Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Guess If You’re Reading This….

Things are working again. I have no idea what happened yesterday….WLW still looks way different today….but I think what I had ready to go is a lost cause. I’m interested to see what this looks like once posted! Anyways, here’s breakfast;


  • 1/2 cup USVAB & water
  • 1/4 cup Windy Hill Farms Cremo cereal
  • cinnamon
  • almond butter
  • Crofter’s Asia preserves
  • cinnamon sugar


This managed to keep me full for HOURS!

The morning dragged on but I think it was because I was excited to go see DD run her last cross country race of the year. I took a later lunch to ensure that I didn’t have to leave before she was done. At noon I broke into the wrap I had packed myself.


This is a flatout wrap with sunflower seed butter, lettuce, carrots and dried cherries. A great combination of flavours, in my opinion!

Here’s 3 shots of my girl; one at the start line, one 1/2 way through and one crossing the finish line…




She placed 59 out of 159. Pretty good for a kid who isn’t naturally athletic! I felt kinda bad for them because there was one heck of a COLD wind out there. Not something I would want to run in. There’s a Starbuck’s across the street from where she was so I popped in for a grande NF pumpkin spice misto to take the chill out of my bones:


Even a scarf and gloves couldn’t keep me warm, but that baby did the trick. DD even took a pic of me freezing my a$$ off;

LOL! See those nasty clouds behind me? Brrr…

About 3pm I pulled out a Kashi PB granola bar to nosh on.


This has never been my favourite flavour, but I try it every now and again to see if it’ll grow on me. Today was not the day. :~)

For dinner I baked up a pork tenderloin that was sprinkled with Club House Thai seasoning. On the side I had some steamed veggies and the leftover butternut squash fries; 100_6450

I’m going to keep this short


  1. The post looks good! :) Blogging problems are so frustrating...

    DD did a great job! And I'm glad you got to enjoy some nice coffee... ;)

  2. your post looks good, although I can't notice any dfference, except for the frames on your pic? not sure!
    that asian preserve look amazing!! :)
    congrats to DS. 59/159 is great job!


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