Saturday, August 1, 2009

Keeping It Local

Hi all! Well, we couldn’t bear to go back in to Toronto today as the traffic has been pretty brutal the past few times we’ve been so we stayed around the area today. And what a beautiful day it was!

I just haven’t really been feeling my oats the past few days. Strange, I know! I’ve actually been wanting to finish up some open cereal boxes so I made another bowl this morning. 100_5414

  • 1 cup Nature’s Path Blueberry Optimum cereal
  • 1/4 cup Nature’s path agave nectar granola
  • 1 cup USVAB
  • handful fresh blueberries


I’ve actually been quite surprised at how well cereal has filled me up the past few times I’ve eaten it. It never holds me as long when I’m sitting at my desk all morning.

I gave that an hour to digest while sorting and starting laundry. Then I went out for a run. DS came with me on his bike which is DD’s old bike that he is still getting used to. He was a wee bit wobbly! By 10:30 it was pretty warm (no complaints here!) and I found the last mile TOUGH. I really wanted to start walking a few times but just kept telling myself that I was strong enough to do it. DS was pretty tired by the end, too!

  • Time: 32 minutes
  • Avg Hr: 176
  • Max Hr: 190
  • Calories Burned: 368
  • Distance: 3 miles

I have a love/hate relationship with the traffic lights that I go through. I hate to stop for them cuz it kills my time, but by the end of the run I’m kinda wanting an excuse to slow down for a second!

Lunch was super tasty AND it brought Fage back into my life! I made a wonderful parfait; 100_5418

I layered Fage with raspberry jam, strawberries, blueberries and Dorset granola.


Perfection! We went to a local park for the afternoon and hung out with the Canadian geese… 100_5420


And a swan; 100_5422

Then we hit up Wendy’s for some more cheap ice cream! I got a kiddie size frosty this time as I wasn’t really hungry, but the coolness of the treat was enticing me! 100_5424

Then we came home and put the kids to work… 100_5415

They love to help Dad cut the grass! Too bad when they’re old enough to actually do the whole job, they won’t want to and we’ll have to resort to bribery! :) I picked up the 2 loads of laundry off the clothes line and then parked myself on the deck with my book for a good hour.

Dinner tonight was pasta. The fam had meat sauce that I had made a bit ago and froze, but I had something different on mine. I chopped up half a yellow zucchini and put it in the Magic Bullet with some salsa and cottage cheese. That got poured into a sauce pan and simmered for about 15 minutes to thicken up. I served it over a serving of Fiber Gourmet fusili…. 100_5426

After eating I went down to the garden and saw that a few cherry tomatoes were ready for the picking… 100_5429

The plants are so heavy with tomatoes, but they’re still all green! You watch, they’ll all turn red at the same time and I’ll be in tomato overdrive!

My parents came over for a visit and when they left we visited with our neighbour for a bit. After that I went down to the grocery store to buy more (ripe) bananas because my hubby and I are now banana soft serve addicts!

Here we are at 9:30 and I still need to go get some stuff together for tomorrow. We have plans to go to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) because they’re calling for rain. Is every one having a good weekend so far??

Bye for now!!


  1. Blueberries taste amazing in cold cereal! How do you make banana soft serve ice cream?? I've heard so many bloggers rave about it but I'm so confused how it's made.

  2. WENDY'S FROSTY!!! Nostalgia alert :-D

    Have lots of fun tomorrow!! Yes, my weekend is stellar so far.

  3. I'm FINALLY home!!! I saw some Canadian license plates--1 Ontario--and thought of you! I cannot even begin to imagine what their drive is like.

    I love that you exercise with DD and DS, you're such a model Momma!

  4. Yay Frosties! You've got me craving one now!

  5. Yum, Fiber Gourmet! I really want to try this pasta. My order is coming in the mail. It's nice to see it used in a recipe!

  6. Frosty!!! i envy you! stupid lactose intolerance!

    and love the kids doing the work! my parents put us to work by pulling weeds w/ our hands when we were little...ahahaha...we had lots of dirt fights...and not much weeding took place.

  7. Hahah I love that shes cutting the grass in a dress/skirt! Thats how I'm usually dressed when I end up cleaning the house and I feel like an old school housewife! :) Sounds like ya'll had a nice day and it ended with such a yummy looking din din! Our weekend has been great but too short (as per usual). I cannot believe its Sunday

  8. that yogurt parfailt looks delicious!! :)

  9. Your squash sauce sounds fabulous!!!!! Yum!

    And love the geese :-)

  10. What a beautiful yogurt parfait! Have fun at the ROM!

  11. Martha ( 2, 2009 at 5:57 PM

    You can get Salt and Pepper popchips at the Shoppers near Stone Rd Mall. SO Jealous of the American food haul, I wish they'd ship it all to Canada!

  12. Those blueberries look so good ! ! ! I love summer for all the great fruits that come into season

  13. I used to love to "pretend" to mow the grass when I was younger--now I hate it!! I always tell my mom and dad to buy a rider one and then I will do it hehe :-)

    Love the sound of the sauce you made! I may have to try it out on some Shirataki noodles.


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