Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rained Out, Horsies & Rhubarb

Today started out wet and cold and didn’t get too much better. The sun came out for a bit, but not long. The kids and I were up at the crack ass of dawn for All Star soccer tryouts (for DS) which we drove out to only to find out that they were cancelled due to the heavy rain. We’re troopers, though and I don’t regret going. DS was disappointed that he didn’t get to play, but he had a good chat with the convenor who made him feel better about it. I toasted an Ezekiel muffin, stuffed it with almond butter and peach/blackberry jam and took it to go:IMG_1950

Seeing as we were home with plenty of time to spare before going out to the farm I spent some time catching up on blog reading and perusing eBay. I scored a few more brand new Lululemon items for great deals so I’m happy about that! Out at the farm we discovered 2 new babies! The newest addition is Mystery. She’s so new that she hasn’t even left the barn yet!IMG_1951

And then we have Firefly who is only 18.5” tall! She’s bursting with energy, though!! IMG_1960 IMG_1956 IMG_1959

The second oldest baby, Flec, was extremely interested in my rain boots!


I know, she was totally jealous of those beauties!! ;) When we got home I heated up the last refrigerated portion of asparagus barley risotto:IMG_1962

I have some portioned out in the freezer for quick lunches. I also ate a random, unpictured BBQ hotdog. Yum! After lunch I got to work on using the rest of my rhubarb. First was a strawberry rhubarb crisp recipe that I got from last month’s edition of clean eating magazine.IMG_1963

And instead of stewing the remaining stalks, I tired out this quick baking method from Prevention magazine.IMG_1964

I used a lot more than what the recipe called for. Here’s the saucy, delicious results!IMG_1967

After more relaxing I got started on dinner. The fam wanted me to bake a store bought lasagna that my hubby bought so I decided to roast myself some veggies and tofu while the oven was on. I used a sweet potato and 2 big carrots which all got coated in garlic olive oil, chilli powder, cumin, garam masala and lime juice. The tofu had some salmon spice on it. I also helped myself to a piece of garlic bread:IMG_1965

Twp pieces of tofu were left behind because I really just wanted to get to dessert! HA! A generous scoop of the crumble served with a dollop of Cool Whip free:IMG_1966

Fantastic!!! The recipe called for coconut oil in the topping but I don’t have any so I used melted coconut butter instead and it created such a decadent aroma! Loved this!

We just got back from visiting my parents and I have to get everything ready for tomorrow. It’s going to be a busy week….DD has her dance recital rehearsal Monday & Tuesday night, I have Pilates Tuesday night, both the kids have swimming lessons Wednesday, DS had soccer on Thursday and DD has her actual recital Thursday & Friday. We’re all going Friday night to watch. What does your week look like?

Bye for now!!


  1. Aww.. look at the sweet horses! Absolutely adorable!! *heart*

    The Rhubarb Crumble stuff looks amazing.. I haven't had any yet this year! *GASP* Going to have to get my sister to make me something yummy.. lol!

  2. We were so on the same page in terms of baking this weekend! Your crisp looks fantastic! I really liked emeril's version, but I'd use more oats and less flour next time so it'll look more like yours- yum! Looks like a great trip to the farm. Your boots are adorable. Can't wait for the recital pictures. Best of luck DD!! Week- tomorrow I am going to be at a lot of doctors offices! Picking up my Aunt after a procedure and Josh after getting his stitches out. Other than that- work and wayyy too much teaching ;)

  3. It seems like everytime you go there there are more and more foals! How many horses do they have now? They're so cute, though. I mean, regular foals are adorable..but mini foals are to die for. :) and that crumble looks amazing!

  4. oh that crisp looks good! i just got the latest food network mag and they had a recipe in there! i should try it since i've never had rhubarb before in my life!

    and your boots are to cute!

  5. Aw, those foals are adorable. I think they are going to grow up to be super strong and frisky!

  6. Wow, both you and the kids sure look busy this week! I'm moving back home for the summer. Lots of packing and heavy lifting!

  7. I love the horses. They're so sweet and small. Especially the one that's in love with your rain boots! ;) Your crisp turned out beautiful. I have yet to try rheubarb!

  8. The horses are too cute! Your kids must absolutely love going to the farm...I know that as I kid I would have thought it was the coolest thing ever! :)

    I can see why you'd want to get to dessert -- that crumble looks fantastic!

  9. wow, looks like great eats all weekend!

  10. Love the pictures of the horses! Your crisp looks like it turned out fabulous! I have never cooked with rhubarb before but love strawberry rhubarb crisp!

    xo have a fabulous day!

  11. YUM! LOVE rhubarb! I've got to about pg 4 of the magazine so far...a bit to go.
    My week looks good, lots of work - fun work and regular work, lunch with a friend, possibly a 'mental health' day????

  12. I'd say 9 times out of 10 I just want to get through dinner to get to dessert. Adorable horsie babies!!

  13. Hurray for rhubarb crisp! One of my favourites for sure :)

  14. The weather has been pretty variable here, too! Love your uses of rhubarb, I have so much in the fridge to use up!!

  15. I haven't had rhubarb in a long time. Your rhubarb dessert looks & sounds delicious! I'll have to hunt for some... :)


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