Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Festivities

I was up earlier than usual this morning. I think it was the excitement of us getting all dressed up in our costumes! Even better was the fact that my outfit required yoga pants, hardly any make up and a pony tail! I was downstairs 15 minutes earlier than if I was getting dolled up for a regular day at work! Before we get to the fun photos, let check out breakfast; 100_6857

-1 cup coffee
-1/3 cup oat bran
-chocolate honey
-Enjoy Life Foods mountain mix 100_6856

I pretty much inhaled that. I might’ve even burnt my tongue a bit! ;)

The kids picked out fairly easy costumes this year. DS wanted to be Bumble Bee the Transformer; Noah

And DD went to what she calls a “dead” person: Sarah

LOL! Let me tell you….the cats DID NOT appreciate their get ups! They freaked right the hell out! It was kinda funny, actually. Once their hair and tails puffed out they looked like true Halloween cats. And here I am…hockey player extraordinaire; me

I know, the pink slippers sealed the deal!! Everyone was impressed with A) my black eye and B) the fact that I fit into my 7yr olds hockey gear! Well, the helmet is DD’s, but she’s only 10. :D Apparently I look like a 12yr old boy in this shot! 100_6868

Here are a few pumpkins from the pumpkin carving contest; 100_6875 100_6870 100_6871

Yes, some of my co-workers have a “sick” sense of humour! I also had the pleasure of posing with a witch; 100_6869

And we had a show girl and an official Olympic drug tester in the house;


A ghoul dropped in; 100_6874

And Dora even took time off from her adventure’s to pay us a visit! 100_6876

ROFL!!! :D

There was a potluck over the noon hour with tons of food. I don’t remember/know all that was on my plate, but here it is; 100_6881

That was some wicked spinach salad so I had more of that. I kept the treats on the light side with a piece of pecan apple pie (to die for), a small piece of pumpkin crisp and some fruit (which was eaten later on in the day); 100_6882

I just went with a light supper seeing as lunch was heavier than normal. I also used up a few leftovers while I was at it. 100_6885

This is the last of my tofu, jade grain blend and some broccoli & yellow bell peppers all mixed up with a few spoonfuls of Ted Readers peach bourbon sauce.

We left for hockey right after dinner and when we got back home my hubby and the kids carved the pumpkins. This is one “job” that he likes to do every year. The kids get to gut the pumpkin for him… 100_6884 100_6883

Don’t they look impressed? :) I enjoyed a bowl of Nature’s Path Flax Plus Maple Pecan Crunch cereal for a snack; 100_6886

Here’s the finished product!! 100_6888 100_6889

Pretty neat, eh? I think they did a great job!

Anyways, the time grows late and I still need to assemble treat bags for the boys on the hockey team tomorrow! Have a great Friday night!

Bye for now!!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the costumes and jack-o-lanterns!! :-D

  2. AWESOME jack-o-lanterns!!! DS & DD look so cute. And your costume/office is hilarious! I especially like the flu-shot-warning pumpkin.

  3. AHHHHHH KRISTA! You look so cute trying to be tough! LOL I love it! And I love that DD is a dead person...flashin' the PEACE SIGN! Your kiddos are so funny :) I see where they get it!
    The vomiting pumpkin really got me. LOL! Your office is hilarious girl. What a fun Friday!

  4. WOW your kids are awesome at pumpkin carving....I could barely handle just a smiley face at that age. DD, DS, and you have fab costumes!! I'm so impressed!

  5. such a fun costume that you had!!! great makeup for your hit eye! ;D
    and your coworkers? do you guys have to wear costume to work yesterday? woooo.... that's awesome! I bet it made the work day more fun!

  6. Awesome costumes!!! I especially love your black eye! ;) And great pumpkins!

    Have a fun Halloween! :)

  7. LOVE the outfit! You totally pulled it off--so cool all the things you got to do for Halloween!

  8. LOVE it- the black eye makeup looks so good! I'm all for comfy Halloween costumes ;) The kids look fabulous too. I am not artistic at all and those pumpkins look so freaking hard to make! Love the throwing up ones. Have a very happy Halloween

  9. Good job on the Hallowe'en costume! You can't go wrong when it involve hockey, that's for sure :) I miss not being at work for our Hallowe'en potluck, and dressing up, and the whole thing. It was always alot of fun (other than the year I got sick - but that's a whole other story).


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