Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bathroom Makeover

Why is it that the weather man is never wrong about rain? True to the forecast it was raining by 9am. Ugh. On a positive note, it did force me to stay indoors and get some much needed housework done. I started out the day with a warm breakfast;IMG_1716

  • 1.25 cups water
  • 1/2 cup Mother’s oats
  • cinnamon
  • carob chips, yogurt chips and hazelnut pieces


I wasted spent some time on the computer before getting ready to head out for my one errand of the day….Costco! The photos I dropped off last week to be plaqued were ready for pick up and I wanted to buy a few more flats of annuals for the flower beds. I also bought fresh blueberries, goat cheese and a box of burgers for my hubby. Here are the pictures: IMG_1727

Left to right we have the kids at 2.5yrs and 6 weeks, then DD at 6 wks and the 2 of them 2 Christmas’ ago. Hehe!

While I was out my hubby prepped the walls in the bathroom for a new coat of paint. The people we bought the house off of a few years ago painted it with the wrong paint for washrooms so it started peeling and looked gross. Work in progress photos! IMG_1719 IMG_1717 IMG_1718 I’ve decided to go with a blue as a replacement colour because I want to do a “seashore” theme and I also think blue looks nice with dark brown which is the colour of the cabinetry. Here’s my choice: IMG_1724 It’s hard to get a good picture, but what do you think???? I’ll be sure to post after pics!

I was starving when we got home and threw together a bowl of goat’s milk yogurt, Crofters superfruit jam, blueberries and Bare Naked granola: IMG_1721 Then I wolfed back a slice of whole grain bread with raw chocolate coconut spread on top.


Enter housework for 1.5hrs as a means to stay OUT of the kitchen! :)

By 3pm I was feeling restless and started flipping through my recipe folder. I found an easy bar recipe that I had all the ingredients for so I went to town. IMG_1728 This lovely looking beauty is Allie’s coconut carob pecan oatmeal bars. Only I didn’t have any pecan pieces so I used walnut instead. ;) I ate a piece for dessert and really liked it. Lately, anything with coconut in it is making me happy!

My hubby went out with my siblings for dinner, but I stayed back because I don’t like the food where they went. Instead, I defrosted some homemade chicken stock, added lots of pureed, steamed veggies, star noodles, chicken breast and tortellini to make a (hide the) veggie soup. IMG_1732

The dull lighting didn’t do this soup any justice! It was really good. I did end up putting most of the torts back in the pot. Still don’t like’em! On the side I topped an Ezekiel English muffin with goat cheese and tomato and toasted it in the oven; IMG_1730

My parents should be here soon for a visit, I have these magazines to get through..IMG_1668

…and my hubby is picking up a few movies on his way home so that’ll be my Saturday night. What are you up to??

Bye for now!!


  1. Home makeovers are fun! That soup + sandwich looks delish.


  2. Oooh oooh I was just thinking about those bars the other day actually! I really like that paint color--seashore theme is cute!

  3. omg im the same way with yogurt.. i can only tolerate it once a week or twice occassionally. and even then i take a lactose enzyme with it. i only have it since i know it has the best probiotics that a lot of the non-dairy yogurts dont have.. at least naturally anyways.

    but yea me too, i find it spoils faster than i can eat it.

  4. I've been hating the rain lately! I'm ready for summer sun!!

  5. I love that blue and brown together. That will look fabulous. Fun baking- Allie has so many wonderful recipes. Hide the veggies soup- love it ;) We just got back from one of the best restaurants in Charleston!!

  6. Way to go using the rain to get ahead on housework. I mean, housework is not "fun" but you were productive. LOVE that feeling on a Sat.!

    those bars look stellar!

  7. How funny Krista. Our house has blue tile like the color in your paint swatch and we're painting the walls a similar shade of brown Tuesday! :) Bathroom twins!

  8. oh I can't wait to stay updated on the bathroom -I love those colors together!

  9. Yes, the rain has moved in here too--bummer. But, I have things inside that need to be done as well--can't wait to see updates on your bathroom!

  10. When I lived with my parents my bedroom was blue and I absolutely loved it. We always got compliments on it! I just came across your blog and I am loving it! You have a new follower :]

    xo enjoy your day

  11. I have always loved how Canadians say washroom. ;) It looks good though!

  12. That is such a pretty shade of blue you picked, Krista...I can't wait to see how it looks finished! That raw chocolate coconut spread sounds pretty fantastic! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  13. I love watching movies at home. I think that bowl of oats is one of the best looking I have seen in a while. I am a huge fan of yogurt chips!

  14. Sounds like you guys were productive! Can't wait to see the finished bathroom! :)

    We had a great weekend. We went to several Farmers' Markets, to a graduation party, to the park, and just hung out. Now I'm off to do some laundry to get ready for the week...

  15. Good luck on the bathroom! Sometimes remodeling projects can be so much fun depsite all the work. :) Those bars look delicious also!

  16. Coconut always makes me happy :D

    All of your bar baking makes me want to bake some of my own. They always look so tasty and would be great for snacks for work so I could avoid buying things there.

  17. ah, i love painting rooms to make them look better!!! i always paint the rooms in our house, so much fun (that sounds weird...)


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