Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy in the Gardens

Hello friends! It’s been a busy, but fantastic 2 days around here! We spent some time at the farm and a LOT of time gardening. I’m blissfully exhausted as only spending time out in the beautiful sunshine can make me. I’ll try to let the pictures do the talking in this post!


IMG_1734 IMG_1773 IMG_1772

Horses…babies and full grown: IMG_1753 IMG_1738 IMG_1741 IMG_1743 IMG_1745 IMG_1750

Cookies at the farm… IMG_1755

My Father in laws friend builds and flies remote control planes and brought one over while we were there. The dogs didn’t know what the heck was going on!!IMG_1758 IMG_1757

DS observing atop a bale of hay; IMG_1761 IMG_1759

Came home to a lunch of yogurt/preserves and granola:IMG_1765 IMG_1766

Pretty lilacs from the farm and my neighbourhood. These are my favourite smelling flower! IMG_1712 IMG_1762 IMG_1711

Then I spent this long in my front flower beds: IMG_1768

It was hot, it was messy, but it all looks great now! Once cleaned up I enjoyed a big iced coffee. IMG_1769

Dinner was the last of my corn and bean salad with some pork tenderloin and the last slice of whole grain bread: IMG_1770

We spent the remainder of the evening visiting my parents and watching Day Breakers. Not a great movie, but Ethan Hawke is easy enough on the eyes. ;)

I hit the backyard gardens after breakfast this morning. My Dad brought his rotatiller over and turned all the dirt for me. I spent a total of 3hrs on just ONE flower bed. There were SO MANY roots and weeds to dig out. Now it’s ready for some perennials so I don’t have to go through that again. I broke halfway through for some lonchi:IMG_1775 IMG_1774

Apple & almond butter, 2 Yves veggie dogs stuffed in a WW pita with ketchup, mustard, relish and romaine. I don’t really even remember tasting this! I also consumed copious amounts of water. Another camera shy iced coffee made it’s way to my belly after a delightful shower.

Dinner was a very simple to make mushroom ragu from the last issue of Clean Eating magazine: IMG_1776

I served myself a generous bowl and ate it with a toasted Ezekiel muffins that had goat cheese on it.IMG_1777

Nom, nom, nom! Dessert was a half melted, no time for a picture Skinny Cow ice cream bar. I’ve also eaten my share of coconut carob pecan oatmeal bars over the past 2 days! ;)

I’m off now to make a tea and relax with a magazine out on my deck. The temperature is perfect for it at this point. Hope everyone has had a marvellous Monday!

Bye for now!!


  1. Awww, I love the horse pics!!

    I have that same leaf bowl! From Kohl's, I think? :)


  2. Looks like some fabulous eats going on!!

    The horse pictures are adorable!!! Your son is cute as well hehe :) Enjoy the warm weather this week! Supposed to be hot and sticky. Can't say that i enjoy the humidity though!

    Callin for rain ALREADY on the weekend. Can you believe that!?

  3. Those lilacs look absolutely beautiful! Delish food as well.


  4. That pic of the little gray horse laying down makes it look like he's smiling! So precious!

  5. ah! The ponies are so so cute. Love it. And I want some of those fresh flowers. Corn and black bean salad with whole grain bread? Thats like an ideal meal in my mind.

  6. that cookie w/ the almonds looks delicious!! i miss living in massachusetts and smelling the lilacs. youre so lucky!

  7. the cookie on the left looks the best! so incredible.. with the nuts too peeking out ontop! and that cereal with the oats and raisins mustve been really chewy/crispy- thats my fav texture combo <3
    black bean salad with corn!! so good! i had something similar to that today YUMS!
    and a big iced coffee? = always a welcomed treat in my life <3

    such great eats!! it all looks crazy incredible. and the horses/ponies.. omg! you totally made my day with this post! xo

  8. It would be so much fun to have a farm to visit every week, especially with cute baby horses like that :) Glad you had a great weekend outdoors with the family and your garden!

  9. Love the pics of the horses. And the lilacs are gorgeous! My parents have lilacs in their yard; they always remind me of home... :)

  10. Glad you had a great weekend too - so many wonderful summer eats! Your garden looks gorgeous,wow.

  11. awwwwwwwwwwwww loving the little baby horses!!!!!!!!

    Love the yummy eats and the clean eating mag recipe you made!!!

    Hope you have a great day! xoxo

  12. At least your taking advantage of the nicer weather! I always love the pics from the farm, looks like such a fun place to hang out for the day! It's good that the kids really enjoy it as well.

  13. Your post made me happy today! I love the pictures, bright and cheery. DS looks great sitting up high, he looks content. The horses are so cute! I also love the box of Dorset cereal. ;)
    Glad to hear the gardening was happening. It's a great feeling.
    HOpe you had a great long weekend Krist and a good short week!

  14. Ohhh! How cute are the baby horses!

    My dad used to build and fly RC planes!!

  15. It looks like it's been a great couple of days! I love the smell of lilac too! I'm so sad that their season is almost over.


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