Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cookies, Cookies

I can’t be the only one that wishes the work week went by as fast as the weekend, can I? I’m sitting here amazed that in less that 12 hours I’ll be back at my desk. Yelp! :/

I had a pumpkiny breakfast again this morning, but this one was in the form of pancakes! Another breezy Hungry Girl recipe to be exact. 100_5839I added blueberries to the mix and just look at how good these turned out! 100_5841

It says the recipe makes 3 pancakes, but I got 5. I think it’s because instead of just hand mixing the ingredients, I whip them up in the Magic Bullet which in turn makes the batter runnier. Hey, the more the better, right??? 100_5840

Out at the farm this morning I got involved in a bit of a cookie feast. My MIL brought up 4 different kinds….almond, chocolate, gingerbread and maple……and I enjoyed one of each. Yum! This ruined my lunch appetite so I made up a small GM to sip on. 100_5842

  • 2 big handfuls baby spinach
  • 1/2 cup USAB
  • 1/2 frozen banana

I got showered after this and then we drove over to Costco which we haven’t been to since April. We used to go once a month at least but couldn’t justify the money over the summer this year. I picked up house stuff like toilet paper and Kleenex and the such. I also bought a box of Kashi granola bars, sliced baby Portobello mushrooms and salmon burgers. The best deal by far was a flat of blueberries for $5.99. 100_5850

DS and I LOVE blueberries so I know these will get eaten fairly quickly. On the drive over I ate a pumpkin cupcake “frosted” with some almond butter; 100_5845

Once everything was put away I went down to the garden to pick some veggies. Here’s what I brought up; 100_5847

DD picked my butternut squash and let me tell you that I was not impressed as it’s not ready yet. :( I’m going to see if it’ll ripen a bit more in the sun, but I have a feeling not. There are 3 more still on the vine and I told her once again to NOT touch anything in the garden. Kids.

I had some time before dinner so I decided to put some of the berries to use in another Hungry Girl recipe….Big Fat Blueberry Muffins. 100_5849

I’ve made these before but this time I doubled the recipe and omitted the Splenda. I didn’t replace it, either and they turned out just fine! Check it out! 100_5855

These’ll make great lunch snacks this week.

For dinner we did up another beer butt chicken. Loving this cooking method! It’s pretty much 20mins per pound. So easy! I served my juicy breast with leftover grilled zucchini and sautéed sliced Portobello mushrooms; 100_5851

I didn’t have a sweet end because we were going to Mom’s and she always puts cookies out. After this mornings cookie fest, I was kinda glad that she put out crappy ones this week!!! :) I did enjoy a blueberry muffin when we got home, though.

Well, SYTYCD Canada is in in 20 minutes so I must wrap this post up for today. Catch ya all on the flip side!

Bye now!!


  1. Wow, both those recipes sound delicious especially those pancakes. What a way to start your morning. Have a great work week! Before you know it the weekend will be here again (crossing fingers).

  2. LOVE that pancake recipe :) Have a great week Krista!!

  3. Sounds like a pretty nice day lady! I love going to Costco and getting tons of produce! I haven't been in about a month, I think its time for another trip!! I bought the kashi granola bar box and we've barely made a dent! Such a great deal. Looks like your garden has been producing some awesome veggies! I'm super jealous

  4. Thanks for reminding me I need to try out some good Hungry Girl recipes! I have the book and always forget to use it.

  5. So many baked goods in one day--so jealous! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and hope tomorrow isn't too desky!

  6. More pancakes are definitely a plus! I bought the Hungry Girl book a long time ago but still have yet to try their recipes :( So your pics are definitely influential to get me cookin! :)

  7. yeah~~~ more pancakes the better!!! Lovely breakfast!
    and jealous of that big box of blueberries! I miss Costco! Although a lot of blueberries are imported from argentina or chile, here the price is like triple!!!! :(

    have a good week dear~

  8. I have yet to actually try a Hungry Girl recipe, but they always come out looking so good when other bloggers make them. I think I'm going to make something using one of her recipes tonight. :D

  9. Your garden veggies are gorgeous! And I completely agree, weekends really seem to fly by!

  10. You know I'm all over the sauteed squash and 'shroomies!! They look fantastic!

    You're making me want to buy the HG cookbook! Do you have both of them? Those muffins look awesome!

  11. mmmmm all those things look fantastic!!! i love muffins so this recipe looks great !

  12. Nothing beats pancakes! Have you ever tried the German pancake--one of those HUGE fluffy ones? I want to, but it may be dangerous with just me here ;-)

  13. The muffins and the pancake recipes are definitely something I am going to try. Thanks!


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