Monday, March 7, 2011

Back in Action

Geez Louise, have I been MIA or what?  My life has been busy, yet oddly boring all at the same time.  I guess because it’s the same stuff over and over again, which while keeping me tied up, doesn’t make for very interesting blog posts.  I did have some dental work done last Tuesday which made me positively miserable, but the following night all the parents on DS’s soccer team met up for a meeting with the coach which went very well!  We threw a lot of ideas around for the upcoming season, found out about some awesome tournaments they’ll be in and brainstormed fundraising ideas.  Very productive indeed.
We ended up eating out WAY more than usual the past week.  I actually talked to my hubby about it yesterday to let him know that I think we need to tone it back a bit.  I’m all for a quiet dinner out every other weekend or so, but from a financial stand point anything more than that is wasteful when we have plenty of food at home.  As well as the issue of my tummy not always appreciating restaurant food which can make me uncomfortable at best for a few days.  *ahem*  That being said, mostly everything we ate out was delish!  The one meal I did not enjoy was our lunch at Subway on Saturday after DS’s out of town hockey game.  What I wanted was an orchard chicken on WW, but they were out of all bread aside from white (and it was only 1:30pm!!) and the chicken salad was still frozen (??) so I wound up with a turkey and Swiss on white.   IMG_5320 BLETCH!   White bread just sticks to my teeth in the nastiest way possible which ruined this whole sandwich for me!  One meal I did enjoy thoroughly happened last Saturday.  My hubby and I went out for a quiet dinner at a new to us restaurant that serves mostly Indian fare.  We started with avocado spring rolls which were to die for:IMG_5284 They were served with a spicy dipping sauce that really took them up a notch.  For our entrees I went Greek with a grilled chicken & feta dish served over basmati rice with a side salad:IMG_5285 My hubby went Indian all the way with a seafood dish served with naan and basmati rice:IMG_5286 We both LOVED our meals.  Mine was so huge that it didn’t look like I even made a dent in the pile.  I took my leftovers home which took care of 3 lunches through the week!  By chance, we had parked the Jeep in front of a little café that just opened up so with full bellies we decided to go in and grab some dessert to go.  My hubby ordered an all natural mocha cupcake which he ate to fast for a picture to be taken and I went with a coconut lemon cranberry square:IMG_5287 This was melt in your mouth amazing!  We’ll be going back to this place again soon!  Friday was a long, hard day at work so I made the executive decision to take the fam out for Thai.  The boys started with shrimp spring rolls:IMG_5314
DS adores spring rolls!  And the gals started with fresh shrimp rolls;IMG_5316 No fried food for me!  DD wasn’t terribly hungry so she rolled with an appetizer for her meal; crab blossoms to be exact:IMG_5315
DS and I went with drunken noodles.  Mine was tofu, his shrimp.  This is a photo of mine,IMG_5318 My hubby went with a seafood stir fry and a side of rice!IMG_5317 FUNNY STORY ALERT!!  My hubby and I usually frequent this Thai restaurant on Friday for lunch b/c it’s close to our places of employment and is small so you’re always in and out of there quick.  The owners are the cutest pair and really make you feel at home on each visit.  More often than not my hubs will grab me a rose from the flower shop next door which “Cindy” tells him is very romantic.  When we showed up Friday evening with the kids she was shocked to see them because she thought we were dating!  We both wear our wedding bands so I think she figured we were having an affair!  LOL  I got the misconception straightened out ASAP!  LOL 
One night last week we had an appointment and when we got back home the kids had made us dinner…..and it was pretty darn good, too!  They made us yellow pepper, mushroom & asparagus panini on the George Foreman grill!IMG_5304 It’s unfortunate that I didn’t take a photo of the whole table because they had candles going, grapes in a bowl and coffees made.  100% sweethearts, they are!!  I think they were inspired by the grilled veggie panini I had at WF a few days earlier:IMG_5289 What do you think?  LOL
As much as we ate out, I did make some awesome meals at home, too.  One night saw bruschetta pasta which I made with EVOO, diced tomatoes, garlic, onion, parsley and some shredded rotisserie chicken from WF: IMG_5291 There was also a mushroom, broccoli and chicken stir fry:IMG_5308 Snacks have been plentiful and, for the most part, pretty darn healthy!IMG_5313 IMG_5282 IMG_5283 IMG_5301IMG_5292 IMG_5294 IMG_5298 IMG_5299  IMG_5303 And though breakfast still consists mostly of oats, there have been a few other goodies thrown into the mix…IMG_5300 IMG_5277 IMG_5305 IMG_5310 IMG_5319  IMG_5288
Oh!  And I had this Kashi meal for lunch one day last week that I bulked up with extra broccoli: IMG_5311 IMG_5312
And can you believe that this means “NF decaf pumpkin spice misto”???IMG_5290 Neither could I.  PHEW!  I think that’s it.  Well, most of it, anyways.  Before I leave I want to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on my hubby’s guest post.  He truly appreciated all the helpful information and has even started to incorporate some of the great ideas in his day to day life.  The blogging community is the BEST!!  :) 
Bye for now!!


  1. I have missssseddd you! I feel the same way about eating out- its nice once or so a week...but anything more starts to feel like too much. The avocado spring rolls and the shrimp rolls look awesome! And the story about the thai place cracked me up! Your starbucks still has pumpkin spice?? I=jealous :)

  2. Mmmm all your food looks so good :) Such a funny story about the restaurant owner thinking you two were dating lol

  3. It has been a long MIA!!!!
    The story about that Thai restaurant and that they think you were having an affair with your hubby is hilarious! But at the same timr it shows how much love you have for each other. :)

    And grate eats, specially the sandwich your kids made for you, so much love!

  4. I've been waiting for your next post!!!

    but omg that story is too funny!!! an affair!??!?! how hilarious!

    and i love those fresh spring rolls; i need to make some of those! they're so delicious with peanut dipping sauce!!!

  5. How great that your kids made you dinner! Looks great! And I love the Thai restaurant story. How sweet that your hubby gets you a rose!

  6. Bahaha that IS a funny story :). You should have went along with you were having an affair and brought your children with you to meet the other man!!

    Actually, I bet they thought you were dating because you two look SO YOUNG! Seriously, that's what I thought you were going to say at first.

  7. What a beautiful food recap--it all looks so delicious!

  8. There are definitely times during the year when Nick and I find ourselves spending way too much money on food eaten out. But then we have times when we don't eat out for I think it evens out :) I can't believe how big that portion was that you got...enough for one dinner and THREE lunches?! Goodness!! Some people would have devoured the entire meal in one sitting, and that's scary.

    So the flower lady was enabling your hubby to have an "affair"?? Oh man, if I was her I wouldn't have even talked to him. I seriously despise men and women who would do that to their partner. It sickens me. But, I'm so impressed that your hubby buys you single roses on occasion. What a great way to keep the sparks alive!


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