Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Home Reno Bug

How was your day? It was wet again here. The grass and weeds like the rain, at least! I’m kinda getting tired of it! Being stuck inside more often than not lately I’ve been pondering some more home renos seeing as I’m so pleased with how our bathroom turned out. Namely, I’d like to rip the carpet out of the rec room and put down hardwood. It’s much easier to clean with 3 cats! I’d also like to replace the vanity in the downstairs bathroom because the sink that’s there now is a pedestal one and there’s no storage space for unsightly items such as toilet paper. *wink* Not sure if I’ll get my hubby on board with these grand plans, though! I also want to mention that I’ve once again been given an opportunity to review a new product with you through CSN Stores! I can’t wait!

Breakfast was Jessica inspired today!IMG_2075
Dorset cereal, USVAB, strawberries & blueberries. Delicious! The only problem was that I started getting hungry sooner than usual. I think upping the amount of cereal will take care of that.

Morning snack was a piece of whole grain bread with blackberry/peach jam on top:IMG_2076
I decided not to go to the gym today. My shoulders are really tight from Pilates and I just felt like chilling at home. It’s nice that I have that option. I also treated myself to the weekly staff lunch. Once a week we have the opportunity to order lunch in. The caterer sets the “menu” and it is always $6.00 which includes the entrée and a dessert. I’ve done this twice before but it’s been some time since the options caught my eye. When they posted a veggie wrap, chicken rice soup and a triple chocolate cookie, I was all over it!IMG_2078
The soup was fabulous! Look at all the goods in it!IMG_2081
The only thing that would have made it a smidge better was brown rice instead of white. The wrap was jammed packed with veggies and goat cheese:IMG_2080
I didn’t care at all for the pasty white wrap that stuck to my teeth so I chucked it and just ate the delicious filling.IMG_2082 I’m pretty sure I don’t have to say how much I liked the cookie!!IMG_2077
I actually ate it late in the afternoon. ;)

Dinner was 1-2-3 tonight as it was cooking all day in my crock pot. I had some cubed pork tenderloin that I prepped Monday night for this meal knowing that it was to be a rainy day. Along with the pork I added a can of tomato sauce, chickpeas, flava beans, potatoes and garlic. When I went home at lunch the house smelled like a restaurant! I had bought some Pillsbury biscuits over the weekend with a coupon I had so I made those for us to clean our bowls with! IMG_2084 IMG_2083

My portion was served over a bed of cole slaw mix to bulk it up. This was superb. The meat fell apart with a fork and the sauce was rich and flavourful. Truly the perfect rainy day comfort meal. I also ate an almond quinoa muffin as a sweet end, but figured I’d save you having to look at another picture. ;)

It’s 8:30 and DD and I just rolled in from swimming lessons. I’ve made a vanilla chai to sip while watching SYTYCD and have some sweet cherries ready in case I feel like snacking. Before you leave the blog, please consider sponsoring us on our walk…..3 sleeps left!! I hope you’re all having a great evening!

Bye for now!!


  1. Aw that definitely does look like the perfect rainy day meal! It is so gross outside here, but today is leftovers with pasta, mashed potatoes, baked beans and practically any and all comfort food you can think of :)

  2. I love your staff lunches- such a great idea! A giant cookie always makes me smile :) Great crock pot meal. I plan on making another one up next week....makes dinner so so easy! Hope you have a great night! I'm watching SYTYCD too!

  3. I was just thinking of how nice a crock pot meal would have been tonight. Is Dorset cereal like a granola/muesli mix? Whatever it is, looks good!

  4. such a delicious pile of yummy beans and potatoes in a slaw bowl! i love chicken soup! always makes me feel happy :)

  5. We've been having some crappo weather as well. Apparently it's supposed to be summer in a few days?

    Your crock pot pork dish looks yummy :)

  6. That whole grain bread sounds really good, I need to get back into the swing of making bread from scratch! And that recipe sounds great, do you have the exact ingredients/amount for it!?

  7. Glad you enjoyed my cereal..hehe.. I always weigh my cereal. The box has serving at 60g, I eat almost 80g. I feel good about what the ingredients are, so don't worry too much about how much of it I eat.

  8. the new grey background!

  9. awesome crock pot meal! I havent made one in forever I think it definitely needs to happen!


  10. Oh love I know you love mojo bars too! I seriously think they are the best bar ever!! I do love my lunas too , but the mojos rock!

    Its good to listen to your body and not go to the gym if your not feeling it!

    Hope you have a fab thursday! xoxo


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