Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vacation Day 10 - Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

What a fabulous day we had today! We went to the ROM downtown Toronto and didn’t hit any traffic! That means it only took us an hour to get there. Nice. I started the day with a favourite combo of mine… 100_5431

  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup Quaker oats
  • cinnamon
  • PB2
  • banana
  • carob chips and shaved coconut


We packed some lunch and snacks before hitting the road. As usual, we arrived at our destination right at lunch time. We munched on our sandwiches while walking from the parking lot to the museum. I had a wrap with almond butter and banana. I took the photo in the parking garage so it looks like my wrap is glowing! 100_5437

My hubby had never been to the ROM before and he really enjoyed it. DS loves it there and was acting all tour guide on us. Quite comical, really! Here are a few photos from the afternoon… IMG_3982




Before hitting the road we did some window shopping. I so love being in the heart of Toronto. It’s so exciting to me! I ate my last Clif Mojo bar as we were leaving the city. This one was PB & pretzel….


I LOVED this bar! I can’t wait to pick up more this weekend as I’ll be in Michigan on the 8th. My hubby took some shots of downtown T.O. as we were leaving. 100_5433



We stopped at Tim Horton’s just of the highway and I got an iced coffee to enjoy on the rest of the drive; 100_5439

My hubby took the picture for me as I was driving. Please ignore his hammer smushed nail!

We were home by 6pm and got started on dinner right away. Chicken breasts and zucchini got BBQ’d while I prepped a big bowl of red leaf lettuce. I made a huge ensalata; 100_5441

  • red leaf lettuce
  • chicken breast
  • grilled zucchini
  • feta
  • raspberry walnut dressing


No sweet end yet. Hubby and I are planning on some banana soft serve later!

Before I sign off for the night I had some observations that I wanted to share. Since last Tuesday I’ve had headaches on and off (I don’t normally get them) and the lower part of my face has broken out like a 14yr old hitting puberty! I gave this some serious thought last night and came up with more than a few reasons which I contribute this to. Check them out;

  1. I’ve been going to bed no earlier than midnight since holiday’s started. I’m usually in bed by 11pm the latest.
  2. I’ve been drinking 3+ coffees a day when I normally only drink my Stash tea.
  3. I haven’t been eating near the amount of veggies that I’m use to.
  4. Meals have been random times at best.
  5. I’ve haven’t been exercising anywhere close to what I’m use to.
  6. There’s been zero routine in my life.
  7. My water consumption is way down.
  8. Lots more treats than I’m use to.

I have no doubt that these 8 points are the culprits so as of today I started being more mindful of what I’ve been doing/not doing. So far I’ve;

  1. Made sure to drink lots of water
  2. Only had the Tim’s coffee
  3. Ate a BIG salad for dinner
  4. Breakfast/lunch/dinner were at more “normal” times
  5. I plan on an earlier bed time
  6. There will be no random snacking all evening. I will enjoy a nice bowl of banana soft serve

My poor system should be thanking me sooner rather than later. Does anybody else find this sort of thing happens to them while on vacation?

Bye for now!


  1. I love the shaved coconut on the oats. Not only is it really pretty- I bet its tasty too!! Glad you had such a nice day and such a beautiful salad to finish it all off. I always get a little "off" on my goals during vaca but thats way vaca is part of what makes vaca "special" ;).

  2. Looks like you are having a great time!

    And thanks for posting some pictures of home. They made me smile! :o)

  3. I often find myself a tad ill during trips where I don't mind my fluids and food as well as I should have.

    Lovely trip and yum on your brekkie!

  4. Hope you feel better soon! It's gotta be exhaustion from staying so busy. Feta in salad is amazing <3

  5. I spotted your new shoes....lookin' good!!

    Maybe try some Green Monsters instead of some or all of your coffee? It works for me although it may just be in my head :)

    I'm so happy the sun came out today for you!

  6. Looks like a fun day! :)

    Sorry about the headaches and breaking out. I have found that I don't drink enough water when I'm off from work, and I therefore often get bad headaches...

  7. Sounds like you're having fun despite breaking out. It's okay, it happens to everyone at some point. Your shredded coconut looks pretty and I love the taste of it, but I hate the texture!

  8. yeah Krista, I think you got all things right about vacation.. zero routine and more treats than necessary. Thanks for reminding me because I'm about to begin mine and I really don't want that happen!!! Glad you figure things out and already on track to change that.
    I'll link this post today to remind myself! :)

  9. Toronto looks so fun! I really want to visit Canada! I've only driven through there.

  10. Hi Krista, that definitely happens to me once in a while when I get off track with regular eating/sleeping/exercise schedules! I hope you start to feel better. It looks like you are having a great vacation though!

  11. What fun! And your kids are so cute!

    And I think all the things you listed can def contribute...i know i've been going through much of the same thing! yay for looking over the situation and assessing what to do to make it better!

  12. What a fun time! Your pics of downtown TO are beautiful! I completely agree, when I'm on vacation, the lack of routine has the same effect on my eating/drinking/ the time my vacation ends I'm usually looking forward to getting back to my routine!

  13. Your shaved coconut looks like perfection :)

    BTW love your glow in the dark wrap haha and how sweet of your hubs to play papparazi while you were driving!

  14. Hmmm...if I actually took vacation more often, I'd probably have an answer for you. I find if I'm travelling for any period of time, that my digestive system gets off (I won't go into details), regardless of how well I eat. I find that if I have breakouts, it means I'm getting sick (weird, eh?).

    That shaved coconut always looks so delicious. Much better than regular ol' shredded stuff.


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