Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Friends In The Gym

Hi, folks! Today has been a good day. The sun has been out even though they called for rain and the temp has cooled some so the fam are happy campers.

I mentioned yesterday that my Uncle gave us a bunch of food due to him finding out recently that he has a gluten intolerance. A few boxes of cereal were among the stash and I tried a bowl of one this morning:


This isn’t something I would’ve bought myself but I’m glad to have tried it because I really it! I topped it off with USAB and sliced local strawberries from the market.IMG_2523

Mid morning I ate my very last Mojo bar:IMG_2524

Sad times. I will miss you, Mojo!!

I had a really great time at the gym today! I brought my laptop to do the 30 Day Shred and convinced 2 of my co workers who just started going to the gym to give it a go with me. These ladies are awesome to have joined me because they’re both just getting started at a healthy lifestyle and I know it was tough for them. We did level one and were all 3 sweaty messes by the end! While they went to change I hopped on the stair master and did about 3 minutes.

  • Time: 35 minutes
  • Avg Hr: 152
  • Max Hr: 181
  • Calories Torched: 293

Lunch was a bright salad with Boston lettuce, tomatoes, fresh peas, golden beets, chicken and sweet onion salad dressing:IMG_2525

And later on I ate some sweet cherries:IMG_2526

My hubby had to work late again today. Actually, he’s still not home. Boo! I went ahead with dinner as planned and grilled some feta and spinach turkey sausages. The kids ate theirs with pasta from last night and I cleaned out some steamed veggies from the fridge. Some feta cubes rounded everything out.IMG_2528

Dessert was a chocolate chunk shortbread vegan cookie from the market:IMG_2529

See DS in the background? We enjoyed dinner on the deck and the kids beat me back out there with their desserts! LOL Once I cleaned everything from dinner we took this sugar pie for an hour long walk!IMG_2527

I love this dog like nobody’s business!!! We haven’t been back at the casa for long and I just convinced the kids that it’s shower time. Seriously, those 2 NEVER want to get in (separately, of course) and then I can’t drag them out. Go Figure! I’m just sipping on a mix of brewed coffee and Boathouse vanilla chai while I type,IMG_2531

I’m thinking that some chilling out is in order for the rest of the evening. Before I get to that, though, I have to go get some lettuce from the garden and clean it for lunch tomorrow. Love that I can do that! Before you go, please check out my post from last night on food separation. I’d love to hear your thoughts!! Can’t wait to put my feet up!

Bye for now!!


  1. Hey girl! How are you? So cool that you are encouraging your two coworkers! Spread the workout love!! Great dinner. I'm feta obsessed....Love it blocked up like that too. How adorable is sugar pie? Enjoy some relaxing (hope the hubster gets home soon!)

  2. It's always fun to have buddies for working out, isn't it? How awesome that you did Jillian's workout with them -- that one always kicks my butt! :)

  3. mmm vegan shortbread. Sounds lovely!

    I love the idea of feta sausage and salad with feta! Feta should go on/in everything :P

  4. i thought that cereal sounded good and then i saw the cookie! OMG it looks sooooo yummy!

  5. Hi gorgeous! Your salad looks absolutely divine! that salad dressing sounds delish! I have never tried feta before.


  6. That's great you're getting your coworkers to join you in the workout!! I personally can't workout with a partner anymore cause I zone out so much but I used to a few years ago and it was fun! :) Especially when you're laughing so hard in a yoga class together that you keep falling out of the poses..making the laughing worse. :P

  7. i like president's choice brand! i get mine at the great canadian superstore which is an hours drive away.. so i only get to go occassionally. but a lot of their products are pretty good! its the good prices that sucker me in each time :)


  8. What a fun day! That cereal reminds me of the Kashi Honey Almond Flax. I could literally eat a box in one setting if I really wanted to...that stuff is crack!

  9. That cereal looks awesome, I'll have to check it out! Love the fact you brought your laptop to Shred at work - what a fun idea!

  10. It's always so much fun trying new foods--especially cereals. I think I have a slight addiction to cereals. I really need to take a picture of my stash for the blog lol!

  11. I have been seeing so much sausage in the blog world. I think that I need to go to our natural foods market and pick some up!

  12. Awww puppy!! Such a cutie pie! Oh no to being out of Mojos BUT you can pick some up in about 10 days ;)

  13. I would eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner if it is in the house! This ones sounds great!!

    What a cute pup!! I am still in love with your mug/ glass thing! I must get one :)


  14. I love salads with feta cheese and also sausages! So your dish is a dream :)


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