Monday, May 3, 2010

Flu Take 2

Happy Monday! So I disappeared again yesterday! I did have full intentions of blogging last night but then the inevitable happened and by 8pm it was DS’s turn to ride the porcelain school bus. *sigh* It hit him fast, too. He was perfectly fine until 7pm and then BAM, he was sick. So needless to say, I was otherwise occupied. The one good thing to come out of it all is that both kids have it out of the way now so we should be clear from any illnesses for a while.

For breakfast yesterday I made a bowl of Dark Chocolate Cherry Mocha Oats. IMG_1430
This time I just mixed all the cherries right into the pot. Call me impatient! LOL!

DS had a ball hockey game at 10am at the rink just down the road from our house. Seeing as there’s no need for DD and I to be there half an hour early, we opted to walk down. I love being able to do that! The boys played great and tied 5-5. Here’s a shot of their warm up. DS is #21 and you can also see my hubby, too: IMG_1431
In this next shot DS is behind the ref. IMG_1432
Right after the game DD and I went to Walmart as I needed some new curtains for my rec room windows. I picked up a few other items and my wallet was none too happy about it! Eeek! For lunch I toasted a flatout wrap in a pan after stuffing it with sunflower seed butter, a LC cheese wedge, chicken breast, grilled zucchini and ginger wasabi sauce; IMG_1435
I also enjoyed a small bowl of fresh, juicy pineapple! IMG_1433
After lunch I hit the backyard to weed, weed, weed. Ontario has a pesticide ban (which I happen to agree with) which means that there are more than your fair share of dandelions out there. I half debated picking, washing and eating the greens like Mom did when I was a wee thang, but I hated them then and didn’t want to chance all that work only to still not like them. Hehe! After an hour and a half on my hands and knees picking weeds and trip after trip down and up my sloping backyard, I was a hot, sweaty mess. Homemade iced coffee to the rescue along with a granola bar. (Erica’s recipe)

IMG_1437 IMG_1436
I relaxed for about an hour before getting dinner ready which happened to be chicken again. Ooops! The BBQ ran out of propane almost right away so I finished the meat in my Rachael Ray grill pan (LOVE!) and served it with brown rice and steamed broccoli. IMG_1438 My rice had a scoop of peach and Vidalia onion salsa on top. Mmmm…I ate 3 chocolate chip cookies at Mom’s but they were camera shy. We already know how the rest of my evening went but I did manage to watch The Amazing Race through all the drama….and eat another granola bar!

After a less than stellar sleep, I dragged my bootie out of bed for work. My hubby decided to stay home with the sicko today, so he got night duty. I really wasn’t feeling like a hot breakfast so I broke out of my mould and ate a big bowl of Wildroots cereal instead: IMG_1439 IMG_1440
Doesn’t that strawberry look great? I love freeze dried fruit! As usual when I have cereal, this was paired up with USAB.

Work chirped by at a nice pace today. I knew the gym was not an option as it’s yoga Monday so I brought….you guessed it….a granola bar for a morning snack (as opposed to something more calorie dense to power me through a work out). LOL! IMG_1441
I also drank more coffee than usual this morning but switched it up to water for the rest of the day. Upon arriving home at lunch I heated up what I packed last night…beer butt chicken, brown rice and broccoli. There’s also a squeeze of mango wasabi sauce for dippage;

The afternoon saw the rest of my pineapple chunks disappear!IMG_1443

When I got home from work I changed, popped back a handful of cocoa roast almonds…


And went back out to do more weeding. They keep calling for rain so I wanted to get more done beforehand. After an hour and a bit I came in to clean up and take DD to dance class. Dinner was next and came in the form of a HUGE salad! IMG_1445

This was 1 head of romaine, chopped tomato, cukes, grated marble cheese, falafels, walnut pieces and honey mustard dressing. T’was wonderful, but gave me a big food baby! And just because that wasn’t quite enough fibre (enter sarcasm) I ate a chocolate chip All Bran bar:


So, that’s my story for now. I’m looking forward to a great, solid sleep tonight!!! I’ll sign off with a photo of a squirrel teasing my baby cat.


Bye for now!!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about DS! I hope neither you nor your husband catch it.

  2. oh my goodness! You poor mama! Two babies with the flu in 1 week. You must be exhausted! I want one of those starbucks iced coffee mugs- they are so darn cute! I am going to pick one up next time I'm there. Glad you're still loving the bars <3. We have a fresh batch in the fridge right now (did I tell you Josh loves them cold??). The pineapple chunks look awesome and I also had a huge salad for dinner- perfect for spring!

  3. porcelain bus.. okay not meaning to laugh but its just that ive never heard that one before and it made me chuckle.

    better out than in... can i say that? lol

    aww no seriously tho; its never fun to be sick like that! im so sorry DS isnt feeling good at all. wishing lots of health and good healing over to ur neck of the woods.

    btw im in love with the last pic <3

  4. poor Kids being sick : ( I hope nobody else gets sick!!!!! no fun : (

    love ya girl! Hope you get sleep tonight! xoxo

  5. sorry about DS, but i hope the kiddies don't get sick anytime soon again!

    and you ate the dandelions? crazy! how did you do that?!

  6. that seriously a whole head of romaine? I can't imagine consuming a whole head of lettuce in one sitting. They are huge! Guess I'm not a huge ass salad kinda girl.

  7. HA at the squirrel and your cat! And hope everyone stays well now. Glad that you're all getting to enjoy this finally warm weather. Isn't it great?!

  8. Oh, poor DS! You're right though, at least now they've both had it and should be sickness free! :) Your salad looks delicious -- my hubby and I were talking about making falafel for dinner Saturday...I'm seriously craving it! :)

  9. I've also thought about eating the dandilions, but can't do it. Ryan would think I was nuts, eating weeds? Even some 'weedy' looking salad greens are hard to get by him! maybe I should cut the dandilion leafs and sell them? LOL!

  10. Sorry about DS! Your oatmeal looks amazing, I have never seen that combo before, looks to die for!

  11. Those oats look fantastic! And your wrap sounds really interesting too- I would never think to add sunflower seed butter to that!

  12. so sorry your kids are sick :( that's tough stuff -- to handle and watch. i hope they get better. i want some all bran bars! yum. and your wrap sounds great!


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