Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Too Much Ice Cream

Oh eee! It’s been H-O-T this week and I LOVE it!! Temps have been soaring in the mid 30 range which is more my style. I’ve always said I was born in the wrong part of the world because I hate being cold and love the heat. The fam, however, can get quite cranky so I conceded and put the air on yesterday. The only issue I’ve had is that I’ve been eating more ice cream than usual and my belly is NOT happy about that! I don’t bring my IBS up on the blog much because I pretty much have it under control. After YEARS of dealing with symptoms I know what I can and can’t get away with. Dairy is my major trigger if eaten too many days in a row. That is also why I mostly stick to goat’s milk products and almond breeze….much easier for me to digest. But I “fell off the wagon” recently and have consumed ice cream 5 out of the last 7 days. And I feel nasty because of it today. Ugh…But I have eaten some great food over the past 2 days so let’s get on with it, shall we?!

I decided a cool bowl of Dorset cereal with extra blobs was in ordered for breakfast:IMG_2397
This was eaten after I put laundry in and watered my plants. It’s so nice to have Monday’s off!! :)

I got the kids settled at Italian school by 9 and then made my way to Pilates. It’s fun to be in the studio in the morning! I kinda chuckled to myself when I walked in because at 36 yrs old, I’m a good 20 years younger than the rest of the class! LOL!!! It’s all good, though. My butt still got kicked. Actually, we did a lot of arm work and I can certainly feel that today. I had an hour to myself after class and I spent that catching up on blog reading. I’m not quite there yet, but close!! I sipped on a iced coffee made with coffee (of course) and Boathouse vanilla chai:IMG_2398
Next up was making and packing lunches for the 3 of us to eat on the road to DS’s hockey session. I toasted a WW English muffin and topped it with hummus, grilled zucchini and an Yves veggie burger:IMG_2399
Perfect for on the road eating!

The facility that I took DS to not only has a rink but a whole loft area with different stations containing synthetic ice. He loves going and was pretty cocky that he didn’t lose any of his skating in the past 2 months he’s been off the ice. I cracked up when he fell on his butt with the first 2 shots on net he took. He chuckled, too. I took 2 pictures before DD and I went to the mall area to shop:IMG_2401 IMG_2400
Before we left I bought us froyo. I tried what they called an “Asian” blend; lychee green tea:IMG_2402
I’d never had lychees before and was surprised at how sweet they were. The matcha tamed them down, though and this was a delightful snack. We had a few more errands to run before we finally made it home at 3:30. The kids crashed on the living room floor and I plopped myself down out on the front porch with a book and very cold water.

We did some salmon fillets on the BBQ for dinner which was fantastic. I paired my piece with the rest of the corn/edamame salad from the other night.IMG_2403
This made for a perfect hot summer’s day meal. And dessert? Ice cream. Ugh…thinking about it today gives me the heebie jeebies! The kids picked out 2 fun new flavours:IMG_2405 IMG_2404
I went with a scoop of the root beer float kind which was just OK. It had hard bits of root beer “candy” in it which becomes a real bother after the second spoonful.IMG_2406 Even DS decided to “spit” them out. Other than that, the flavour was pretty bang on. As for the other kind? I have no doubt that I’ll love it; I just don’t think I’ll be ready to eat any before it disappears! HA! My hubby and I sat out on the deck until after 10pm enjoying the night. I brought out some Lesser Evil popcorn to nosh on…IMG_2408
LOVE kettle corn….to bits! I had to hide the rest of the bag or it would be gone by now. HA!

It was up early and back to work again today. I found it still too warm for oats so I enjoyed a cool bowl of Nature’s Path cranberry ginger cereal with blueberries:IMG_2411 IMG_2409
Work was busy and I felt like I got a lot done. Now that we are on reduced hours for the summer I only get 45 minutes for lunch which equates into 30 minutes in the gym. Before heading over I ate a new (to me) bar; Taste of Nature in the Caribbean Ginger Island flavour.IMG_2412
This was really good. Much like a Kind Bar in that it was packed with nuts and dried fruit. The ginger flavour shone through brightly, too. I have another flavour to try so I’m hoping it’s as good!

I hopped on the elliptical at the gym and bumped the resistance up from my usual level 3 to level 5. I plan to keep inching it up over the summer.

Time: 30 minutes
Avg Hr: 155
Max Hr: 172
Calories Torched: 315
Distance: 3.3 miles

I enjoyed a colourful salad for lunch consisting of beet greens, romaine, salmon, tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles and sweet onion dressing:IMG_2413
Later on in the afternoon I inhaled a pint of raspberries:IMG_2414

My hubby had to work late tonight so I warmed some leftover pasta for the kidlets. Then I made myself an egg “sandwich” using a scallion from the market, a 1/3 cup of egg beaters and a LC cheese wedge. I stuffed this into a hotdog bun thin. I also ate carrots and hummus:IMG_2416

Yummy egg close up coming at you!IMG_2417

DD and I took KC for an hour long walk on a trail after dinner. It was so serene! And he was one tired pup when we got him home! LOL Once I hit publish here I’m going to go spend chill on the deck. Tomorrow’s mid week already!!

Bye for now!!


  1. Love the sound of that root beer ice cream! YUM!

  2. I love the heat and humidity too- I can't get enough. You're welcome to come visit down here ;) I love your travel sandwich- such a yummy combo. Caribbean Ginger Island? That sounds like a jammin bar. I hope your belly feels better! I love that tomorrow is already Wednesday

  3. ps- I just realized I wrote "I Love... " way too many times haha

  4. yes.... diary seems to trigger IBS, that's why I keep them just as occasional treats!
    ice cream tastes so good during summer, i totally can see why you couldn't resist ;)
    yeah~~~ mid-week tomorrow!!!

  5. My stomach unfortunately hates ice cream! I've given up on it for the while.

  6. The idea of root beer ice cream makes me happy, but I can picture the little chunks and I know I'd either be spitting them out or my teeth would rebel! The lychee green tea ice cream would be a winner though! That I must try!

  7. i think the heat doesnt help the situation either! seriously, whenever i have too much of something or too much of something sweet/rich AND its hot out, i get major depressive and loathing lol.. delicious homemade vegetable only soup and broth helps so much.. even in the heat <3


  8. It's just fine to enjoy some ice cream during the summer heat! You gotta give your body what it craves..plus, you exercise and keep in shape so it's all good. :)

  9. I've always been interested in trying Pilates, however our town doesn't offer many fitness classes, and if they do, they are usually at times when I can't go!! And all of the yummy-looking ice cream sounds like it just might be worth a belly ache!

  10. I've been eating a ton of ice cream too! I don't know if it's pregnancy or summertime. Ryan asked me to run in to town with him today and all i could think of was this way a way to score a dairy queen sundae!

  11. I'm the same way with ice cream -- too much and I do not feel good! Hope you're feeling better, Krista!

  12. oh look at all that ice cream; so tasty!!!

    glad you've had a good few days; DS looks like he's having fun!

  13. Thank goodness I live in la where it doesnt get humid cause I cant stand humidity, to each his own....
    that ice cream looks good, I just made a frozen yogurt-ish thing in my new ice cream maker on my own blog.
    I love that you said you inhaled the raspberries, I too tend to inhale fruits I cant get enough of, Sadly, I'm pretty good at inhaling chocolate and cookies!

  14. Wow everything looks insanely fabulous!


  15. I've seen that Yogen Fruz has that matcha blend, but I've never been in the froyo mood when I've been at the mall, so I have yet to try it. But we all know I love my matcha, and lychees are awesome too, so perhaps I'll have to make a special trip.


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