Thursday, July 8, 2010

It’s been Like This

Hello, everybody! I’ve still been spending copious amount of time outside. Despite some people being over this heat wave, I’m still loving it! They’re calling for rain later on and tomorrow and I guess we do need it. *sigh*

Breakfasts have been hot:IMG_2420

  • 1 cup water, 1/3 cup oats, raspberries, raspberry truffle coffee powder and mocha hazelnut sprinkles

They’ve also been cold,IMG_2431

  • 1 cup USVAB, 3/4 cup cooked quinoa, 2 tbsp chia seeds, cinnamon, Enjoy Life Foods beach bash trail mix left to thicken in fridge overnight

Morning snacks have been good!IMG_2432

And not so good…


This bar got better as I ate it, but at first I thought it tasted really grassy, not chocolaty and it didn’t smell too good, either. Meh, I’d eat it in a pinch, but won’t be running out to buy it any time soon. I have another flavour to try yet and I hope its better.

Gym workouts have been old AND new routines:

  • Time: 35 minutes (treadmill; 20 min walk, 15 min run)
  • Avg Hr: 160
  • Max Hr: 179
  • Calories Torched: 364
  • Distance: 2.9 miles


  • Time: 30 minutes (30 Day Shred on my laptop from home)
  • Avg Hr: 138
  • Max Hr: 169
  • Calories Torched: 217

Me waiting for the previews to run through:IMG_2433

I enjoyed doing the shred at work and will be bringing my laptop twice a week to do it. The other 2 days will be cardio.

Lunches have been typical:IMG_2422

And random:IMG_2436

Afternoon snacks have be berry good. :)IMG_2424 IMG_2437

My hubby has been working a lot of overtime this week so I’ve been on my own with the kidlets for dinner. The BBQ has been my friend! Chicken last night that luxuriated for 24hrs in Averie’s Mango marinade, sautéed mushroom and red peppers and quinoa:IMG_2425

The quinoa had extra coconut mango sauce on top. Averie’s marinade was out of this world. She used it on tofu, but I know she won’t diss me for dressing my chicken with it! ;) Tonight was hotdog and mac n cheese night for the kids, my dinner was a green one:IMG_2442

Random snacking has looked kinda like this:IMG_2448 IMG_2418 IMG_2426 IMG_2438

Just not in this order! My evenings have been spent lounging on the deck like this:IMG_2429

And at the soccer field….yes, I finally took some pictures!!!IMG_2444 IMG_2445 IMG_2443

And as Bug’s Bunny liked to say, “That’s all, folks”!!

Bye for now!!


  1. I love that you brought your laptop in to do shred! What a great idea. Its always fun to mix up your workouts. Love your workout top. The berries look so fresh. Amazing right now!!Rice cakes covered with LC cheese or nut butter is one of my favorite snacks :)

  2. white choc macademia is SO good. i had pulled that out for my snack today but went with a probar instead. :)

  3. I actually *wrote down* the shred routine when I had the video (I think it was free on demand) and then it went away so now I have it to do whenever. I just put on music and go for it. Love that workout ;)

  4. Dang that shred workout looks like a good one! 217 calories in 30 minutes is pretty dang good! And I love the picture of you cat..mine sleeps the same way!! And cats think they're not like dogs ;)

  5. Everything looks so good and perfect for summer - glad you have been enjoying time with the family!

  6. So glad that you loved the marinade! I bet Scott would love it on grilled chicken too LOL. Anyway, great work my friend!

    What you told me about a tat, 14 yrs, I am soooooo sorry. That's horrific and the type of thing you never forget and here's a big ((HUG)). I know you will find the perfect way to memorialize it..and you're right,not on your foot. LOL

  7. Haha your cat sleeps the same way my dog does :)

  8. you are a BAD INFLUENCE ON ME :)
    (love the laptop idea....)


  9. I like your cold breakfast combo and all those berries!!! :D

  10. You always have the best Luna bar flavours! Do you buy them here (in Canada) or do you cross border shop?

  11. Love the soccer pics of your son, too cute, soccer is such a fun sport, the kids really get some good exercise there!

    U look too cute in your gym clothes, and its good to switch up and change workouts, I like to do that too!!!

    Did you get my comment about the sunwarrior? def dont spend that much, I know its like 47 bux when I bought it online, but like 50 something with shipping, hope you get some! Its yum!


  12. I'm addicted to those white chocolate mac. luna bars!

  13. Glad you are enjoying the heat! :) It's been pretty cool here all summer so far, but it finally heated up a bit today. It was nice to sit outside in the shade...

    Averie's marinade sounds great!

    Have a great weekend!


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