Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dempster’s Bagel Thins – A Review

In just about a week’s time Dempster’s will be introducing a new line of bagels to add to their collection of amazing bread products; 100 Calories Thin Bagels.  When I was contacted to see if my family would be interested in trying the bagels before they hit the shelves, I was quick to say yes.  Dempster’s 100% Whole Wheat bread is the only bread that we buy and have been doing so for many years, so I’m always happy to hear when the company brings out a new product.   We received a bag each of white w/ whole grains, multigrain and cinnamon raisin to sample.IMG_5270 IMG_5268 IMG_5269   Can I just say that my kids, DS in particular, LOVED these bagels?  In fact, they ate them so fast as after school snacks that I only had a chance to taste the multigrain!  In fact, I jazzed those babies up real nice!IMG_5277 French Toast Bagel Thins!  DS was at a sleepover last weekend so I decided to use the multigrain bagels to make French toast for my hubby, DD and myself.IMG_5278
I soaked the bread in a combination of egg whites, unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, cinnamon and vanilla.  The bagel slices absorbed the mixture beautifully and toasted up evenly in the pan.  I also made a quick blueberry sauce as a topping by combining 2 cups of frozen blueberries, a 1/3 cup of OJ, a ¼ cup of sugar and 1 TBSP of cornstarch.  Just bring it all to a boil and let cook for 10mins or so.IMG_5279 Scrumptious!
DS ate the whole bag of cinnamon raisin bagels himself.  Lucky for him that his sister doesn’t like raisins!  He mostly ate them toasted with either butter, PB or Nutella spread on top as an after school snack.  I asked him what he liked about them and he said they were “delicious, soft, the perfect size for him and easy to grab and eat”.  Straight out of the horse’s mouth, that is!
The bag of white w/ whole grains was used to make lunches for the kids for the week.  They really enjoyed them stuffed with mortadella, cheese and sub sauce.  As a Mom, it’s always nice when the kids eat their sandwiches instead of bringing bits and pieces home!  And because they’re a bit smaller than a regular bagel, they’re easy for the kids to handle…and eat.
A few fun bagel facts!
-Thin bagels have a soft texture and great flavour with only 100 calories each
-They are low in saturated fat, contain no trans fat of cholesterol
-As of March 18, 2011 Bagel Thins will be available across Ontario and Eastern Canada in the bakery section of major grocers.  They retail for approximately $3.79/pkg
-keep your eye out for $0.50 off coupons at select grocery stores
I know I’ll be keeping an eye out for these come next week.  I thought they made for a wonderful snack and were perfect packed in the kids lunch boxes.  Tell me, how would you put these bagel thins to use?
Bye for now!!


  1. mmmm! that blueberry sauce looks reallllllly good.

  2. Thomas' makes a similar product and Josh loves them! I buy them occasionally for his sandwiches. They are also perfect for egg sandwiches! Thanks for the review :)

  3. thin bagels are the best! and you sure did jazz them up. That picture should be in a food mag somewhere!

  4. They look great. I wonder if they sell in the US too.
    Love that you used it to make French Toast.

  5. I really like bagel thins. Sounds like a great product!

    Your French toast bagel thins with blueberry sauce looks soooo good!

  6. Hi Krista. Thanks for agreeing to review our new Dempster's products and sharing your thoughts - happy to hear our thin bagels were such a hit!


    Digital Marketing @ Dempster's

  7. I read the title too quickly as "dumpster bagels"! Yikes. Glad that wasn't the case.

  8. I'd LOVE to try that cinnamon raisin one!! Those are my favorite type of bagels..but the bagel thins around here are either plain or multigrain. It'd be nice to have a bit of flavor!

  9. I really enjoy the Arnold bagel thins here in the states..I'll have to try the French toast idea--yummy!


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