Friday, March 12, 2010

Dempster’s Oven Fresh Baguettes

Last week the Krista’s Kraving’s household was fortunate enough to receive 4 packages of Dempster’s new Oven Fresh Baguettes. IMG_0618
My hubby and DD are total suckers for bread so they were especially thrilled to see this arrive! This post is dedicated to our thoughts, opinions and uses for the baguettes. Enjoy!

First off, the baguettes were very easy to prepare. Pre heat oven to 400* and bake for 8 minutes. IMG_0706 How simple is that? So it’s more than doable to come home on busy night and still be able to have fresh bread with dinner or even better….throw the bread in the oven while you get organized, let cool off a bit then let your family (or roommates) create personal subs. IMG_0671 The baguettes do have an expiry date, so be on the look out for that. Storage is simple, too. Keep them in a cool dry spot out of direct sunlight. The pantry is a perfect location!

Our musings can really be divided into 3 areas; the boys, DD and myself. Typical grouping at our house.

Whole Wheat Baguettes:

DD and I LOVED these! They are dense with crunchy seeds strewn throughout and a nice hearty texture. While the boys liked the WW well enough, both said they could do without the seeds. We used the WW baguettes to sop up homemade teriyaki sauce on stir fry night: IMG_0630
And to make gigantic homemade subs: IMG_0676
Finally, I used the last half to make a roasted red pepper & turkey pepperoni sandwich for a workday lunch: IMG_0703_thumb

White Baguettes:

The white baguettes were a favourite among the male species in our house. DD likes any type of bread so she enjoyed it, too. I’m not a huge fan of white bread, but I found the baguettes to be more along the lines of a softer ciabatta bread which I do like for the consistency of it. We also used the white baguettes on sub night…meatball subs, to be exact: IMG_0673
And as “buns” for last Monday’s homemade chicken burgers: IMG_0709_thumb
The last few pieces were made into various sandwiches for the kids lunches….nutella, ham & cheese and jam. DS told me he liked this bread because it was “soft” and “had no crust”. I just went with his crust delusions! LOL!

I’ve sourced these out in the store to see how much they cost. The average seems to be in and around $3.50 for a 2 pack. I think that this is a very reasonable price for the quality of product that you get. One other thing I’d like to mention is that once baked, I stored any leftover pieces in an air tight Ziploc on the counter for a few days and they handled that just fine.

As you most likely already know, we give Dempster’s Oven Fresh Baguettes 2 BIG thumbs up! Have you tried this product? Please share your comments and/or opinions with us! And thanks again to Melanie for sending us the samples to test out!

Bye for now!


  1. ow! I've never seen these before but would LOVE to try them. They would be perfect for a dinner side and I would like to try them in Josh's lunches as well (he does a sandwich every day). Thank you for the review Krista!

  2. I love freshly baked bread... Glad you enjoyed the baguettes so much. The subs look awesome! :)

    Happy Weekend, Krista! :)

  3. i've never seen those but they seem wonderful!!! i wish i could have fresh baked bread like that all the time w/o the kneading and pushing! :)

  4. You got to try baguettes for your blog?! I'm so jealous! I love me some carbs!! Those sound (and look) fantastic - wonder if they're in the US?

    Great review and hope you had a good Friday!

  5. These look fantastic! I can't believe how well you incorporated them into your weekly meals! What a great lesson in using one product several ways. I'd love to try them!
    Have a great weekend, Krista!
    And thanks again for all of your kind comments. They really mean the world to me!

  6. WOW those baguettes sound SO great! love the carbs! fav parts of the meal!

  7. I'd love to try these baguettes! when I was in Germany I was so jealous of my friend having access to fresh bread in a daily basis... and they also carry this kind of package bread, just heat it in oven and it's ready, and it's as yummy as fresh ones!

  8. Im really glad you did this review. I was just looking at these the other day and thought about buying them, but actually thought they wouldn't be that great. Thanks Krista! Enjoy your weekend!

  9. These look great! It's always helpful to have products on hand to make a meal a bit easier--glad you guys enjoyed these!

  10. Ohhh! I love ANY bread. I like how easy they are to prepare. :)

  11. Oooh, yum! Fresh baguettes at home are such a good idea...and I love all the ways you used them, Krista!

  12. Those look so yummy! I've never tried them but i'm a huge fan of fresh baguettes!

  13. Hey love!!!!! Wow these baguettes look awesome!! How yum!! Those would be awesome for sandwiches for Mikes lunches I make him!!!

    Have a great weekend!!! xoxoxo


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