Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cleaning Out

Happy almost Friday! I went missing again yesterday, huh? Once dinner was done I got into my book out on the porch and before I knew it SYTYCD was on. That happens, no? Something I wanted to mention was that I decided last Friday to skip my usual grocery run because after looking into the freezer and pantry I realized that we have a lot of food to use. All I bought was fresh produce at the market on Saturday. So, you might see some odd combinations popping up in the next few posts! Moving on…

Yesterday, breakfast started out looking like this:IMG_2532

But turned into this!IMG_2534

I just could NOT get into those overnight oats. Not sure what I did wrong, but they tasted like ass. After a few bites I’d had enough and went for a bowl of Nature’s Path optimum cranberry ginger cereal with a sprinkle of All Bran buds. Much, much better!

Morning snack was one of 4 bars sent to me for review:IMG_2535

I’ll do a full review once I eat all 4, but let’s just say that we’re off to a very good start!

I hopped on the treadmill for a sweaty incline walk at lunch. I bumped the incline to 8% and the speed to 4.2mph.

  • Time: 35 minutes
  • Avg Hr: 162
  • Max Hr: 178
  • Calories Torched: 358
  • Distance: 2.5 miles

Lunch was a great salad with red leaf lettuce (from my garden), fresh peas, tomatoes, leftover steamed veggies, feta and roasted red pepper dressing!IMG_2537

Later on I broke into my fruit which was 2 plums, sliced strawberries and grapes:IMG_2539

Unfortunately for me, the only tasty fruit in there was the grapes! The rest was a little too far gone. I made it up to my belly with some almonds!


Dinner was fab! I made some chicken burgers with lean ground chicken breast, scallions, nooch, and some other seasonings.IMG_2541 My hubby grilled them on the BBQ along with some zuke’s from my parents garden. On my burger thin was hummus, a LC cheese wedge, pickles, roasted red pepper and lettuce.IMG_2540

Dessert was the last vegan cookie; a triple chocolate one to boot!IMG_2515

Entering reading, taking KC for a 45 minute walk, SYTYCD and bed. Ahhh….

After my 6:30am wake up call and a shower, I set out to make myself some pancakes. It’s my go-to Hungry Girl recipe that I jazzed up with a packet of Amazing Grass powder:


This turned my flap jacks green!IMG_2548

Those are pecans pieces and blueberries that were tossed in the hot pan with some coconut butter. I also drizzled some agave on top.IMG_2547

A great way to start my day! I noshed on a dark chocolate coconut Kashi bar before the gym,IMG_2549

I brought my laptop to shred again and had one of the ladies from Tuesday join in. The other was off today, but my gym/payroll buddy decided to do it so there was 3 of us again! Gym buddy thought it was a great workout, I think she was pretty skeptical at first. Having some people do the disc with me is seriously motivating. I just love the company! :)

  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Avg Hr: 141
  • Max Hr: 174
  • Calories Torched: 230

Lunch was somewhat different for me lately, but awesome none the less! I brought an Ezekiel muffin and spread one side with PB and honey, the other with cream cheese and blueberry jam:IMG_2550

This was the perfect meal to accompany the work I had to do this aft which required me to be pretty hands on. I also ate a mix of grape tomatoes and cherries later on.IMG_2551

Dinner turned out fabulous considering I had NO idea what I was gonna make when I got home! I forgot to pull something out of the freezer this morning so I had to wing it. I went with a shrimp and chicken stir fry that used the last of my scallions, celery and carrots, not to mention the shrimp! I added a tbsp of hot sauce and stir fry sauce that I I saved and froze from our last Chinese take out meal. Some brown rice served as the base.IMG_2552

For being random, this ROCKED! There’s none left so I guess everyone liked it. Nice. I ate 2 Skinny Cow fudgecicles for dessert but didn’t take a picture. There was also some random kettle corn snacking that escaped the camera!

We just got back from soccer about a 1/2 hour ago and it just started to pour. We’re under another thunderstorm warning and my satellite is currently going on the fritz. Bummer! I hope I can still tune into the SYTYCD elimination show in 10!!!

Bye for now!


  1. It's reallly hard for me not to have a bowl of oats in the morning- they're the only thing that give me energy in the AM. One time, I spilled the bowl ALL OVER my couch, floor, and me..and almost debated spending the time to make another bowl. Cereal was definitely a saver in that case. :P

  2. There is nothing like fresh lettuce from the garden, I just love it!

  3. woooo!!! I love your dinner~~~ is it really random? it looks like a really elaborated dish~~ my mouth is watering now :)
    overnight oats? I'm not into it either.

  4. I love those Kardea bars. I ate all 4 in just a few days and didn't get around to reviewing oops. I love the teardrop bowl you've got....bummer the overnight oats didn't turn out!

  5. Since my budget challenge I have been loving my random combinations of foods! I love those Kardea bars as well - I have 2 I have yet to have that I have been saving.

  6. I was thinking about you and your kids as I was nannying today Krista! The boy was doing some swimming and I was thinking about how athletic your kids are. This boy, sadly, is not. He's incredibly uncoordinated and not very friendly :/ I'm really hoping my kids are really into sports. Do you have any tricks up your sleeves for raising an athletic family?

  7. I totally had to miss SYTYCD tonight :( Stinks. How cute is your breakfast bowl from yesterday? Where did you get it? I love the shape. Cherries and tomatoes. I bet that bowl was awesome. Great job on the workouts. Is it Friday yet??/ ;)

  8. That bar looks great!! Is there wheat in it? I am always looking for new bars :)

    I love that breakfast bowl!! Where did you purchase?


  9. I totally cracked up when I read it tasted like ass. I'm in the middle of my office dying. Too funny! Thank goodness for Friday!

  10. Banana nut has to be on of my favorite flavors for a granola bar--can't wait for the review!
    I really need to clean out my freezer and fridge too!

  11. green flapjacks!!! LOVE IT! haha i can't wait to see all the fun combos you come up with :) it's always fun to play the "let's see how much we can use up in a couple of days" game!

    enjoy your weekend girl!

  12. Mmm, green flapjacks! Colorful food is always fun...anyone else remember the blue and green ketchups from a few years ago?

  13. hi beautiful!
    thx for all your awesome comments the past few :) totally apprecitaed!

    the pancakes look stelllllllar!!!

    hope that you and the fam have lots of R & R this weekend!

  14. not only is that breakfast YUMMY but the bowl you put it in is AWESOME. green flapjacks? thats so neat! haha love that <3

  15. oh my goodness I so want your breakfast bowl! Love it!!


  16. i tell ya, i'd love to be in your family .. you make AWESOME meals!!!!

    sry the overnight oats turned out crappy.. your "tasted like ass" comment made me lol

    Have a happy Sunday!


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