Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Marineland, Lululemon & Panera

Hey, hey, hey!  What’s up?   I’m coming at you from day 3 of vacation.  I’m starting to feel pretty darned relaxed.  Yesterday we had so much fun on our travels.  I started the morning out right with a hefty bowl of oats:IMG_2712
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup Quaker oats
  • cinnamon
  • chia flour
  • craisins, coconut butter, pecans and chocolate sauce
We were on the road by 10:30 to our destination which was almost 2hrs away:IMG_2804
MARINELAND!!!  My kids have been before but not me.  The attractions at the park are spread out so we did a lot of walking but once you see the photos I took you’ll understand why I felt it was totally worth the aching knees I had by the time we left!  Check it out;IMG_2749 IMG_2722 IMG_2724 IMG_2743 IMG_2745 IMG_2748 IMG_2796 IMG_2764 IMG_2772 IMG_2787 IMG_2792 IMG_2794
I loved, loved all the sea life/animals we saw!!  I enjoyed a vanilla soft serve at one point:IMG_2769
I don’t know if it was because it’s been ages since I’ve had one of these or it was just so perfect on a hot day, but I enjoyed this baby immensely!  The kids had a blast on a bunch of rides. I took before, during and after shots of them on the kid size drop zone…IMG_2799 IMG_2800 IMG_2801
For those of you out there with kidlets, do they like rides?  Mine love them!  We arrived home just after 7pm and heated leftover Chinese for dinner.  I didn’t bother with another photo, though.  Because I was feeling stiff and achy I thought it best to go for a bit of a walk to try and loosen up some.  I took this little bugger with me;
I just can’t resist that face!  ;)  As I’m sure you can imagine, I slept like a rock!  I was up and at it by 8am, though, because I had plans to head into the GTA (greater Toronto area) for some shopping and wanted to get there well before lunch.  Breakfast was overnight oats.IMG_2810  
I mixed 1/2 a cup of oats with a 1/2 cup each USAB & Boathouse mocha cappuccino, 2 tbsp of chia seeds and cinnamon.  I added walnuts this morning.  IMG_2809 
I think the key to me liking overnight oats is leaving the flavour simple.  If I try to add too much it usually finds its way into the garbage.
So, my 2 main reasons for venturing 45 minutes out of my way to shop?  Lululemon and Panera!  Between DD, my hubby and I, we did some serious damage to the Visa.  I only took one picture in the change room before I totally forgot about the camera.  IMG_2811
I bought what you see here plus another tank and a pair of capri’s.  I’ll take a picture of those when I wear them.  I love the style of tank in the picture!  This is my second one…the other is pink and grey striped.  We cruised around the mall for a bit but I wasn’t interested in buying anything else.  By 12:30 we were across the street at Panera.  I ordered the strawberry poppy seed salad and Mediterranean veggie sandwich with and apple for my lunch:  IMG_2813 IMG_2812  
While we were enjoying our food an employee came around with cinnamon coffee cake samples.  IMG_2814
It was awesome!  I have my fingers and toes crossed that since I live in a university town, a Panera will soon make it’s way to my stomping ground! 
Not long after arriving home I changed into my workout clothes and busted out levels 1 & 2 of the 30 Day Shred.  Holy, kick ass!  I was so hot my legs were sweating!!  Towards the end of level 2 I was starting to question my sanity.  LOL  But I had my eye on the prize and as soon as I showered (for the second time today!!) I rewarded myself for a job well done with a Starbucks via iced coffee with a wee bit of cream:IMG_2815
I sucked this back so fast I hardly tasted it!  I read the rest of the afternoon away.  Eventually, the fam got hungry.  I did not.  I kept my meal VERY light with some quinoa and baked zucchini with coconut mango sauce.IMG_2816
I also ate the last 3 pieces of my chocolate bar.IMG_2665
Yuma, yuma!  A storm is blowing in and I hope that we don’t lose the satellite signal because SYTYCD is one at 8.  I’d hate to miss it!  So tell me, what exciting things have you been up to so far this week??
Bye for now!!


  1. If you put Lululemon in the title, you'll get my attention! :)

    Great Marineland photos! And great Lulu finds!

    I finished teaching one of my summer classes today. So I'm excited! :)

  2. Glad you are having so much fun :) All of the animals are so so cute- I love the walrus. Soft serve!!! And the baked zucchini looks incredible. Enjoy your night chicky

  3. This all looks fabulous! Especially the quinoa dinner, and the chocolate! Having a local Panera is a dangerous thing... I have two in my town and I could easily fritter away my entire Saturday afternoon in their couches.

  4. It looks like you've been having an amazing vacation! I love your Marineland pics...fingers crossed for a Panera in your town! ;)

  5. Ahhhh Marineland looks like so much fun!!! That picture of the bear is priceless :D Only then do they look cute and huggable.

  6. Panera is one of my favorite places to grab a quick bite! So delicious and fresh:)

  7. Love your Lulu buys - those are my favourite tanks, I have 3 and they are the first ones that I go to for working out when I have clean laundry. Marineland looks like so much fun too, I'm glad the fam had a blast!

  8. Marineland looks like it would be so much fun! They don't have a Panera in my college town yet. I'm wondering why!

  9. you are having so much fun!!! EnJoy~~~
    that little face is way too cute... I'd love to have a puppy like that.
    nice lululemon outfit! :)

  10. Sooo glad you enjoyed your vacation time so much!! Marineland reminds me of Seaworld--I love that kind of stuff!

  11. i would LOVE to go to marineland! how fun :)

  12. you went to marineland!!! omg i can just hear the commercials playing in my head haha. bet everyone enjoyed that so much!! haha its a deer <3 (well fawn i guess). omg and the bear sticking his tongue out, thats so funny!

    cinnamon coffee cake!! my tummy is growling like crazy now!


  13. Great pictures!! I have nver been to marineland! :) I love rides though, hehe!

    Also love your lululemon outfit...

    That big storm blew here as well yesterday! I was without power for a good 2 hours! Eek!

    have a great weekend! :)

  14. I swear we are twins because I grew up in the Guelph but I work near Square One. I haven't been to Panera yet but it's totally on my list (I commute from downtown Toronto to the Saug so I don't get a lot of chances to eat in my work-city). I remember being so excited when Guelph got a Starbucks ha ha... Maybe Panera is in the future...? (Ps- if you are in Toronto, you should hit up this chain called Freshii- they have make your own salads and tart fro-yo. To. Die. For.)

  15. what fabulous pictures! Looks like so much fun! Love the picture of the bear!


  16. I'm a little freaked out by overnight oats too! For me, I think it is the texture and the temperature...I just sorta grosses me out. Maybe I can find a flavor that will make that combo seem right to my mouth! :)

  17. I can see why it was worth going to Marineland. Look at those faces and that bear..I want to squeeze him..except he'd eat me. :)

  18. I love Lululemon too! I just bought myself their new mats in pink! Totally love it!
    You are from Ontario, Canada right?? Did you ever visited montreal??

  19. Marineland reminds me of Sea World in Brisbane - all the animals, rides, etc. We have an aquarium here, but it's not so much a theme park as it is educational.

    I'd like to try out this Panera place - maybe one day it will make it out to the west coast of Canada?

  20. MarineLand looks so awesome! it reminds me of SeaWorld!! I love dolphins! They are the coolest!!!

    Anthony loves rides too, so yay for us getting our moneys worth when we go to parks, right?!! It rocks!

    Panera rocks and I love that you drove 45 min to go to your fave places, and I love th eworkout outfit you got, Im sure hubby was happy to have you charge up the visa : ) you deserve it!

    Strawberry poopyseed salad at Panera is delish! Love it! THeir salmon salads are good there too! AND their cinnamon crunch bagels are to die for! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I want one right now!

    SO glad your vacation is going great! Enjoy the rest of it love!!

  21. "I sucked this back so fast I hardly tasted it!"--I can suck down ice coffees like it's my WARP TIME! I mean, i wont even buy them b/c it's like sucking down 4 bucks in 4 seconds LOL

    Regarding selling Lulu or anything on Ebay...well just price it CHEAP or have a 0 Minimum. People want a huge deal, espi if it's been used or worn and doesnt have tags on it, expect to get less than 50% of retail and some things, only like 20% of what you paid for it, BUT it's better than nothing :)

  22. Wow, food looks great and it seems as if you're having a blast!!


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