds like when I play vid games with my dad. If I don't win I always make up some silly excuse :-)


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