Monday, October 26, 2009

A Sick Chick

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I was up extra early today in order to get to the rink on time to pick my boy up from hockey practice. It was like leaving the house in the middle of the night! I grabbed 2 strawberry pumpkin coconut bites for the road. Too dark for pictures! We were home before 8am so I ate my breakfast then; 100_6808

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/3 cup sunrise blend with quinoa
  • cinnamon
  • pumpkin puree
  • chocolate honey/macadamia butter
  • Dorset cereal 100_6807

DD was still ill so I called us in sick and then tried to get a doctor’s appointment for her. They couldn’t see her until tomorrow so I opted to take her to the walk in clinic and I’m sure glad I did. 100_6809

Ends up she has a throat/ear infection and needed antibiotics. I can’t imagine how much worse she would’ve felt had I waited another day. We made it back home by 10am and she spent the rest of the day laying down watching movies.

The post man did drop off a sweet treat for me! Allie’s Aprican Balls that my BSI recipe won! 100_6812

I was a little nervous that they would be spoiled since they took a bit to get here, but once I was saw ingredient list and how they were wrapped, I knew they’d be OK.

I tried a twist on the kids toad in a hole from yesterday for my lunch today. The urge came from a McMuffin that one of the hockey Dad’s gave me this morning. I didn’t get much more than a bite before my lovely son claimed it! Instead of bread I used a bagel and plopped an egg white into each hole. Unfortunately, the bagel hole wasn’t quite big enough so the egg white didn’t stay put! Meh…tasted just as good! I topped them off with some goat’s milk mozz. Two of Allie’s treats also made it on the plate. 100_6813

The aprican balls were very good. I may have gone back for 2 more, but only I know for sure! :D

I spent most of the afternoon on the computer leaving the house again only to go pick up my new glasses(!!) and DS. I promise some photos of the new eyes when I don’t look so worn out! Sitting around all day can sure make a girl feel frumpy! I did spend some time outside raking leaves and playing with KC. He’s so full of energy in the cooler weather!

Dinner was a big serving of steamed broccoli, a Yves veggie burger with a LC cheese wedge, dijonnaise, ketchup and romaine and some jade grain blend that I had bought a few weeks ago at the bulk barn; 100_6815

The grain blend was very good. This isn’t such a great picture of it but I have some packed for my lunch tomorrow and I’m anticipating better lightening for then. It’s got a very pretty green hue to it. Dessert was another piece of strawberry peach rhubarb pie. I didn’t bother with a photo tonight, though.

Not sure if I’ll be going to work tomorrow. It will depend on if DD still has a fever or not. As much as I’d like to stay home, I’d much prefer DD feeling healthy again! Tonight will be an early night seeing as I was up with the chickens this morning. Hope you all have a great Monday night!

Bye for now!!


  1. Hope DD is 100% better soon! And YOU hang in there as well xoxo

  2. Poor DD! So glad you got her into the walk in! Allie’s Aprican Balls look fantastic! And you totally deserved the win. Get some rest

  3. feel better! get some rest. Cute face mask : )

  4. Aw, DD!! I hope she feels better! Poor thing!

    Those aprican balls look fantastic!! Glad they survived the trip! I can't wait to see your new specs :)

  5. Hope DD gets better! I had two sick kids a month ago and it was not fun. I was just glad it was not swine flu.

    Get well vibes!!

  6. I hope DD gets better soon, that pic looks that she's got something serious!
    dinner sounds yummy~ I haven't had one plate meal for almost two months! kind of miss it!

  7. aww poor DD...sending X and O's her way!!!

    the strawberry rhubarb pie sounds such a good combo of flavors!!

  8. oh lordie it would have taken EVERYTHING in me to not eat every single one of those treats. stellar self control girl :)

    hope DD gets better soon!!

  9. I hope DD is feeling better!

    I love the pretty bowl your oats are in. Oooh, and those aprican balls look sooo good!

  10. Yikes!! I hope DD feels better soon! At least she can still smile for the pic :)

    Woohoo!! I'm so thrilled you liked the Aprican Bites and that they made it safe and sound!

  11. Oo lucky you--those little bites look super!

  12. Poor DD. Hopefully she gets better soon. And at least it's not H1N1, right?


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