Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 1 & Day 2

I had a brilliant post written up, but it vanished on me. I know some of you can sympathize with me here! Now I’ve got to wrap up the past 2 days quickly because the Biggest Loser has started!

Breakfast Day 1 IMG_1014

Dark chocolate cherry mocha oats! IMG_1013

Breakfast Day2 IMG_1021

  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup Quaker oats
  • cinnamon
  • almond butter
  • Crofter Superfruit jam
  • kefir IMG_1020

Snack Day 1 IMG_1015

Snack Day 2 IMG_1025

Dark chocolate chip avocado muffin!

Gym Day 1 = 30 minutes treadmill, 20 minutes weights, 4mph, Lunch Day 27% incline

Gym Day 2 = 45 minutes treadmill, 4mph, 7% incline

(K-I-L-L-E-R workouts, major calorie burn!!!)

Lunch Day 1 IMG_1016

Rinsed chicken curry, baked buttercup squash

Lunch Day 2


See below dinner for what this is! ;)

Dinner Day 1 IMG_1017

This recipe is in the newest edition of Chatelaine magazine and is amazing! We served it with a scoop of Fage on top: IMG_1019

Dinner Day 2 IMG_1028

BBQ’d pork tenderloin, couscous salad made with WW couscous, cucumber, red pepper, cherry tomatoes, carrots, cheese cubes, red pepper, 1 tbsp garlic infused olive oil, 2 tbsp white balsamic vinegar. YUM!

Sweet End Day 1 & 2 IMG_1029

Chocolate with coconut flakes. Heaven.


I stopped by the health food store after Pilate’s tonight and scored their last jar of coconut butter. I also discovered that they carry the ever elusive Liberte Greek yogurt!! Major score. Got me a box of ginger chews. (These are for you, Katie!!) Lastly, I bought 3 Luna bars because my lovely son has decided that he loves them. And I’m too greedy to let him have any of the flavours I bought in the States! LOL!! IMG_1030

And do not forget to enter my Nature’s Path giveaway! Click here to check it out.

Bye for now!!!


  1. Hey girlie! Gosh! I hate when posts get erased- so so frustrating!!! Those Dark chocolate chip avocado muffins looks seriously out of this world. I want to try making them...I'm not telling Josh they have avocado in them ;) And quinoa and lentil stew? I'm so in! Looking for a similar recipe now. Hope you have a nice night :)

  2. wow that's impressive! all the food! (but you're great at portioning. I have no portion control). Can't wait to hear about the giveaway (it's like my goal in life to win something haha)


  3. Woah, couscous looks exactly like quinoa! I should give that fella a try. & that soup looks SO good!

    You're so lucky you get to watch Biggest Loser already, we have to wait 2 more hours over here on the west coast. Best. Show. Ever!

    Happy almost-Wednesday!

  4. Yayyy..so glad you found the greek yogurt :)
    What health food store was that!? I would love to be able to find artisana coconut butter around here! OMG..that stuff IS TO DIE FOR..heat it up a little..it is like icing :D:D

  5. hate when posts get eaten! the muffin looks great along w/ the cherries in the oats! great grocery stop too!

  6. girl what a BLAST! yay for greek yogurt! im dying to try coconut icing! that sounds amazing!

  7. Sorry you lost your post; it's soooooo frustrating! The lentil quinoa soup sounds & looks amazing!!!

  8. The case of the vanishing posts... I've had that happen a few times. And practically thrown my computer out the window because of it! Do you use Live Writer? If so, definitely turn on the auto save feature, it saves a LOT of frustration.

    So you bought the coconut butter! I can't wait to hear what you think. I actually really quite like it now! And those ginger chews are addicting, I haven't had any in a while but I think I need to pick some up !

  9. Those mocha cherry oats sound amazing and I am not even a fan of oats!

  10. I hate when a post disappear! that's the worst thing in the blog for a blogger!!!

    oh... I need to find ginger chews, sounds like my kind of candy!

  11. Really sucks that your post disspeared! I know it was a great one!
    I forgot to link your giveaway this morn! Tomorrow.
    1 more work day and we're sunbound! So great! 2 days of work to go!
    Your oats look so good krista, I wish I could get in to it.

  12. Krista, all of your meals look so so good- I love the quinoa and lentil soup and the pork with veggie couscous! So gourmet looking! I'm going to start having more chocolate. I just adore dark chocolate and find that even a small amount leaves me so satisfied!

  13. Krista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay you found the ginger chews!!! I am SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! Become a ginger chew addict with me!!!!!!!

    I love that coconut butter, you will LOVE it too!!!!

    SO awesome you rson loves luna bars and now you got him his own, I know what ya mean about them eating your stuff!! I had that problem with my pirates booty and Mike eating it, now I get him his own bags!!

    I am loving the eats!!! Always got amazing eats!!

    I love ya and you freaking made my day that you found the ginger chews!!!! My day is complete!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Yay for finding the Greek yogurt. Is it really that hard to find around your place? Cuz that sucks! Lots of places carry it here, it's just pricey.

    And mmm...coconut butter. My jar is close to being done. Love that it lasts such a long time.


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