Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All My Squash In A Row

It was SO windy here last night! When we left this morning there were branches and leaves ALL over the place. To be honest, I love crawling into bed on nights like that. The wind howling outside the window makes the bed that much more cozy and warm. 100_6419

*2/3 cup water
*1/3 cup Quaker oats
*1/2 cup thawed mixed berries
*scoop of almond butter
*cinnamon honey (the end of the jar *sniff sniff*) 100_6418

This was a great breakfast. All those berries really helped to bulk it up and the almond butter always makes the oats extra creamy. Yum….

I was kept pretty occupied at work all morning and didn’t break into my fruit until 11:15. I had some grapes and pineapple from the staff kitchen; 100_6421

And some dark purple grapes from home that were badly in need of being consumed; 100_6422

I’ve really been trying to snack on fruit before the gym because I feel like I’ve been consuming too many bars unnecessarily. The fruit seems to be holding me over just as well. I do still pack an emergency bar in case the munchies catch up with me later in the day. I also had an Earl Grey tea. Here’s my “saying” for the day.. 100_6423

Today was my elliptical/weight day at the gym and I was looking forward to getting warmed up because the office was chilly all day! I did 30 minutes on the machine and 15 of weights.

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 155
Max Hr: 180
Calories Torched: 379
Distance: 3.4 miles

Lunch was leftovers again, my friends. I packed the last of the chickpea/marinara/green bean mix with the last bit of ingera. Thanks to the reader who reminded me on what it was called! Check out the link for a full description! 100_6425

Remember that emergency bar I wrote about up above? Well, I broke into it at 4pm! I was getting pretty hungry and decided toe at ½ this Clif bar to tie me over until I could get some supper into me;


I actually had time to cook a decent dinner tonight! I sautéed some tri coloured peppers in this here oil 100_6426

I grilled up some chicken breasts and made some WW couscous as a side. 100_6428

My sweet end was 2 cookies (again); 100_6429

My hubby went down to the garden and picked my 4 butternut squash for me. The vine is starting to look sickly and I didn’t want to chance them rotting on me. Aren’t they cute?? 100_6427

Can’t wait to cook them up! Well, I’m multi tasking yet again…blogging, SYTYCD Canada and enjoying this coconut chai tea latte;


To make this I combined 1 cup of USVAB with a 1/2 cup of water and a coconut chai tea bag. I let it simmer on the stove top for a good 5 minutes and then it sat for another 5. So good and a well deserved treat for after a tough Pilate’s class!! Have a great night, all!

Bye for now!!


  1. Same crazy winds here as well!!

    Uh oh, better stock up on the honey!!

    Love the little tea "saying"; and yes, those squashes are quite cute!! :)

  2. love the crunchy cliff bar :) in Kingston the winds were insane too, there were major whitecaps on the lake all day yesterday

  3. please do share how you cook the squash! I just bough a butternut squash for the first time ever and am trying to decide what to do with it!

  4. man, i wish i had those butternut squashes! i can't wait to see you use them!

    and those oats look AMAZING!

  5. Amen to the tea bag blurb! Those squashies are adorable--make some butternut squash muffins!!

  6. i love your beautiful berry oats. they are soooo pretty!!!
    the pineapple looks amazing!
    i want to try that oil... yum!
    SQUASH! Delicious!
    coconut chai tea sounds great!

  7. I love your butternut squashes! So cute!

    Love your tea sayings... :)

  8. pretty bowl of oats! such a great way to begin the day! :)
    love all those four squash babes..... jealous maybe :)

  9. I have never seen that kind of olive oil--looks perfect for cooking!

    And those squash totally made me laugh! They are like people; all diff shapes/sizes--neat!

  10. How pretty do your morning oats look? Just gorgeous! Great fruit too- love fresh pineapple. Hope the wind dies down up your way!

  11. That olive oil sounds really good!! I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled for it.

    Windy, chilly nights are the best! Windy, chilly mornings? Not so much - stay warm :)

  12. whaaat that red pepper flavored olive oil seems so cool! Annie's really does come up with some great stuff :)

    mmm it's SUCH great weather for comfy sheets, tea and warm oatmeal :)

  13. I love the cute name of this post, and your squash is adorable! It's been cold/windy/rainy lately here too, which makes me appreciate warm holiday tea!

  14. snuggling up under the covers is the best! and i love your squashes!!! how cool :)

  15. i love the inspiration on the tea bag!! your berry bowl of oats look fantabulous! i love putting berries in them and watching the oats turn a beautiful shade of purple!!

    great workout!! on my blog, I asked for your fav music to workout to, I'd love to see yours!

  16. Krista-
    I just came across you blog and really love it. I can't wait to read more. Just added it to my blogroll!


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