Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Walk in the Park 2010

Hello! We ended up having a great day today. The weather held out, there was a super turn out at the walk (over 2300 walkers), DS played his last ball hockey game of the season and they won 9-1, soccer photos were taken and some relaxation took place! I started the day quite early for me on a weekend (6:30am), but I was too excited to sleep. I got up, checked emails and then made a hearty bowl of oats to carry me through a 5km walk.IMG_2108

  • 1.5 cups water
  • 1/2 cup Quaker oats
  • cinnamon
  • almond butter
  • Crofter’s jam


This is the Crofters that I used:IMG_2106

We were at the park by 8:30 to meet with our team. Here’s a shot of me and DD before leaving the house…IMG_2109

Because I see her everyday, I didn’t realize that she’s almost as tall as me! At eleven!!! LOL! Next are a few photos I took throughout the morning. Hope you enjoy them!IMG_2124 IMG_2126 IMG_2110 IMG_2115 IMG_2116 IMG_2117 IMG_2121 IMG_2122

The boys weren’t able to do the actual walk because they had to leave for the ball hockey game, but they were there for the start and came back for the finish. Once everyone was back we got in line for some lunch. This year lunch was sausage on a bun with peppers and onions and pasta salad:IMG_2127

I ate some of the bun, but I’ve never been a big bread fan so I ditched it about a quarter of the way through and just ate the sausage and peppers. KC was one tired, satisfied pup by the time we were ready to leave. He decided to chill with my hubby as we were going back to the Jeep:IMG_2123

Look at that little face! His “Mom” told me that he slept ALL afternoon! I’m not surprised one bit. Over lunch the walk organizers made a few announcements about which teams and individuals raised the most money and the best news of all was that with today’s fundraising totals added, the past 5 years that the walk has been taking place has officially raised over a million dollars for paediatric brain tumour research! Isn’t that amazing??? A special THANK YOU to my readers who donated money to our team!!! :)

We had just enough time when we got home for DS to change into his soccer uniform and head out for pictures. We were on the Starbucks end of town so we made a pit stop on the way home. DS usually gets a chocolate milk there but he had it in his head to get a frap so I let him roll with it. He went for a tall vanilla bean frap, 1/2 whip;IMG_2129

He wouldn’t let me near that baby with a ten foot pole and got right down to business slurping it up. It was almost gone when we got home which amazed me because I didn’t figure he’d get half way through the sucker. :) I went with a grande NF, 1/2 sweet iced chai tea latte:IMG_2130

Numma! I spent the remainder of the afternoon power washing my driveway and chilling on the deck with a magazine. A great afternoon for sure! We’re going to Mom and Dad’s for Father’s Day dinner tomorrow so we did our little meal tonight. My hubby opted for Chinese so DS and I went to get takeout. Here’s my plate of goodness!IMG_2131

We also ate on the deck which was just perfect. An unpictured Skinny Cow chocolate fudgsicle was my sweet end. My parents stopped by for a visit and Dad was feeling like watermelon so he made a trip down the street to the grocery store for one. The 6 of us killed a big, sweet melon and it was glorious….although I feel like exploding right now! HA!

I’m off now to wrap my Hubby’s Father’s Day gift before he emerges from the shower. Will you be seeing your Dad or someone special tomorrow?

Bye for now!!


  1. aw! So glad the walk was a success. Great family pics! Your daughter IS getting so tall! Gorgeous, just like Mom ;). And I think Starbucks was the perfect after walk to treat. Yes! My dad is coming down to my house for a bbq tomorrow (along with my mom, Aunt, Uncle and cousin!). I've been baking up a storm ;)

  2. Over a million dollars?! That's fantastic!!! You guys look like you had a blast and even though the boys missed the walk, it was nice of them to be there for the beginning and end. :) And your puppy's so cute!!!

  3. SOunds like a GREAT day for the walk! Congratz! The pictures are great :) Isn't it amazing how tall kids are getting these days...most of the kids in my programs (grades 6,7.8) are all taller then me :P

    Hope you guys have a great day tomorrow...I am going to enjoy a bbq with my dad,mom, boyfriend and grandpa!

  4. have a glorious father's day w/ your fam as i know you will!

    i have never tried crofters, need to!

  5. Sounds like a successful walk!

    I won't be seeing my dad tomorrow, as my parents drove to Calgary for the weekend for a friend's 60th birthday. They might come back tomorrow night, but probably not until Monday.

  6. That's awesome the walk was so successful! You have such a gorgeous family! I love Chinese food. In fact..I'm craving noodles now!

  7. Wow all the money they raised is just amazing!!!! I am so glad the walk went well!!!!

    I hope your hubby has a great Fathers Day!!!

    Your daughter is tall!! Going to pass you soon!!!

    Have a great Sunday! Love the family pics!!!

  8. Great walk, I love participating this kind of event! Doing good for myself and for others! :)
    Unfortunately I won't be seeing my Dad... but I'll call him :)

  9. What an amazing turnout--that's wonderful!! And I passed my mom up in height when I was around 11 too. :-)

  10. Love your family pictures! You have a beautiful family! Glad the walk went fabulous!


  11. Aww Krista I LOVE the family pictures! It's nice to put names with faces! Your family is gorgeous and I'm so glad the walk went well.

  12. I'm glad to hear that the walk was such a huge success...what a great turnout! Over a million dollars raised is absolutely incredible!

    Happy Father's Day to your hubby!

  13. Glad teh walk was a success! It was such a beautiful day here!
    I'll see my dad next weekend, it's a good buffer week when you haven't actually got a present yet...

  14. What a walk... a MILLION dollars? That's incredible! It looks like it was a great day for it too, how perfect. I remember doing a couple walkathons when I was really wee with my fam. SO much fun.

  15. Krista!! Happy Monday!! I just wanted to say, I hope your hubby had a great Fathers Day!! Im sure he did!!! xoxo

  16. can i join ur family? do u want another kid lol? any room. dont get me wrong, i love my family, but i LOVE all the fun adventures you have together, like walks on father's day!!! ur amazing!



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