Thursday, March 11, 2010

The End of Skating Lessons

Hey friends! Have you had a good day??? I slept fantastic last night. That makes such a big difference throughout the day. I had an 8am dentist appointment (ugh!) so we left the house a wee bit earlier than normal. To save myself a few minutes I soaked some steel cut oats overnight. IMG_0743

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 cup steel cut oats
  • cinnamon
  • kefir
  • strawberries


Satisfaction in a bowl!

I made it to work by 9 with a headache courtesy of the devil dentist. I really do dislike going there. Always have. Anyways, enough complaining! Before going to the gym at noon I ate a pineapple carrot bran muffin from the batch I made last week. IMG_0744 I had frozen a few when I saw that they weren’t getting eaten fast enough. I now know that they thaw out beautifully!I did cardio and strength again today. I know I shouldn’t be doing the weights 2 days in a row, but I have to take a 1/2hr lunch tomorrow and would rather get my cardio in then.

  • Time: 50 minutes
  • Avg Hr: 151
  • Max Hr: 173
  • Calories Torched: 455
  • Distance: 3.4 miles

The rest of my food today has been lame. And it all started with lunch. I packed some leftover quinoa and chicken with a bit of salsa mixed in: IMG_0745

Then I ate a pale, hard yet surprisingly delicious mango. IMG_0747

Yes, that is a mango. I kid you not! It was as hard as an under ripe pear. Weird…

Dinner was early because both the kids were on the ice at 5:30. The fam had pork sausages & mac n’ cheese. No thanks. Mind you, there was NO sign of vegetables on my plate, but I think my dinner was still better than theirs. ;) IMG_0749

A toasted WW Arnold Thin with Greek Sabra hummus and a 1/4 cup of Egg Beaters with some turkey pepperoni and goat brie tucked inside. This was good but not quite enough so I ate one of those blueberry cottage cheese cups that I mistakenly bought: IMG_0752

WAY too sweet for me. I either have to convince DS to try this (he loves blueberry yogurt) or I’m gonna have to put my baking hat on to get rid of the last 2. I simply can not eat them as is. Brrrrr…

This was DD’s last skating lesson. Now my Thursday’s are FREE!!! WOOT! She just wanted to take lessons long enough to feel confident on skates and she feels like she’s at that point. I had to make a pit stop at the grocery store while she skated cuz seriously, when don’t I have to go there??? HA! I picked up a few things that you will see over the next few days. One item I can show you right now is this Bounty bar because I already ate it! ;) IMG_0754

I’d say I’ve been eyeing up this particular bar the last 5 or so times that I’ve seen it, so I finally caved and bought it. It was yum, but dare I say that I would have enjoyed it that much more had it been dark chocolate??? Me thinks my taste buds have grown up!

I’m sitting here patiently waiting to see if Vampire Diaries is another repeat. I really hope not. To keep my mouth occupied, I’m sipping on a cup of this: IMG_0753 The kids start March Break tomorrow so they’re pretty excited about that. And I’m pretty excited that tomorrow’s Friday because it’s my last day before my week off! YAY! We’re going to a hockey game tomorrow night so posting might be later than normal. If you care. ;) HA!

Bye for now!!


  1. I was just googling carrot bran muffins last night looking for a good recipe!! We've got a whole bag of carrots in the fridge just staring at me everytime I open the door.

  2. Ohh I forgot they were from a bag--no wonder I didn't have it bookmarked. I guess I'll have to experiment :)

  3. ugh. I had that tea and it cause KILLER stomach cramps. I now have a full box of it sitting in my cupboard :( I hope it does well with you though, cause it was pretty yummy

  4. whoa so crazy about that mango!! ive only seen it SUPER orange!
    i recently added kefir to my oats- IM IN LOVE!

  5. Mmm I love that dinner. I love omelets and hummus on toast so much!
    I'd like to try to recreate those carrot bran muffins, they sound and look great!
    Thanks for your empathetic comment about my nighttime eating, Krista! It really meant a lot to have someone relate!
    Have a wonderful evening!
    I love Bounty Bars!!

  6. I love eggs for dinner! I've never had goat brie but I bet its awesome. I don't like cottage cheese at all- I wish I did. Hooray for a week off! Have fun at the hockey game

  7. Yay for free Thursdays! And a week off, I'm jealous, Krista! :) That tea sounds like the perfect thing to satisfy a sweet tooth!

  8. Glad you have your Thursday's back :):)
    That tea looks yummy! I need to be on the look out for that!

    And no fair..your kids start break tomorrow!? I wish :( I still have to work tomorrow ...meaning..our break here does not start till monday! :)

  9. woo!!! your thursday are off and next week you'll be off too? any exciting plan? I'm exciting for you!!!
    I hate going to dentist too... just hate the sound, the place, the smell.... :(

  10. I searched for turkey pepperoni yesterday because I wanted it for pizza and couldn't find any. What grocery store do you get it in?

  11. oh your dinner looks great to me!

  12. Downgrade to the trip to the devil's office - ick. Upgrade to free Thursday nights!! Woohoo! Dark chocolate is the best, love mature tastebuds ;)

    Happy Friday, Krista!!

  13. I had a hard mango last week too!! Funny! I've been meaning to try goat brie--sounds good!

  14. I have never seen such a pale looking mango! How did you eat that thing? I would think the texture would just be weird. Was it sweet at all?


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