Monday, June 28, 2010

My Weekend Travels

What a weekend!!! Lots of driving, wedding stuff and (food) shopping! I think to save some time I’ll recap the weekend and wedding details in this post and interject the few fun places we stopped in posts throughout the next few days. I don’t want this to get too long! So, Saturday morning we left town by 9am. The last thing I did before we left the house was eat breakfast.IMG_2236
-1 cup water
-2/3 cup oats
-Enjoy Life Foods Mountain Mambo trail mixIMG_2234
It started raining when we left and rained the whole 3 hour drive. Yuck. The only good thing was that we didn’t hit any traffic at all going through Toronto. I guess all the world leaders were already where they needed to be by the time we rolled through! The rain let up enough for me to get a photo of our destination town!IMG_2280
The further east you get from T.O., the prettier, IMO, and I think Belleville is just gorgeous! My hubby and I both agree that we’d like to spend at least a week down in that area sometime soon.

Before checking into the hotel we stopped at our eating out stand by, Subway. Just by fluke, DD and my MIL showed up at the same time so we all ate lunch together. My MIL and I have both wanted to try the new (to us) orchard salad sub so that’s exactly what we got!IMG_2237
Ooooh, did I ever like this! I kept it simple by just adding tomato and lettuce and it was just perfect. I’m actually going to recreate it at home sometime this week. From what I can tell all I need to do is combine chopped up chicken breast, raisins, dried cranberries, diced celery and mayo (or Greek yogurt) and I should come out with something very similar. With my sub I also had about half of this bag of chips:IMG_2238
DS took care of the other half for me! Next up was hotel check in, rest a bit and then get ready for the wedding. I tried to take a few photos at the hotel, but I think I just look goofy!IMG_2240 IMG_2239
LOL! We had a half hour ride to the church which was in another (smaller) community. Thankfully, the rain stopped by the time we got there. After the ceremony the bride and groom were able to take all their photos outside at a park that was walking distance from the church. Here are a few pics from that area:IMG_2250 IMG_2244 IMG_2246 IMG_2247
On the way back to the Jeep we passed a small ice cream shop and DS asked to stop for a cone. The sign read “ice cream hand made daily in small batches” so I was curious to try it out. DS chose peanut butter banana, my hubby had razzaberry and I went for the ginger rhubarb:IMG_2252
Quite honestly, I have never tasted ice cream so good! I was just like frozen cheesecake! Creamy, thick and silky all at once! The scoop was small but it was rich enough that it was all we needed to be 100% satisfied. We drove over to Picton which is where the reception was held. This is another small town of 4000 people and is right on the shores of Lake Ontario. It’s really too bad that the weather was less than stellar because we could see some stunning boats and yachts at the docks and there are some beautiful homes along the shore, but it was too wet to get very close. We were able to stroll up and down the main strip, though. One of my purchases will show up in the form of a review later in the week. :)

Finally it was time to head over to the reception! This is where we really got a chance to catch up with my hubby’s side of the family. Mostly all of his cousins are female which is a lot of fun! We ate:IMG_2269 IMG_2259 IMG_2260
Drank (not me….I’ve never really liked the taste of alcohol!) and danced.

My hubby took this and wouldn’t it figure that my eyes were closed!! That’s DD in the floral dress and Aunt Darlene in the purple....HI, Aunt Dar!! . DS had had enough by 11pm so we said our goodbye’s and drove back to the hotel. I crashed by 12:30am and slept like a rock until 8am. And did I ever wake up HUNGRY! The boys were still passed out so I got myself ready with plans to head down for breakfast while they slept, but just as I was heading out the door my hubby woke up starving, too. LOL! DS was still passed out so we gently woke him up (you do not want to wake that boy up fast or he will be impossibly grumpy the whole day. We’ve learned that lesson the hard way!). By 8:30 we were sitting down to some chow. I had full intentions of making a bowl of oatmeal with banana and some walnuts that I brought from home, but when I saw that they had a waffle maker I knew that’s what I wanted. I used enough batter for half a waffle and topped it with banana slices and maple syrup:IMG_2270
It’s been a long time since I indulged in one of these and it was delightful. I was still a little hungry when that was done so I grabbed a vanilla yogurt, too.IMG_2271
Surprisingly, this meal kept my tummy from growling for almost 6 hours! We had to check out of the hotel by 11am, but DS had time for a swim before doing so. Well, he ended up spending more time in the hot tub, but whatever! He was happy! My MIL dropped DD off just as we were checking out and we hit the road for home. AMEN! Even with 2 pit stops along the way, we still made it home in just under 3hrs. We were amazed (and thankful) to not hit any traffic coming across Toronto again. I’ll reveal pit stop #1 later in the week, but pit stop #2 was lunch….at 2pm! We hit up Subway again as soon as we got off the highway. This time I ordered a 6” turkey and Swiss with pretty much the works.IMG_2290
This went down SO good! And my belly was happy, too. Once home we pretty much crashed for a few hours. I brought my book out onto the deck and read for a few hours. Glorious! Dinner was a fend for yourself kinda deal. The kids ate leftover pizza and I grilled some tofu and asparagus for myself with some Dijonnaise on the side for dipping.IMG_2291
Then I enjoyed a bowl of apple crumble from pit stop #1 with a little Cool Whip!IMG_2292
It rained like nobody’s business after supper. It felt like we were in a monsoon in the rain forest! No joke. Our satellite bit the dust so I took the opportunity to catch up on all my blog reading while the fam watched Monster House. We all crashed pretty early.

If it wasn’t for the breakfast I had planned getting out of bed would’ve been much harder this morning. While at pit stop #1 yesterday I bought some fresh, homemade apple bread that was just begging to be turned into French toast:IMG_2293
I dipped a nice thick slice into a mixture of egg whites, USAB, vanilla and cinnamon.IMG_2295
I let it cook until golden brown on both side and just topped it with a bit of butter as it really didn’t need anything else.IMG_2294
This turned out spectacular! The bread has a brioche like consistency which made for a nicely textured piece of toast. No disappointment here! LOL

Work was the usual Monday stuff. No surprises which is always a good thing. I ate my very last WCMN Clif bar before heading to the gym:IMG_2296
The gym saw me on the elliptical.

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 156
Max Hr: 168
Calories Torched: 427
Distance: 4.9 miles

I had about a ½ a container of goat’s milk yogurt in the fridge that needed finishing so I brought that for lunch:IMG_2297
I mixed in some honey and thawed blueberries for a very pretty looking meal!IMG_2299

My afternoon snack was a cut up orange;IMG_2300

This fella was kinda dry, but still sweet. It was a little strange, actually! The fam had pasta for dinner and in a round about way, I did, too. I stir fried some tofu, asparagus and mango with Japanese ginger dressing and then stirred in a 1/2 cup of high fibre pasta. A bit of freshly grated parm was sprinkled over the top.IMG_2305

This was really darn tasty! HA! Right after dinner I went a did the groceries. We were down to bare bones. I’ve been eyeing up a smoothie type drink for the past few weeks and it went on sale today so I snatched myself a bottle. I tried some as soon as I got home! IMG_2307

Anyone ever had this before? It’s awfully sweet so I’m glad I only poured a very small glass. It’s definitely something I’ll enjoy in small doses. The kids really like the strawberry banana one. I also had more of this:IMG_2306

My hubby just finished it off, thank God! There’s a very good reason why I rarely have food like this around the house….I eat it all!

Well, That would be it. Kinda lengthy, I know, but I hope you enjoyed anyways!

Bye for now!!


  1. Your family photos are definitely one of my favorite parts of your blog :)

    I almost got goat milk yogurt the other day but chickened out. Not sure why since I love goat cheese. One of these days...

  2. What a fun weekend recap!! Glad the wedding was a blast and the photos are great of you and your family as always! Love the one of your son giving the thumbs up! lol! So cute!!!

    Ahhhhhhhhhh so much yum food on this post!

    Hope you have a great night love! xoxo

  3. You don't look goofy in those pictures!! I love you dress and the whole family looked very handsome :D That apple crisp looks soooo good. As does the ice cream..and french toast..and the WAFFLES (!!)..and...

  4. it seems that you and your family had a wonderful weekend, a lot of fun and a lot of yummy food! So happy for you~~~ :)

    love that pic of you dancing... you were really enjoying it!

  5. I'm starting to get back into Subway again. I love loading up the veggies on my subs!

  6. I think closing your eyes when you dance gives you more rhythm. That's my take anyway. ;)
    I love the Belleville area. Ry and I spend at least a few nights every summer in Prince Edward County. Usually there is a lot of wine involved, so we're skipping out this summer, as it's wine country, but the Prov. Park, farm stands, restaurants, they are first class. It's a really great place to go.

  7. That sounds like such a fun weekend! Glad you guys enjoyed the wedding!! Love the family pictures - you guys look great :)

    Subway = perfect road trip food! I love that place!

  8. What a fun weekend! You looked absolutely fabulous at the wedding love the dress! Of course I love your family pictures! Yummy food!

    xo enjoy your day

  9. church then ice cream then dessert treats!! WOW! i wish i had that after sunday mass growing up! lol <3

    haha dance away girl! looking GOOD :)

  10. oh and no u can definitely sub out the guar gum. its used as a thickener/glue.. similar to agar agar or carageenan. actually i think it may have been better without it since i usually only use it for muffins cuz it makes them really plump.. but for crumbly bars, not needed at all.

    xoxo <3

  11. I am a huge fan of Subway's new sub..I just tried it a few weeks ago. So fresh and perfect flavor for summer!! And that ginger rhubarb ice cream sounds to-die-for. I love getting fresh churned ice cream at a little spot on the beach when we go to Florida..nothing compares!

  12. It's so nice to get away for a bit...a change of scenery can be so refreshing. What great pics of you and the fam! Love that adorable dress, Krista!

  13. I love the pic of DS by the tree! The homemade icecream sounds so good. I wish we had a place like that. I think you'd be a great spokesperson for the shop you stopped at. It's all I'm thinking about now.

  14. What a fun wedding recap! Great pictures :) You look pretty in your dress!


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