Monday, August 10, 2009

Vacation Day 16 - Catch Up Day

Hola! How’s everybody today? I had a really good last day of vacay. It started out with a bowl of much missed oats! 100_5626

  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup PC 5 grain oats
  • cinnamon
  • almond butter
  • dorset cereal


This meal fuelled me through 2.5hrs of housework. Laundry, kitchen & bathroom floors, vacuuming, empting the dishwasher, etc. Not my favourite activities by far, but a necessary evil! It was pretty hot out again today (YAY!) and I was a sweaty mess by the time all the work was done. I took a quick, cool shower and then the kids and I sat down to lunch. I whipped out a strawberry Chobani to try out; 100_5631

I LOVE that it’s fruit on the bottom! I haven’t had fruit on the bottom in years. This was some pretty darn tasty yogurt, though not quite a thick as Fage or Oikos. I’m still so psyched that I found it. I layered it in a glass with about 3/4 of a cup of Nature’s Path Blueberry Optimum cereal for a great, filling lunch-a-rooni; 100_5632

I also ate these 4 Nature’s Valley Nut Clusters; 100_5633

Very, very tasty little bites! This meal actually stuck to my ribs until dinner time! YOWZERS!

After lunch I shuffled the kids out the door to do groceries with promises of a walk to 7-11 when we got home so long as they behaved in the store. Worked like a charm! :) I got an iced coffee while we were there, but there’s no photo evidence of it.

Around 3:30 I got started on making a batch of Hungry Girl’s Can’t Believe It’s Not Potato Salad. After eating this over the weekend, I’m hooked! It’s pretty time consuming, but SO worth it in the end. The recipe makes a large amount, too which will be great for lunches this week.

For dinner we threw some salmon fillets on the BBQ. I also made a box of mac & cheese for the fam. My plate had a generous helping of the salad and a fillet on it: 100_5634

After supper we were off to DS’s last soccer game of the season. He scored 2 goals and couldn’t have been more happy about it! They have an end of the season fun event for the kids ob Friday where they’ll get trophies and the such.

In a few minutes DD and I are going to take K.C. for a walk down to the store and then I have to get things organized for work tomorrow. Work…BOO! Oh, well….gotta earn a living I suppose! Hope everyone had a great Monday!

Bye for now!!


  1. mmm Chobani is so good! I flip flop back and forth as to what my favorite flavor is! They actually just came out with two new ones that I get to try this week (hooooray!)Again, loving those Nature’s Valley Nut Clusters- I cannot wait to try them. Work is a big boooooooo

  2. Those Nature’s Valley Nut Clusters look amazing!! Never seen those before mmm. That's so exciting he scored two goals at his game :) Oh and I need to try that Hungry Girl recipe now ! That sounds way too yummy to pass up :)

  3. I've never had Chobani so I'm living vicariously through you - do they sell it at Whole Foods in Toronto?

  4. ahhh, i STILL haven't been able to find chobani anywhere! those clusters look awesome too, gotta love the crunch :-)

  5. I've wanted to try that "potato salad" since I saw the recipe a few weeks ago. Glad to see you liked it!!

  6. I tried chocani once and it was too sweet for me, but I guess making it as parfait would be perfect! :)

  7. I love the potato salad, although I had to add a few potatoes--I am a potato gal! I think I may add sweet potatoes next time!

  8. That potato salad looks delish! The perfect dish for any BBQ!

  9. that salmon looks awesome!


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