Friday, September 18, 2009


This is what I kept telling myself all day at work. You see, things were s-l-o-w and I was sitting at my desk agitated thinking about all the things I could/would be doing if I wasn’t sitting there “wasting” time. I had to keep giving myself a shake and reminding myself that sitting there, doing nothing, was EXACTLY what my body needed to kick this cold to the curb once and for all. Had I been home, sitting still would not have been on the agenda. Laundry, vacuuming, kitchen floors, bathrooms, groceries were all the things I would have been doing. Productive? Yes. Conducive to getting well? No. *Sigh*

Here’s my eats! 100_6264

-1 cup water
-1/3 cup oat bran
-crunchy almond butter 100_6263

I just love the way almond butter melts into the oats. Divine!

My snack for the morning was a lovely Ginger Gold apple…with a big honking bite out of it! :) 100_6265

I could hardly wait to go home for lunch because I had a yummy soup “recipe” that had been brewing in my mind that I wanted to try. There was some leftover grilled tomatoes and steamed cauliflower in the fridge which I combined with a wedge of LC cheese and some chicken stock and pureed it in the Magic Bullet. Then I stirred in the last of the TJ’s harvest grain blend and heated it all up in the microwave. I paired it with a toasted WW bagel and a smidge of butter; 100_6266

This was SO filling. I probably shouldn’t have finished it because it sat kinda heavy all afternoon. It was just that tasty. For an afternoon snack I munched on a Dark Chocolate Cherry Kashi bar;


The evening was a complete whirlwind. I finished work at 4pm and we had to leave the house at 4:45 in order to make DS’s 5:15-6:35pm practice. And right after that we had to haul ass downtown for 7:30 to get to the Storm hockey game as DS’s Tyke team was playing the intermission. PHEW! Needless to say, I packed a wrap to go. On a flatout wrap I put some sunflower seed butter, a grated carrot, lettuce and dried cherries; 100_6268

As a bit of a “snack”, I ate the centre of the carrot with some of the sunflower seed butter. 100_6269

I discovered tonight at practice that one of the other mom’s is into healthy eating and even makes her own almond milk. The time sure flew as we were chatting! The Storm game was good. Our team lost 4-3 in a shoot out. :( DS had a fun time playing at the intermission and the boys all looked really sharp in their new jersey’s. It’s pushing 11pm and as I type this out I’m eating an apple with some almond butter: 100_6251

Bedtime will be very soon. DD has her first cross country meet at 11am tomorrow and I’m looking forward to that for sure. I hope you all had a great Friday!

Bye for now!!


  1. Have fun at the cross country meet tomorrow, and don't forget to take it easy! :)

    Have a great weekend, Krista!

  2. And sitting there makes you $$$ :) Hope you get some relaxing in this weekend to finally get rid of this wretched cold of yours!

  3. Feel better soon Krista! Don't let the cold catch you!
    I'm jealous of your oat bran breakkie, I need to "teach" my belly to digest it again, it's sooooo good!
    have a nice weekend! :)

  4. Get some rest this weekend so you can get better :)

  5. I love making "kitchen sink" soups--just throwing random stuff in to get a either really good/or not so good result :-P I really need to get a Magic Bullet though!!! Christmas isn't too far :-)

    Feel better!

  6. That soup sounds like it hit the spot - yum!! How great is that you met someone else so into healthy eating?! Glad DS had a great night of hockey and hope DD's meet goes well today!

  7. Glad you spent time healing and resting :) so important!

    Hope you had fun at DD's meet today & that soup recipe is geniussss

  8. good luck to DD on her meet!!! i can't wait to hear about it! reminds me of HS and being team captain!!! i miss it!

  9. Ahhh way to go on quieting that voice that tells you to do more, to use each minute in a productive way - I'm proud of you Krista!

  10. You totally need to get the rest in where you can to get rid of the cold. I've been telling myself that all week as well when I've wanted to go to the gym. Plus I figure all the other patrons would appreciate me keeping my germs at home.


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