Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bathroom Before & After and Garden Tour

It was a soggy, but good day today.We saw both sets of parents, made some muffins and took DS to soccer try outs so no complaints from the peanut gallery! I made a big bowl of hungry girl oatmeal for breakfast:IMG_2037

  • 1 cup water, 1 cup USAB
  • 1/2 cup Quaker oats
  • chocolate raspberry mocha latte powder
  • mocha hazelnut sprinkles


I had plenty of time to eat this today so none went to waste! We spent the morning at the farm visiting. I thought there might be a new foal, but not yet. Maybe by next Sunday. When we got back I took some pictures of the bathroom to show you. Here are some before & afters.IMG_1719 IMG_2040 IMG_1718 IMG_2045

And this is the other picture I bought which is just to the right of the doorway:IMG_2043

My hubby also installed the fan because there wasn’t one and that was part of the reason that the paint started to peel. I’m really happy with the end result!! What do you think??

Lunch was my go-to quick meal; toasted Ezekiel English muffin, egg beaters, salsa and skim mozzarella.IMG_2038

Soccer tryouts went well. We won’t know if DS made the team for a few weeks yet. Regardless, he’ll still play house league on Thursday nights, but if he does make it, it means 8 practices and one away tournament the weekend of Sept 23. Fingers crossed! I read some blogs when we got home and then decided to make some muffins from Veganomicon.IMG_2039

The only things I changed were almond breeze in place of soy milk and dark chocolate chips instead of apricots (DD doesn’t like dried fruit). These babies came out sweeet, but you’ll have to read on to see a picture!

Soon after we got dinner going. On the menu was chilli lime turkey sausages, grilled asparagus from the farmers market and quinoa with Parmesan Caesar dressing:IMG_2051 IMG_2050

Renee’s has come out with some great dressings!! I currently have 3 sitting in my fridge; sweet onion, Japanese ginger and now this one! GREAT product! Next up? Muffin time!! IMG_2049

GLORIOUS!!! (sung in an opera voice!!) :) My hubby inhaled one of these and didn’t even notice the quinoa! HA!!! He thought they were pretty amazing, too. *Side bar-----I ate 3 Vrootman cookies at my in laws this morning and 3 chocolate chip cookies at Mom’s place after dinner!! Sunday seems to be cookie day in my world! *blush*----*

So yes, my parents place. Mom and I went down to the garden to harvest some lettuce for the both of us…IMG_2055

My parents have a large property by city standards and are Italian so they’ve always had a big garden. I never appreciated the produce until we bought our first house and I started planting my own. Then I realized how lucky I was to have grown up with fresh veg and fruit my whole life! I took some pictures of their plants. This is the garden:IMG_2058

Their zucchini already have flowers!!


Massive bush of sage. They also have oregano, basil & parsley.


About half of the tomato plants…


Dad also has grape vines all over the place. They’re loaded with grapes this year!


And that’s the end of the little garden tour! LOL! We’re chilling back at home now and I almost don’t want to post this but I just ate 2 squares of this delight. IMG_2060

Yes, I am a chocolate fanatic, but I have graduated from candy bar chocolate to the good stuff. Whatever makes me feel better, right? HAHA!! Before you leave, please consider sponsoring us as we raise money for paediatric brain tumour research at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. You can also access the donation page by clicking on the link in the top right side of the blog. THANK YOU!!! Have a good night, everyone!

Bye for now!!


  1. That bathroom looks amazing! I love the color of the walls. Mine's in desperate need of remodeling..I might just have to steal some ideas ;) haha

  2. I love the bathroom Krista! The paint color is perfect. Could you please show my parents proper interior decorating, because they honestly don't get it and won't listen to their daughter in one of the nation's top architecture schools. *sigh*

  3. Oh, you should try the muffins with the apricots, even if DD doesn't like them - they are good! I want to make some again. Or bake anything really. LOL.

    I see alot of people buying the Renee's dressings, but have yet to try them out myself. But I say that about alot of things at work.

  4. The bathroom looks awesome! I really am digging the wall color. I need help decorating- want to come help me in SC ;) Glad you had a nice day- the muffins look like they turned out perfectly. I want to try doing some baking with quinoa. And I hope my garden looks that good some day!!! I need to work on my green thumb. Hope you have a good Monday

  5. love the before and after picture of the bathroom, it looks so chic now! :)
    yeah~ I miss lindts with sea salt now!

  6. I love the colour you chose for your bathroom! It's stunning!

  7. Your bathroom looks great. You and hub's did a fantastic job! It's a lot of work.
    The garden is awesome. I love the tomatoes, they always tug at my heart, so weird, but I just want to touch and smell every tomato plant in the world. LOL!

  8. Your bathroom is beautiful! Great job, hubby! I love the pictures, as well :)

    Your parents garden is wonderful...My boyfriend does wonders with planting+ gardens and such. His mom taught him well ;) I am looking forward to one day having a garden like that!

    Good luck to ds on the soccer tryouts!

  9. The bathroom looks gorgeous--I love the color, the lighting, and the decor--very well done!

  10. It sounds like a fabulous weekend to me. The bathroom is a work of art. You must be thrilled. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  11. You did a great job on the bathroom! It looks great!! The garden is growin like crazy! I'm so jealous!

  12. Your bathroom is awesome! I just love the blue and the painting is beautiful!! :) Renees is the best!! Love them!

  13. fabulous job on the bathroom! Looks incredible! That garden... WOW! I am so extremely jealous!


  14. we just finished renovating our upstairs bathroom and we painted the walls blue too! pretty similar color to urs as well. what a job it was tho :P messy messy


    it looks great!!

  15. also, i have yet to try the quinoa crunch bar. im going to pick one up hopefully pretty soon. i do want to try it out.. i mean it would be a shame not too!

  16. The bathroom looks great! I love that blue shade you chose.

    And thanks for the Renees dressing rec, I always stare at them in the store but have yet to try any!

    I also have to say, jealous of the grape vines! I'd love to have grapes ready for pickin right in my backyard that's for sure.

  17. Your bathroom is so pretty -- you guys did a great job remodeling! Your parents' garden is amazing -- I love how they have grapes!

  18. your bathroom looks amazing, as does your garden! omg i'm so jealous of both! one day when i have my own house...which is probably no time soon. lol. potted plants maybe?!?!

    and i need to try those quinoa muffins! i just bought some to try for the first time! (ok second, the first time was a disaster, pretty sure i did something wrong!)

  19. I love that you are a little choco-holic!!!! So cute!!

    I LOVE the bathroom!! Krista I love the paint you used for the wall, and that pic is so pretty!! Looks great!!!!!

    The garden is fab too! I cant wait to have a garden one day! Nothing better than fresh veggies straight from your own garden!!!!

    Oh forever 21 is bad for my wallet too!!! I swear they have good prices, but you get 10 things and it adds up for sure!

    Have a great day! xoxo

  20. Great job on the bathroom and garden! Oh, and even a bigger congrats on those muffins wowza!!! It looks scrumptious!

  21. What exactly is USAB the oatmeal looks delicious.

  22. Dale -- USAB = unsweetened almond breeze. :)


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