Thursday, October 29, 2009

How Long Does It Take You To Get To Bed?

Even though I got to bed later than I wanted and New Moon sucked me in again last night, I woke feeling pretty well rested. My game plan for last night was turn TV off at 10, make lunches, then go to bed. This is what ended up happening;

*Turn TV off at 10, go make lunches turned into
*loading/starting dishwasher, hand washing stragglers that didn’t fit turned into
*gathering the 3 cats (no easy feat) and putting them into the laundry room AKA their bedroom for the night turned into
*filling the food/water bowls, scooping cat litter turned into
*Finding laundry in the dryer turned into
*folding laundry and bringing upstairs turned into
*putting laundry away and taking tags off of new jeans that we bought DS turned into
*Setting out his clothes for today
and FINALLY getting to the washroom to prepare my bod for some sleep….after reading New Moon, of course. Now it’s 11:15pm and I’m wondering how the heck that happened!

Is anybody else guilty of doing this at “bedtime”? It’s apparent that I have to start preparations at 9 to actually get to bed by 10ish. LOL!

Here’s breakfast, which I remembered to photograph today! 100_6841

-1 cup water
-1/3 cup sunrise blend with quinoa
-pumpkin puree
-almond butter (!!)
-cinnamon sugar 100_6840

I had some odds and ends to clear up at work so the morning passed quite nicely. I broke at noon for my very last Mountain Mix Clif Mojo bar;



I’ll never get sick of this bar and have plans to stock up in a few weeks when I’m in the US.

I was pretty stoked when I heard that yoga had been cancelled today and that the gym would be available! I ended up enjoying a nice run while watching divine design!

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 158
Max Hr: 180
Calories Burned: 447
Distance: 4.5 miles

I warmed up lunch on the late side again today. 2:30 to be exact. Dinner was so tasty last night that I had it again! Only this time you get it all mixed up! 100_6846

Red kidney beans, jade grain blend and PC Roma tomato sauce. I forgot to mention yesterday that the reason I bought this sauce in the first place was that it was marked down to 50% off. The one grocery store near me is renovating and I think they’re trying to clear some product out. It’s not something I would normally buy as it’s quite pricy for the size of the jar.

I snacked on some grapes; too while plugging away at some monotonous paperwork later in the afternoon; 100_6847

I had just enough time after picking the kids up to go home and change before I had to head out again to take DD to skating. I shared some of my TJ’s chocolate bar with the newest member of our family;


While DD was on the ice I hopped over to Zehrs to pick up a few items that I can’t find at my usual haunt. When I saw that Lara Bars were on sale 3/$5 AND that they had the new PB&J flavour, i had to pick some up! The other 2 were coconut cream pie and pecan; 100_6855

I haven’t bought any bars in a while cuz I had an overload of Clif bars to eat, but I’m down to 2 of those so this purchase was justified! :D I’m holding out another 2 weeks to see if I can score any of the seasonal flavours while in the States.

I had snagged us each a corned beef sandwich from a meeting at work for dinner which got rounded out by some cut up melon that I got at the store. 100_6853100_6854

This was eaten at the rink once skating was over because we were hanging around to watch friend’s of ours son play a game. I had these little guys for dessert! 100_6852

So now it’s almost 10 and we just got the kids settled into bed. Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day! The kids will be dressing up in their costumes for school, there’s a big potluck lunch at work and a pumpkin carving contest AND I’ll be dressing up, too! Please come back to visit tomorrow to read about all the fun. I’ll likely be posting a bit later because DS has a game and them we’ll be carving our pumpkins.

In blogger contest news, head on over and pay Cassie a visit at A Pinch of This and a Pinch of That for a really fantastic Nature Valley give away. This is one prize that you do not want to miss!!!

Bye for now!!


  1. i do the exact same thing at bed, I plan on getting in there for 10 but I always end up doing 'one last thing'

  2. Time ALWAYS escapes me. At least you can pinpoint what you were doing. I have no idea what takes me so long or what I dawdle around doing. It's like I am day dreaming or something! I definitely need to be more efficient!

  3. Have you tried any of the other Mojo flavors? Which one is your favorite? I am a big fan of sweet/salty combos, so they sound perfect to me!

  4. I can relate. I always have a plan to get to bed early, but somehow it never works out....

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow! Can't wait to see all the costumes! :)

  5. Oh man...I can never get into bed- I'm always thinking about the 20 things I need to get done! Lunch looks so good - love rice and beans. Glad you were able to get into the gym- hooray! Can't wait to see your costume- have fun!

  6. I'm pretty much a fast preparer to bed... usually I do everything before dinner, like prepare for next day food if I go to office, wash my face, take shower and whatever errands... so after dinner I don't move from my couch until I go to bed :)
    oh... the other night that I tried to do yoga before bed, it made fall into sleep much easier!

  7. I always try to have all my preparations or cleaning done before bed. I am a bit of a high maintence sleeper, it needs to be quiet, dark and I sleep with a fan on for the noise. I have trouble falling asleep without it!! I should probably work on not using it so I don't have to take a fan with me whereever I go LOL

    that moja bar looks INCREDDDD

  8. I loove the 'new' member of your family!! I am sure Halloween is a blast with two younger kids in the fam! Can't wait to hear all about it--thanks for the giveaway shout-out, I appreciate it!

  9. Cinnamon sugar sounds like a lovely topping for oats! YUM! I hope your kiddos have a blast tomorrow, it sounds like so much fun!

    By the way, you might still be able to find the spooky s'mores when you come in November. I remember buying them past Halloween last year so hopefully you'll find them!

  10. usually when i'm supposed to be going to bed i'm still online. haha! bad melissa...

    have fun tomorrow!!

  11. that bar looks good!! & i love cute little hallloween candies like that
    i alwayyys get distracted when i want to go to bed- it sucks!


  12. Haha, I definitely know what you mean about bedtime! For some reason I always seem to have a surge of energy right before bed and try to crame like 2 hours worth of work into about 30 minutes before bed! :)

    Can't wait to see the costumes tomorrow! Happy Friday and Happy (almost) Halloween!

  13. I'm totallllly guilting of "going to bed" at a certain time and then like 45 minutes later my head's on the pillow.

    mmm I've never had the pecan pie larabar! Let us know how it is :)

  14. I think that's my favourite Mojo bar as well, of the ones I've tasted anyways. It was such a good mix of everything :)


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