Friday, June 25, 2010

Watermelon Eating Contest

Hello, hello! How’s everyone doing? I’ve been keeping pretty busy, spending lots of time outside in the warm weather. I love summer! By the time I settled in last night it was 9pm and I watched SYTYCD. For those of you who watch it, do you have a fave dancer yet? I really like Kent cuz he’s so goofy and *real*. I think Billy, Robert and Alex are awesome dancers, though. I’m really not feeling any of the girls this year, though.

I was back to oats for breakfast yesterday…IMG_2202
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup Quaker oats
-almond butter
-yogurt chips and shaved coconutIMG_2201
I went with a chocolate almond fudge Clif bar for a pre gym snack:IMG_2203
I’ve had this one for awhile but always hesitated in bringing it to work because it really unleashes that chocolate monster inside me. I was OK today, though. The beast stayed quiet. LOL

My gym time was spent on the treadmill doing an incline walk. I walked at a pace of 4.2mph and put the incline up to 8%. Add that to an extra hot gym and I was one red faced, sweaty gal once done.

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 160
Max Hr: 174
Calories Torched: 433
Distance: 3.2 miles

We had no lettuce left (the stuff in my garden is just about ready to go!)and I was lazy when it came to packing a lunch so I ended up with a mix of goat milk yogurt, Crofters Superfruit jam and pineapple granola:IMG_2204
This was actually really refreshing after getting so hot in the gym and satisfied me just fine. A baggie of cherries completed my (at work) eats.IMG_2205
Dinner was fantabulous because it was something I don’t indulge in very often. (Turkey) meatball subs! I baked up some Dempsters oven fresh baguettes (for the fam) and WW buns for myself. **You can check out my review of this product under my “product review” tab. I bought this bag with my own dinero because they’re that good!** I layered shredded mozzarella on that hot buns, then the meatballs and finally extra sauce:IMG_2206
YUM! On the side I had a small salad with just some romaine, carrots, more mozzarella and sweet onion salad dressing.IMG_2207
The kids LOVE this type of meal. They split one of the baguettes and then each had another in a bun. Momma likes to see her kids eat hardy…especially my boy! :) Dessert was a piece of the banana snack cake with a Cool Whip hat!IMG_2208
Soccer followed dinner and another trip to Walmart followed soccer! Which is why I didn’t settle until 9pm! I finished off my raspberry tea infused chocolate when I got home along with a cup of decaf. I didn’t take a picture if the actual chocolate, but here’s the packaging again!

I woke after a great night sleep. We took our chances with the birds and left the windows open a bit last night. What a difference fresh air makes! I was raring to go a ½ hour earlier than normal! DD left with my MIL this morning to go to the wedding town which is normally a 3hr drive. Going across Toronto this weekend poses a bit of a problem with the G20 Summit going on and anticipating heavy traffic, DD’s company was wanted. She was thrilled! After packing her up I made some breakfast:IMG_2210
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup Quaker oats
-walnuts & pecansIMG_2209
Delicious! My hubby is also off work today so I didn’t even have to rush to eat this.

Work was S-L-O-W!!! I was almost falling asleep in my pile of keypunching. What a drag. This Clif bar perked me ups some, though:IMG_2211
I’ve had this flavour before, but today it felt like I was eating a scoop of PB right off the spoon! That’s a good thing!

I won’t lie…going to the gym today took every ounce of energy I had. I did 40 minutes on the treadmill at my normal speed but only set the incline to 4%. I also did 5 random minutes on the stepper.

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 140
Max Hr: 171
Calories Torched: 359
Distance: 2.8 miles

Lunch was a toasted Ezekiel muffin with a LC cheese wedge and egg whites. I ate it open faced to make it last longer:IMG_2212
I also ate some grapes and watermelon that I saved from a staff meeting.IMG_2213
The boys ordered pizza for dinner so I whipped up a quick mix of a ¼ cup (dry) couscous and a can of curried beans:IMG_2217
I rinsed the beans in a colander to get the marinade off. Enough of it soaks in that you can still taste the flavour. Here’s what I used:

After dinner the 3 of us made our way down to the school (which is beside our church) for the annual bazaar. This year DS entered himself in the watermelon eating contest. I was amazed because he doesn’t really even like watermelon. HA! They did it by grade level starting at 1 and ending with 8. DS is in grade 2 so he had a chance to watch the grade 1’s in action.IMG_2221
I think at this point the was starting to wonder what he got himself into! Nervously waiting for his slice.IMG_2224

Checking out how big it was. He was pretty concerned. I think he thought they were going to give him the whole melon!IMG_2225

And they’re off!!!

IMG_2227 IMG_2228 IMG_2229 IMG_2230 IMG_2231

Glad it’s over!


What a blast! After washing the stickiness off he played a little mini golf:


Then we made our way home. Fun times! And that’s all for now. I likely won’t be around until Sunday night the earliest. I decided to leave the laptop at home because i don’t think I’ll have time to use it. I’ll still be checking blogs on my cell, though! I hope you all enjoy a fabulous weekend and I’ll catch you on the flip side!!

Bye for now!!


  1. wow! at least its healthy unlike those pie or hot dog eating ones! I could totally win that! I'm small but I can eat A LOT, I dont know where it goes but I can fit a lot in my tummy!
    You make oatmeal look like dessert, and I usually dont like it!, kudos!

  2. Soccer, walmart, soccer again, then a bazaar the next day! You certainly have been busy! :D

  3. I am a huge watermelon fan and would love to be in a watermelon eating contest! Hope you and the fam have a great weekend!

  4. unleashed the chocolate monster, haha! i know the feeling! i was such a sugar monster today. cute pics of your son!

  5. What a trooper for someone who doesn't like watermelon! I totally would have demolished that slice, i love that fruit!

    have a great weekend!!!

  6. Love the sounds of a meatball sub--I haven't had one in FAR too long!! And I always look forward to the 4th of July; our town has a bunch of fun eating contests, and watermelon is the one I participate in lol!

  7. The watermelon eating contest sounds like so much fun! Nice job, DS! I've been enjoying cherries lately too -- I wait for cherry season all year long! :)

  8. What do you put in the turkey meatballs for the subs? They sound delish!

  9. im kind of stuck staring at your gooey ooey breakfast <3 <3

    haha definitely a LOT of peeing going on after watermelon eating contests lol

    if that were a cherry eating contest then i know id win for sure :P


  10. Cute pictures of your son! Your dinner looked fabulous. The roll looks divine!


  11. fun watermelon eating pics!

    the clif bars. try the blueberry. i always grab choc or pb based bars but on a total whim i tried blueberry and if you like bloob muffins and want a change of pace, it's really good! i love my choc and pb of cousre, but for a change, just sayin :)

  12. The cool whip had made me laugh out loud. I love it! Really, I do!
    Watermelon eating contest! How fun! And easier to digest than a hot dog eating contest!

  13. oh my gosh LOVE the contest girl!!! that would be SO FUN! your son is freakin adorable!! watermelon is WAY healthier than most food contests--haha

  14. Ok, so i am the best at eating watermelon, and i just wanted to know if there was any openings on a watermelon contest because thats is my dream, i always wanted to compete and win a watermelon contest.. please email me @ thank you!


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