Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Market & The Lake

Oh, has it ever been a gorgeous 2 days! I’ve not spent too much time inside. In fact, I’m typing this from my front porch. I’m just going to breeze through my eats in this post so I can get to some other fun things.

For breakfast yesterday I mixed a packet of Amazing Grass powder into my oats for a little Friday morning boost:IMG_2353

Looks funny, eh? This was my usual 1 cup water, 1/3 cup Quaker oats, the Amazing Grass, frozen cherries, dark chocolate chips and 3 pecan halves.IMG_2352

Before I went to the gym for my typical walk I ate a WCMN Luna bar:IMG_2355

This was resting on top of my still frozen lunch. I really liked it cold! I’ll spare you my gym stats today because I really can’t be bothered to go inside for them. :)

Lunch was some asparagus barley risotto that I froze just for a day like this when I didn’t want to make anything:IMG_2356

I added about a 1/4 cup of hot water before heating and it was like I’d never froze it. Then I ate strawberries.IMG_2357

My hubby felt like Chinese for dinner so I picked some up on my way home from work. We went for combo plate this time to keep the cost down and was it ever a load of food! Mine was sesame chicken with vegetable fried rice and veggies. IMG_2358 Isn’t that a ridiculous amount of food for 8 bucks?! I ate all but the rice cuz I’m just not a fried rice fan. My hubby’s was pretty much the same except he had beef & almonds. He couldn’t finish his, either. I was WAY to full for dessert, but Pepper was happy to lick the ice cream remains from mu hubby’s plate!IMG_2351

Then he was full, too…IMG_2348

LOL! I had a glorious sleep after spending so much time outdoors and woke hungry! I’ve been waiting all week to make another batch of French toast with the apple bread.IMG_2360

This time I topped it with coconut butter and strawberries. Divine!! After breakfast the kids went to the neighbours place which gave my hubby and I a chance to go to the market ALONE. Us going anywhere alone doesn’t happen very often at all so this was a real treat. We hit the jackpot with produce this week. Check it all out!IMG_2362

Cherries, 8 ball squash (a la Averie) , purple scallions, golden beets, bloobs, cherry tomatoes, and peas. Just gorgeous. We also bought some fresh spring rolls:


And the mandatory vegan cookies!!!IMG_2364

There’s 6 in there, a few were just camera shy!! It was lunch time when we got back and I put together a fabulous “snack” plate!IMG_2366

How freaking amazing does that look? I loved each bite and was stuffed afterwards! We chose to enjoy the afternoon trail walking around the lake by our house. The great thing about where we live is that it’s right on the edge of town and a 5 minute drive brings us here: IMG_2377 IMG_2368 IMG_2370

The kids were into skipping (and sitting) on rocks:IMG_2375 IMG_2374

DD is still covered in Canada Day tats. ;) Then we got goofy with the camera and took pictures of each other walking back to the Jeep.IMG_2380 IMG_2379

We cooled off with some DQ! YAY! I indulged in one of my favourite Blizzards; a chocolate turtle cluster:IMG_2367

Me loves! Soon after we arrived home the kids took off for the park with my neighbours grandkids who were down for the day visiting. This gave my hubby and I some quiet time. I read outside for a bit, pulled some weeds and chatted with the man. Before we knew it, it was 5:30 and time to get dinner going. My hubby bought some steaks at the market which he threw on the BBQ along with the 8 ball squash. I made a big Caesar salad for the fam and a garden salad for me. Mine was a bit of Boston, lots of beet greens, tomato, cuke, purple scallion and Renee’s Caesar parm dressing. Little did the fam know that the bulk of their Caesar was made with beet greens, too! Nobody notice, in fact, they went back for seconds. LOL Here’s my plate!IMG_2385

The sauce on the plate is new to me and something I discovered while waiting on our Chinese last night; Mango Coconut.IMG_2384

I wandered into a little chocolate shop (imagine that!!) and found a whole rack of sauces in the back. I couldn’t leave this one behind and I’ve very glad I didn’t. Like the label says, it’s sweet with just a bit of heat and paired excellently with my steak. The ingredient list is short too; mango, sugar, water, OJ, apple vinegar, coconut, starch, lime juice & Habanero pepper. Maybe not fantastic that sugar is #2, but I can pronounce everything there so I can overlook that. ;) I ate one of the vegan cookies for dessert just a few minutes ago, but didn’t take a photo….my camera is on the charger!

I’ll be up early tomorrow to take DS to 8am soccer practice. Gross! I already have my breakfast brewing in the fridge so I don’t have to think about that in the morn. I’ll leave you with a photo of DS waiting on the boys next door to come play soccer with him:


Bye for now!!


  1. that rissoto looks amazing!!!!
    beautiful pictures!! glad to know that you're having great time with the family!~
    happy weekend!

  2. Green oats! haha now there's a color I haven't seen in a while ;) I bet they still tasted amazing, too! Looks like you guys had a blast at the lake :)

  3. im going to be posting a recipe on monday that you can use your Mango Coconut sauce will be PERFECT!

    8 ball squash AND spring rolls....oh you had my name all over this post :)


  4. Glad the weather has been treating ya'll so well :) Great market finds- I really want to try the ball squash. And your snack plate does look pretty freaking good!! As I always note- I love how active you and your husband are with your kids. Just wonderful!

  5. The weather here couldn't be better as well! Except now today it's raining, but I celebrated the 4th yesterday anyway. I always used to pop my granola bars in the freezer for a few minutes before I'd eat em'. Once they are cold, it slows down your eating too! A DQ Blizzard sounds fabulous!

  6. oh wow! strawberry french toast :) :)

    the amazing grass mix in ur oats is WAY more fun than my dirty oats. any time u can find a way to slip in more greens and make it delicious, thats always a BIG BONUS <3

    enjoy ur Sunday and 4th of July with the FAM <3


  7. Looks like you and you're family are having a fabulous weekend!

    xo enjoy the sun

  8. Everything looks so good! I love risotto and yours looks amazing! It looks like you are having a fantastic weekend! Keep on enjoying!
    Swing by my blog if you have a sec to check out my giveaway! :-)

  9. Your market finds look wonderful! I love getting fresh and local food:)

  10. Oh wow, everything here looks wonderful - especially the apple bread french toast and the spring rolls! The vegan cookies don't look too shabby either ;)


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