Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trillium Cup Champions!!!

Holy smokes! What a weekend!! DS had 2 ball hockey games yesterday and 2 today, but the won the championship so it was 100% worth it! The semi final game went into double O/T and then into a shoot out…..heart stopping, I tell ya! Here’s the boy with his coach after receiving the medal. You can see the cup in the background, too:IMG_1871

Back tracking to yesterday, I made a trip to the market Saturday morning so had a fast breakfast: IMG_1848

A toasted Ezekiel muffin with almond butter on one half, chocolate coconut spread on the other. At the market I bought strawberries, cherries and asparagus. IMG_1849

Vegan cookies: IMG_1850

And pineapple coconut granola! IMG_1851

We had a few hours between the games so we came back home. I made myself a smoothie for lunch with kefir, peaches and blueberries.


Then I enjoyed on of the vegan cookies called “Mountain Man”. IMG_1854

This was full of apricots, raisins, ginger,coconut…YUM!! The 2nd game was over the dinner hour so afterwards we stopped at Subway for a quick dinner. I decided on 6” sweet onion teriyaki on WW with lots of veggies:

IMAG0023 (1)

Sorry about the pic….it was taken with my cell. Dessert was a little coconut treat I picked up for myself:IMG_1855 IMG_1856

I was a little disappointed with this! Considering it’s pretty much just coconut, it sure didn’t taste very coconutty. :(

My meals today were on the scattered side with both of the games over “meal” times. While I was in the shower DS decided to make me a bowl of Wildroots cereal for breakfast: IMG_1857

I only ended up getting through half of it before it was too soggy for me. :)

Game #1 was intense to say the least. Seeing as it went into OT & a shoot out, we had only a half hour to grab lunch and get to game #2 about 20 minutes away. I suggested we head to Sobey’s to get some pre made food rather than hitting a drive thru. We each chose a yogurt parfait (mine was raspberry) IMG_1860

And fruit. I had an unpictured piece of watermelon, but didn’t end up being hungry enough for my fruit cup so you’ll be seeing that tomorrow. HA! We won the championship game 3-2 with DS scoring the third goal! It was CRAZY!!!! I got a shot of the boys hoisting the Stanley Trillium Cup:IMG_1878

That’s DS there giving me the stink eye. LOL! They all got those hats and medals, too. IMG_1872

Before leaving the town we were in a bunch of us stopped by McDonald’s for sundae’s. The boys certainly deserved a cold treat after playing 5 sweltering games in 2 1/2 days! I had strawberry!


We weren’t particularly hungry for dinner so BIG salad’s is what we ended up going with. My consisted of mixed greens, tomato, red pepper, 2 Yves veggie dogs cheese and ginger wasabi dressing;IMG_1881

Dessert was a caramel cherry vegan cookie from the market. IMG_1882

I’m pretty beat out, but HAD to get my veggies planted before they died in their tiny pots! DS helped me get them in the ground and then my Dad popped by and helped me build a few “trenches” because my garden is on a slope so when I water it just runs down to the bottom. This helped the water pool around the plants so they could have a much needed drink. I’ll get some pictures of everything tomorrow for you.

It’s time for me to get things ready for the morning and then put my feet up and RELAX. It’s been a fabulous weekend, but I’m done for. For those of you with a long weekend, I hope you’re enjoying every minute of it. And if you have to work tomorrow like me, here’s to hoping the day goes quick! lol!!!

Bye for now!


  1. Wow sounds like you had a packed weekend!Congratulations to DS for the championship and scoring the winning goal!!! :D Woohoo!!!

  2. awwwwww congrats to DS! That is so exciting. Such a good Mom for going to all those games. Um those cookies look amazing. Bummer that the coconut ice cream wasn't too tasty. A parfait? I'm in ;) Enjoy relaxing!!

  3. Those cookies look absolutely fabulous as does that granola. Way to go DS!!


  4. Glad you had a great weekend! Congrats to DS!!! :)

  5. Wow, congrats to DS! Sounds like such a fun weekend - I love all of your summer eats.

  6. congrats to DS! what a great accomplishment!!!

    sorry about the coconut ice cream...i hate when new things are a disappointment!

    relax it up lady! you deserve it!

  7. Congrats to DS and his team on the big win :) Sounds like a busy weekend for you.

  8. Congrats to DS!

    I'm loving your vegan bakery eats. I wish I could just taken them through the computer from your pictures.

  9. vegan cookies called “Mountain Man” = yummy looking!

  10. Way to go DS!! Congrats. How disappointing about the icecream. :( Guess you'll have to find another kind to replace that one! ;)

  11. That vegan cookie looks so good--I love cookies that are filled with all kinds of goodies! And congrats to DS--he is quite the little athlete!

  12. Congrats on the cup! It must have been exciting!!

    The cookies - especially the one you ate, look amazing! I wish I enjoyed baking, creations like that would make it worth it. Maybe in the next year I'll perfect my baking skills...and maybe not.
    Have a great Monday Krista, I'm with ya on the work!

  13. yea some cereals get so darn soggy so fast! it looked amazing tho and prolly worth the first bites b4 it go soggy!

    VEGAN COOKIES! those truly look amazing, each one has its own lovely design :)

    and huge congratulations on the cup! they look so darn excited!! :D

  14. Aaahhh congrats to DS!!! Way to go! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend- good food, good fun, but busy nonetheless.

    I want one of those vegan cookies- they look outrageously tasty!!

  15. Those vegan cookies look fabuloussssssss! YUM


  16. Congrats to DS! I am sooo jealous of your cookie eats, yuummmmy!

  17. A huge congrats to DS, that's so exciting! Sorry to hear about the coconut "ice cream", but your vegan cookies look amazing!


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