Friday, March 12, 2010

Q&A 9

Why do you make your husband and your kids non healthy things and make yourself something healthy for dinner? It doesn't make sense to me that you wouldn't want to teach them healthy alternatives.

This is a good question that has a simple answer. My daughter normally eats the same as me. My husband and son will NOT eat most of the "healthy" food that I make. If I can "sneak" items like quinoa into stews or chickpeas into chilli, it gets eaten. My husband is OK with turkey sausage every now and again, but not every time. He also feels that meat at each dinner is a must. My hope is that with time, my son especially, will start to eat more like I do just by seeing me eat it all the time. Believe me, if I could stop buying pre packaged crap cold turkey, I would. But it's not that simple when you have others tastebuds to take into consideration.

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  1. Such a well worded response! You're a great example for healthy and balanced eating. You're doing a great job :)


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