Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yep! That’s My Core!!

Hi, lovelies! How has your Tuesday been treating you? Hump day already tomorrow…WOW! Where ever does the time go?

I pulled some banana bread crock pot oats out of the freezer before bed last night for a quick breakfast this morning; 100_6226

I added some USAB to bring it back to life along with raisins and some Dorset cereal. Oh la la! 100_6225

Check out Sarah’s wonderful blog for the recipe. Like the new fall bowl??? 100_6227

One of the girl’s in the office is getting married this weekend so we had a small gathering for her at break time. One of the ladies make a super moist zucchini cake and a Skor dip + apples. There was another gathering for some else last week with chocolate & carrot cake and I passed that time. Not today! And the splurge was well worth it! 100_6231

Here’s a close up of the dip; 100_6232

I hit the elliptical at the gym today. My cold is still raging and I knew I didn’t have it in me for a run. Soon, I hope!

  • Time: 40 minutes
  • Avg Hr: 158
  • Max Hr: 173
  • Calories Burned: 392
  • Distance: 4.3 miles

I brought a lazy lunch to work again today. I feel like I’m in a lunch rut lately. I’m over the salads of the summer, but not feeling the soups of winter yet. I ended up with a container of 0% Fage and a 1/2 cup of TJ’s blueberry muesli; 100_6234

I knew this would be tasty and filling and it did not disappoint. I also chowed down on some cocoa almonds! 100_6235

Once the clock hit 4pm, I was out the door. DS was on the ice from 5-5:50 with team track suit fittings afterwards. I couldn’t stay for the whole thing but I did take on responsibility for one of the major fund raisers for the team so I had to gather some info for that.

Thankfully they were at the rink around the corner from our place so I was home by 5:15 to make myself supper. On the menu was a grilled wrap filled with pepper jack cheese, grilled tomatoes and zucchini and some honey mustard. A Ginger Gold apple adorned the side of the plate. 100_6236

Mucho tasty! And the reason I had to rush around like this? I started up Pilate’s classes again tonight after a summer hiatus! The class I’m in from now until December is called Core Dynamics and boy oh boy, do they mean business!! We worked on 100’s for almost a half hour! I think I’ll be feeling that in the morning! Seriously, though…it was a good class.

I’m settled on the couch now watching SYTYCD Canada. I miss a half hour watching it this early, but The Biggest Loser is on at 9 and I can’t miss that! The next few Tuesday’s for me will be just like tonight…Pilates –> couch potato! :D

Bye for now!!


  1. mmm the people in your office make good stuff for celebrations! We just have yucky super sweet/sugary cakes! I'm totally jealous. Hooray for the pilates :)

  2. Love the Fall bowl!

    Wow...that dip looks amazing!

  3. you are such a busy mom on the go! I am always so impressed with how much stuff you fit into the day plus eating well and doing stuff for you!

  4. The dip looks delicious! :)

    I really should take a Pilates class (I keep saying this, but I don't do anything about it...). You are awesome!

  5. Moist zucchini cake!? I wish the office treats this summer were like the ones you've got! I can't watch BL on tv because I've got a meeting and no cable...I hope it's available online!!!

  6. that zucchini chocolate cake looks amazing!!! I wouldn't pass that one either!
    pilate class can be so hard!!! glad you enjoyed it! :)

  7. I would love to work in an office and bake for everyone! That splurge does look WELL worth it :-)

  8. That dip!! Oh my goodness, what a sweet lady to bring in all of that - yum!

    I love the fall bowl :)

    You picked some yummy things to grill in that wrap! It sounds like a winning combo!

  9. OMG I'm so jealous because I;m getting all my blog reading in and realized that I missed the Biggest Loser premiere! I was at work so ugh.

  10. Jillian was mighty harsh last night. Those people have so many true psychological traumas; she should really be less cruel. Gets stale! I think they should add a new trainer or something, just to keep it interesting.

  11. oo i love that bowl!
    mmm i bet those cocoa almonds are good, ive been wanting to try em.
    at least youre staying active with your cold!
    i'm trying.

  12. Love your pretty fall bowl! Do you think there's any chance the lady in your office would share the Skor dip recipe? It looks fantastic!

  13. My mom makes that apple dip all the time for staff events at work! Well half the time I make it for her just so I can have a taste or two during the process... SO so good.

  14. That skor dip looks intense. I would be all over that if someone brought it to a party.

    Good on ya for signing up for another pilates set, even if it means a busy evening.


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