Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Worthy Cause

Happy Wednesday, everybody! I’m having an especially good day because I became involved in a huge movement that will help feed less fortunate families over the holidays. The campaign is called “Project Feed Me” and is aimed solely at keeping people less fortunate than us fed. The premise is very simple. Each Monday starting this week (October 12), Natalie will post a “food item of the week” per se. The items are picked from a Food Bank approved list and are very inexpensive. Everyone who registers is promising to purchase 2 of each item for the next 9 weeks. At the end of the 9 weeks, simply bring all your collected food to your local Food Bank. Easy peasy, right? So PLEASE make your way over to the website to register (and read much more information about this GREAT initiative)! Just a head’s up…this weeks item is canned chilli! I am so excited to see the final results!
On to breakfast, shall we? 100_6607
-1 cup coffee
-1/2 cup rye flakes
-dried cherries
-macadamia nut butter
-cinnamon plum tea jam 100_6606
Nom, nom, nom….
Work was busy again today, but I did manage to squeeze a pre workout snack-a-roo in!
I dipped these crunchy guys into my tea. Mmmm… I got a cute pen today for donating to a co-workers Walk for the Cure fund raiser. Check it out! 100_6611
I rode the elliptical at the gym today which was rather delightful. Or, as delightful as sweating can be, anyways!!!
-Time: 45 minutes
-Avg Hr: 153
-Max Hr: 173
-Calories Torched: 442
-Distance: 5.1 miles

I made myself a very tasty sandwich for lunch today. 100_6612
Soft flax bread, sunflower seed butter, dried cherries, carrots and lettuce. I’m not a big sandwich girl, but this was da bomb! I also enjoyed a mocha cappuccino in my Hallowe’en mug! 100_6613
I started feeling snacky a few hours later so I broke into my (huge) grapes; 100_6614
The kids had swimming lessons tonight, but I was done work at 4 so I had time to put a decent meal together. I roasted up a squash into fries as well as a pork tenderloin. Steamed green beans added some colour to the plate. 100_6615
Dessert was a piece of pumpkin coconut chocolate chip bar; 100_6616
Swimming went well. I enjoy going to the pool because I can spend the hour reading while the kids do their thing. I’ve got a few more things to get done tonight and plan on getting to bed early because DS is on the ice at 6am to 7:20 and I have to be there to pick him up. Fun times. Have a great night!
Bye for now!!


  1. I love that you put dried cherries on your sammy- what a fun tough. Great squash fries too- I want to try making those. Get some rest

  2. I just joined Project Feed Me's such a great cause! :) I love your festive Halloween mug! Enjoy the rest of your night!

  3. Project Feed Me is such a wonderful cause. I am in!!

    PS: I loved Toronto! I need to go back soon :)

  4. I love the photo of your sammie!! It's just bursting with goodness. I want to make those pumpkin bars sooo badly!!

  5. What a perfect sandwich! Sunbutter and dried cherries sounds like a heavenly combo.

  6. great cause! I hope you guys raise a lot of $$.

    like your breakkie combo as usual! I haven't tried cooking with coffee yet... but sounds delish~~~

  7. Project Feed Me is great. I used to organize the monthly food collections for our local food bank at my son's school. We visited the food bank a few times, and it was very inspiring. I'll put canned chili on my grocery list right now... :)

    I want a mocha cappuccino in your cute mug! :)

  8. I am actually not too big of a sandwich fan either, but I do want to try flax bread! It sounds delish!!

    Yay for Halloween mugs--so festive! :-)

  9. Oh dipping the bar in tea sounds fun! I used to dip my Kit-Kats in my hot chocolate when I was a kid - delish and melty :)

    That sandwich combo looks really good!! What a great idea for the fillings!

  10. I've already joined Natalie's project! :D

    Wow, that pumpkin choc chip bar looks really sure know how to have REAL good eats in healthy moderation! :-)

  11. Everything looks fabulous! It was a cold one today! Brr!! I had a cafe-mocha today at lunch, needed something to warm me up! lol!! I really need to make those pumpkin choco bars.. they look amazing!!


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