Friday, March 11, 2011

Whole Grain Bread and New Furniture

Last Sunday night I prepared and baked a loaf of Erica’s Multi Grain Bread.IMG_5328 This recipe is so easy to throw together and tastes fabulous on it’s own, with savoury toppings or sweet ones.  Along with eating it straight up a few times this week, I’ve also spread Fruit & Nut butter on it (thought I had a photo, but I don’t seem too) and I’ve dolled it up with avocado/LC cheese mash:IMG_5341 I’ve even turned it into scrumptious French Toast!IMG_5363
I drizzled it with this agave:
I find that this bread lasts a solid week if kept tightly wrapped in the fridge.IMG_5327
In other news, DS’s hockey season came to a close on Tuesday.  It’s bittersweet for me because I know he loves to play so I’m sad for him that it’s done, but I am very excited that my weekend (and most weeknights) will now be free to do as I please without having to plan around out of town or mid afternoon hockey games.
We also bought new living room furniture last weekend which has now taken up residence in our living room.  I’m not sure how the exact placement will end up because the chairs are bigger than I thought they’d be, but I know that if I just let it be for a bit it’ll come to me.  Here’s what the room looked like before with our old, well worn stuff:IMG_5331 IMG_5333
(Just ignore the mess around the couch, please!!)  And with the new, improved pieces!IMG_5360 IMG_5359
Much, much better!!
Monday night I set the crock pot to make a big batch of steel cut oats.  I used 2 cups of the oats, 2 cups of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze and 6 cups of water.  It worked it’s magic for just over 8hrs.  My hubby and I have been eating it everyday since!  Here are my portions, all dolled up: IMG_5367 IMG_5334 IMG_5339 IMG_5348 Something really unusual happened this morning.  I let this fur ball:IMG_5255 
out on to our deck (he likes to go outside for a bit in the morning before I leave for work) and as I was at the sink doing the dishes I looked out the window and another cat was up on the deck railing teasing him!  Now, our deck is not ground floor; it’s a second story baby.  This was taken in the summer, but gives you an idea of the height:IMG_2854 Here’s the scene this a.m.! (note the crap load of snow we were once again “blessed” with)IMG_5362 IMG_5361
The only way I can figure this cat got up here was by scaling the support post.  Now that’s determination.  Poor Pepper was poofed up like a blow fish!!  LOL  Can’t say I’m too impressed, though, because my cats are declawed and the deck is was their only safe haven outdoors.  *sigh*
Well, that’s all for me on this fine Friday night.  Tomorrow I have plans to help my parents source out some outdoor playsets for my niece and nephew.  I’m sure my kids will try to hop on, too!  Bring on summer!!!
Bye for now!


  1. That new living room set looks so comfy! Like you could just plop down and sink into them after a long day. :)

  2. Hooray for fresh, homemade bread!! I love that bread as french toast. The new furniture looks awesome. Is that micro suede? We have that in our living room and its so comfy and easy to clean. Oats in the crock pot are great idea- I need to try this soon to make our week day breakfasts faster. Enjoy your weekend :)

  3. The homemade bread looks awesome! I love that you combine avocado and LC!! Yum!!!!!!

    I really should do crock pot oats, especially since thats all I have been eating for breakfast because of no cereal for lent! I hope the kids realize the no LULU is a joke!!!!!!!!! I can not wait for spring, no more snow, I had enough for now : p

    Happy Weekend love! xoxo

  4. p.s. LOVE the new living room set!!! Looks so comfy too!!!

  5. wow Krista that worked so well as French Toast!! im super impressed by the versatility! :)

    mmm i love seeing chocolate chips on those oats, my breakfast definitely reminds me of you :)

    btw i think its funny that they put his face on the back of the agave.. maybe its just me but it made me giggle a little.... its the seriousness of his gaze lol

    xoxo <3

  6. I can imagine how nice it will be to have a bit more open schedule again!

    Love the new furniture.

  7. Yay for homemade bread! I love it in the form of french toast! Especially with the agave instead of maple syrup!

    and love the new furniture! looks great! can't wait to see the final placement!

    too funny with the cat. do you read run eat repeat? her cat can scale doors and make his way up to the top where the door hinges/jams are! haha!!

  8. So funny, I took pictures of our new decorations today! I was planning on posting them soon too. Yep, we finally got around to actually putting things up on our walls....

    Your house looks wonderful. Not messy at all, and the two new chairs look great.

    The oatmeal sound delicious too. I love almond milk in my oats.

  9. that bread looks like the healthiest thing and like it would hold you over till lunch for sure. and french toast? oh mmmm!

  10. yum to the bread and that avocado mixture!!!

    new furniture is always so liberating. It's a fresh start to a new life kinda! love the new couch! :)

  11. Oo the bread looks good!! Looks like you've been enjoying it alot of different ways too :-) And DS had a great hockey season, I bet he's already looking forward to the next!


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