Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Q&A 6

How does your hubby feel about the blog?

He's OK with it. At first he thought it was ridiculous and he still doesn't read it, but he's gotten use to me doing it. I started using WLW back in the summer which cut my posting time down A LOT and he appreciates me not spending so much time at the computer. Also, I think some of the products I've received to try and review on the blog have helped win him over! LOL!

Ask me anything


  1. I have to ask what WLW is? Anything to cut my blogging time back would make my hubby very happy! haha

  2. Yeah my husband isn't much of a fan of the blogging thing... However, while he's deployed he likes to read it. I usually post at night so it takes time away from him. I need to change that when he comes home! He does love trying all the products to review though and is MORE than happy to have me photograph his food to put on the blog :)


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