Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scatter Brain

I must say that I’m not a fan of waking up when it’s still dark out. Just seems wrong to me! Soon the days of driving to work in the dark will be here! Thankfully by the time I’m out of the shower it’s lightening up some. I made sure to jump start my day today by using coffee as the liquid for my oats. 100_6314

-2/3 cup coffee
-1/3 cup Sunrise blend with quinoa
-cinnamon honey
-chopped walnuts 100_6313

This meal went down real nice!

Work pretty much dragged on and on today. Got a bunch of little jobs off my desk, though so at least the time I spent chained to my desk was productive. And slow days are always good for catching up on my blog reading/commenting! :D

Around 11am I broke into my b-nut squash muffin; 100_6315

The only one in my fam who did not appreciate the deliciousness of these muffins was DS. He wouldn’t even look at one! He did, however, eat his fair share of the mini chocolate chip ones! ;)

You know, I can really be a big dork sometimes! Take today for example. I specifically did a load of laundry last night because I was out of clean sports bras. Clearly this would indicate that on some level I knew I would need to re pack my gym bag for today. So off I trot to get my sweat on at noon only to come up short with the realization that I only packed underwear. Because the whole under garment look is totally appropriate for the gym. Go, Krista. In the words of Julie….GYM FAIL! Now, in my defence, this is the very first time I have pulled this stunt and I plan on it being my last. Humpf!

I came home quite irritated with myself but was ALL smiles when I looked in the mail box to find that 2 of the 3 books I ordered from Amazon had arrived!! I made myself a cuppa joe, considered putting some of the good stuff in it, thought the better of it, and settled down to man handle these…. 100_6317

Three Cups of Tea was recommended to me by Erin and I’m eager to get started on it…once I’m done the racy romance I’m reading now! :) ED&BV is one that I’ve borrowed from the library before and loved. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of fabulous recipes from this gem on blogs which prompted me to get my ass in gear and order it. The third book will remain a surprise, but I will say that it is of the recipe variety.

Ate a pretty tasty lunch today! I made a sandwich with an Arnold thin, LC wedge, sunflower seed butter, a SOL veggie patty and romaine lettuce; 100_6319

The sunflower seed butter worked really well in here. I also worked my way through this plate of fruit from the staff kitchen; 100_6318

And then I ate some more fruit in the form of grapes! 100_6327

The first thing I did when I got home from work was make some meatballs for tomorrow night’s dinner. We have to be on the road as soon as work is done to make it to another city for 5:10. DS has a 6pm game and the boys have to be there early for a warm up. I thought to pack meatball subs for the road. All I have left to do mix them with sauce. I’ll prepare the last touches just before we go. I had my hubby grill a pre marinated pork tenderloin for supper tonight. On the side I had some leftover cauliflower & sweet potato fries; 100_6328

Dessert was a caramel/vanilla Skinny Cow ice cream bar. 100_6329

L-O-V-E these babies! :)

I just arrived home from Pilates. Man, this class it a toughie and I’m pretty stoked about that. I can feel my core getting stronger already. I’m presently parked on the couch watching the last half of SYTYCD Canada with DD. Next up will The Biggest Loser. Lunches will be made during commercial breaks. :D

Before I sign off tonight I wanted to get it out there that in the next few months I have one wickedly busy schedule so blogging may get a little erratic. DS’s hockey schedule is all over the place…literally….and I may not have the time to blog on certain days. I hope you all stick around for the adventure, though!!

Bye for now!!


  1. Coffee IN the oats?? you are a genius my dear :) I've never seen those Skinny Cow bars... I'll have to look out for them! Have a great night!

  2. hahaha...I've totally done that before (with the gym clothes). Quinoa breakfast looks awesome and filling. Glad the squash muffins are a hit with almost everyone! I can't wait to make my squash bread later this week! I totally understand if your blog schedule gets out of wack- I have no idea how you keep up now!

  3. It's so easy to forget "essential gym stuff"... The Pilates class sounds awesome!

    Don't worry about blogging less, we'll read whenever you have time to blog! :)

  4. of course we'll still be here, whenever you blog! i can't wait to hear about more of ds' hockey adventures!

    and those muffins look awesome!!! makes me want to bake, especially since it was pouring rain here all day long!

  5. Yay for ED & BV! It's my all time favorite cookbook. You won't regret that purchase!

  6. OOH! I'm so glad you ordered three cups! I hope you're amazed. Certain parts dragged a little (my opinion of course) but overall I LOVED it and I know you will too, given our shared interests!

  7. oooh i love the books you've got! i NEED that cookbook! i also have 3 cups of tea but HAVE to start it soon!

  8. I MUST try coffee oats. As a coffee fiend I think that is a great combination!

    Oh no to your gym fail! Haha, oops!! Glad you're feeling the effects of pilates :)

  9. B-nut squash muffin? I didn't know there was such a thing! Looks like something I could easily eat 12 of. Ooops.

  10. Cant wait to see some of the delish recipes you make out of ED&BV!! And I've never thought of adding my A.M. coffee to oats! That'll wake ya up fast... sheer genious, let me tell ya :) haha

  11. Brilliant idea adding coffee to oats! I love it when I come home to packages...your books look like some great reads! I love your blog, Krista, and I'll read whenever you have time to write! ;)

  12. You already know I can relate with the busyness - take time off from blogging, my dear Krista!! Take care of you :)

  13. I want to request that book from the library! Does it have a lot of complicated ingredients and such, or is it pretty basic?! Have a wonderful Thursday! Tmrw is Friday--whoohoo!

  14. ED&BV is always a good purchase - it's definitely one of those books you'll get alot of use out of.

    Sucks about packing your gym clothes though. I've done that for skating, where I forgot to pack the right tights, and have to wear my socks in my skates, which is just not cool.


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