Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Pots and a Sleepover

Well, hello! Is the sun shining where you are? Cuz it’s not here. Bummer. Meh, it’s be a good 2 days regardless. DD had her b-day sleepover last night so I didn’t get a chance to post so here’s yesterday’s shenanigans… IMG_1571

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • cinnamon
  • chocolate honey
  • pecan and hazelnut pieces


And yes, I took these photos on the carpet by my sliding glass door. It was the best lighting I could get on a cloudy day. HA!

Work yesterday was basically a payroll clean up day which is pretty typical the Friday after we run the pays. Plus, it’s payday so there are usually more phone calls to take. I knew I was skipping the gym today to go down to see a talent show at the kids school so I packed a bit lighter of a snack….a granola bar (from Erica’s recipe). IMG_1574

This batch had different fruit & nut additions to it which I will disclose in a few days. Needless to say, they’re still great! DD and 2 of her friends prepared a dance routine for the talent show which was fun to watch. Unfortunately, the lightening was NOT good for photo taking! :( I did manage to snap one of DS when he spotted me;


When I got back to work the sun had come out forcing me to attached my “visor” to the side of my glasses….AKA a post it note. One of the girls thought it looked hilarious and grabbed my camera to capture the moment: IMG_1573

It’s silly, but it works. As much as I LOVE the sun, it’s hard to work in when it’s shining directly on your face. I hear through the grapevine that we should be getting some sort of window treatments soon. Thank goodness!

Lunch was a SOL veggie burger on a burger thin with hummus, a LC cheese wedge and lettuce; IMG_1578

Lunch dessert was the last of my sea salt Lindt chocolate bar. IMG_1579

I came home to a much anticipated delivery after work. I had such a good experience with CSN Stores that I decided to order a new set of Rachael Ray chocolate brown porcelain pots and pans! The set I have are the ones I received at my bridal shower 12+ years ago and trust me when I say that they have been used and abused! The lids don’t even fit tightly anymore. LOL! It was time. So I present, my new, beautiful set! IMG_1596 IMG_1595 IMG_1597

Although I loved all the bright colours that the line offers, I decided that the chocolate brown would be classiest long after the bright hues would be. You like? I sure do!

As the title of this post would surmise, DD had a few friends over for a sleepover last night. Her b-day is on Thursday, but trying to do something over the Victoria Day long weekend is tough because a lot of people go away. Because DD’s guests were arriving by 7pm and I had to get the groceries done beforehand, we decided to grab some Chinese to go from our favourite little restaurant. I enjoyed some shrimp lo Mein: IMG_1580

Chicken & veg: IMG_1581

And steamed shrimp & broccoli. IMG_1582

Around 8pm we all dug into DD’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cake from Baskin Robins! IMG_1583

Holy moly, this was GOOD! there were SO MANY balls of dough in there. A cake after my own heart, this was. Here’s my piece… IMG_1584

MUAH! Then there was some present opening fun… IMG_1590 IMG_1585 IMG_1587

Don’t mind her raccoon eyes. She still had crap on from the talent show. HA! The girls entertained themselves for a few hours with things like dress up, blind makeovers, a photo shoot and a scavenger hunt. Oh, my…the energy!!! My hubby and I crashed by 11:30 and I hear they fell asleep by 1am. I set my alarm for 7 to be sure I was up to get the pancakes that were requested ready. By the time I brushed my teeth they were waiting for me!! LOL I made a huge batch of chocolate chip pancakes using a Quaker Oatmeal whole Grain mix that received rave reviews. I, on the other hand, stuck to a bowl of cereal because I may or may not have eaten 2 granola bars before going to bed last night. ;)


This is my favourite cereal, Wildroots, which I buy at Costco with USVAB. Yum.

We had the house back to ourselves by 10am and aside from showering, I just sat back and enjoyed the (relative) silence. Closer to noon my bestie (who lives 3hrs away) popped over for a quick visit and to drop a gift off for DD. She’s only in town for the day so couldn’t stay too long. Anyways, DD was thrilled to get a pair of Lululemon shorts! IMG_1610

I have this pair only mine are grey with a coral stripe. They’re uber comfy and great for running in!

Lunch was a big salad of mixed greens and steamed shrimp and broc from last night’s dinner. I also sprinkled some white balsamic vinegar over it. IMG_1601

2pm saw us at the rink for DS’s ball hockey game. He rocked it out today scoring 5 goals and one assist! YOWZA! He was pretty pumped, as you might imagine! A photo with post hockey game fuel…a cookies & cream chocolate bar: IMG_1604

And nobody, not even one of my kids, will eat chocolate without me so I split a Bounty bar with DD: IMG_1605

The great thing about this bar is that it comes in 2 pieces so the split is “fair”. ;)

When we came home I made this Whole Grain bread recipe. The results were out of this world delicious! IMG_1603

I ate a piece plain Jane because I wanted to get a true taste before I topped it. Dense, full flavoured with a great texture. IMG_1608

This loaf is just begging for some toppings like nut butter, honey, Swiss cheese, hummus, jam, deli meat…the list goes on! So glad I tried this one.

Dinner tonight was burgers for the fam and good ole hotdogs for me. Well, relatively speaking! These were Yves veggie dogs on PC hotdog thins! IMG_1609 IMG_1606

I guess by good ole I mean the toppings. Straight up ketchup, mustard & relish!IMG_1612 IMG_1611

Dessert? You guessed it! IMG_1613

Bye for now!!


  1. The party sounds like fun :) I used to LOVE sleepovers when I was a kid. Staying up super late was the best. Glad everyone had fun. The cake? droooooool. And 5 goals? Congrats to your little man. ah! So glad you tried the bread!! We are loving it...I want to adjust it just a bit...I'm thinking of maybe sweetening it up just a bit more or adding some sunflower seeds. Hope the rest of your weekend is fantastic

  2. HAHA oh my gosh, the "visor". That's brilliant!
    And I can't believe how incredible that ice cream cake looks. I never buy ice cream cakes but I seriously think this needs to change now!

  3. I love your new pots and pants! Beautiful!

    Happy Birthday to DD! The ice cream cake looks and sounds delicious! And I love the Lulu short! ;)

    Enjoy the rest of our weekend!

  4. I love SO many things about this post. First of all, chocolate honey?! Sounds good! I got a good laugh about your "visor"- very creative! The cookie dough cake looks to die for. And I am obsessed with Bounty bars!! I usually only get them when my friend brings them back from England though!

  5. Ohh sounds like the summer busyness has definitely started in your neck of the woods! SO glad you got the Rachael Ray pans--I have the whole set in blue and they are truly amazing--love em'!

  6. Happy Birthday to DD! I used to love sleepovers so much as a kid. Your new pots and pans are gorgeous, Krista! I can't wait to see what you whip up in them!

  7. awww I miss my birthday party sleepovers! Happy birthday to DD!

  8. Wow DD's scake looked amazing!!!!!!!!!!! My son had a cookie dough one from coldstone for his that was yummy too!! I am so glad she had a wonderful birthday! She is so pretty like her mommy!!!!!

    Have a great night girl! xoxo

  9. I take lots of my photos on the floor - I find the lighting is always better there :)

    Love the new pots. It's always fun to get new kitchen equipment. And you gotta have a great set of pots. Total kitchen must.

    I just had a Baskin Robbins cake for the first time this weekend. I must say, I was highly disappointed. They DO NOT compare to the deliciousness that is a DQ cake. Mmmm, DQ cake....drool.

  10. ha, I love the visor you used! very creative!

  11. Your daughter looks so happy! And gorgeous! :D Happy birthday to her!! that cake looks to dieee for. I would LOVE the cookie dough goodness :) Sounds like you had a busy few days!!

  12. Happy Birthday Sarah! The cake is so cute!

    The pots look awesome. New kitchenware is so great. It makes me feel good.

    I love those veggie dogs.
    The pic with the post it is too funny.

    SOunds like a funy busy time for you all, hope the week goes well, Happy Monday!

  13. oh my! that cake looks indulgent but delicious :)

  14. haha racoon eyes! i remember doing school plays and having that stuff caked on for days.. it was a pain to take off!

    omg and im totally loving the paper visors! made me laugh out loud!! oh and i just posted on a blog about how much i love bounty bars! holy crap they are AMAZING!!!!

  15. Hope your Monday is going well!!!! Yes trashy reads are a must!! especially on a rainy day like today!!! xo

  16. ok, you could seriously invent a real product like a post it note visor for the car too! everytime im driving with the sun on my side i wish my car sun visor thingy reached that far lol.

    Happy bday to DD! The cake looks soooooo good wowza!


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