Saturday, September 19, 2009

Go, Girl, GO!!!

It certainly has been a beautiful fall in these parts so far. We haven’t had any rain yet in September and the temperature has been magnificent. I’m sure glad the weather was gorgeous for DD’s cross country meet today. More on the in a second. Let’s get to breakie first! 100_6271

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup kamut flakes
  • cinnamon
  • blueberries
  • macadamia nut butter



At 11am we picked up KC and made our way to the meet. DD was a little nervous, but I think it was more from the girls freaking each other out than the actual race itself. Here she is (on the right) at the start line; 100_6273

And I took this one about half way through; 100_6275

Look! She’s airborne! Her grade (five) had to run 2 km and I ran part of it with her so I could pass her a water bottle. She gets hot pretty quick and I knew it was help her out. I also wanted to keep her motivated as she went. I asked her after the race if my running along helped or not and she said she appreciated it. I snapped the next picture without her knowing about it. This was soon after she crossed the finish line; 100_6279

HA! LOL!!! At one point while I was running with her she wanted to stop and I told her that she would feel so proud when she finished and that nothing worth having was easy. Shortly after I took this picture she told me she was so glad that she kept going and crossed the line. Awwww…

Then she wanted to eat! So lunch it was…mind you, it was 1pm at this point! In a bowl I mixed about a cup of NF Oikos, a scoop of pumpkin butter and about a 1/2 cup of Nature’s Path vanilla almond granola; 100_6281 100_6282

Love, love, LOVED this!!!I swear, there’s yogurt hiding under there! :D

I took care of the groceries as soon as I was done eating, then DD and I stole KC again and drove over to a nearby trail for an hour long walk. It was awesome. The puppers had fun, too! 100_6285 100_6278

We got home pert near 4pm and I was pooped out! I crashed on the deck with a magazine and stayed put for an hour while sipping on a half caramel cappuccino, half coffee from 7-11… 100_6289


While I was zoning out, my hubby got some dinner grub on the BBQ. Beer butt chicken (yes, we`re addicted!), tri coloured potatoes (which I tossed with avocado oil, S&P)…..100_6288

…..and a quartered buttercup squashed that was spritzed with my olive oil mister. This all stayed on the grill for 1 hour. Dinner was served! 100_6290

Oh, la la!! Dessert was a caramel Skinny Cow bar that I bought today. These ones have no Splenda and tasted JUST like butterscotch pudding! 100_6291

I tried a new (to me) product that I`ve been working through for the past week or so. Blue Diamond Wasabi Soy almonds; 100_6284

Good Lord, these are fabulous!!! I finished the can off at some point today. They made a great little filler for me while they lasted. It`d be safe to say that I ate small handfuls at a time and that was just enough.

My hubby is heading out for hockey in a bit and I plan on spending some time in front of the TV. Tomorrow morning we are attending a bottle fund raiser for the hockey team. That should prove interesting! My Dad brought over a big load of wine bottles and we hit up some of the neighbours, too. Now we have a nice little stash to bring along! I will be sure to report back tomorrow on how it went!

Bye for now!!


  1. oh yum! those almonds sounds like theyd be good! oooh. in savory oats, maybe?

    and you cooked that squash to perfection!

    glad you and your girly had a good run :) sure looks like fun!

  2. Congrats to DD on her race :)

    Love those tri coloured potatoes. It always make the meal more fun when you have something like that. And when the main dish is called Beer Butt Chicken ;)

  3. Hooray for DD!! You must have been a proud Mama. What a great cheerleader you are, Krista! I've been wanting to try pumpkin butter for quite some time now...I always end up putting the jar back though. I should just suck it up and buy it :)

  4. Great race pics of DD!! It must make you so proud to see your kids being active and loving it! Glad you are having such a good September so far!

  5. Nice race pics, congrats to DD! Your kids are really active, that's wonderful! :)

    grilled squash? sounds really good! I think I'll try that instead of steaming mine! :)

    dessert look delicious too! Can't believe it's only 100kcal! Need to try it out! :)

  6. Your kids are so athletic--it's great and fun keeping up with all of their events--I can imagine how much fun it must be for you!!

    Our weather has been absolutely stunning as well--high eighties two weeks in a row! How far are you from MN because it always seems like we have similar weather!

  7. CONGRATS TO DD!! You must be so proud! I'll gladly take these cold mornings if it means gorgeous fall afternoons :)

    No Splenda? Niiiiiice!! That sounds like a great find! Hope you had a lovely evening and raise lots of money today!

  8. holy cow DD did great! tell her I think she kicked butt!

  9. I'm glad the run went well for DD!

    Love the dinner; tricolored potatoes are so pretty. And the squash and the chicken look great too.

    Have fun at the fundraiser! :)

  10. Congrats to DD! You are such a sweet mom to run part of the race with her! :)

    I love the colors of those gorgeous potatoes!

  11. Did you get the pumpkin butter in Canada??? If so, where?? I am DYING to try some!

  12. What a great bfast- love the macadamia nut butter!! I bet that is just incredible! Glad DD finished the race! A big congrats to her. And a delicious dinner filled with awesome fresh produce! Sounds like you had a nice weekend

  13. Anon: I bought the pumpkin butter in the US...


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