Monday, July 26, 2010

Officially on Vacay

Bonjour!  Hope everyone is doing well!  It’s technically only been a day since my vacation started, but I’m already having a blast.  Yesterday we tackled more yard work in preparation for our ground level deck extension which we’ll be tackling next week.  I made myself a grand breakfast to carry me through a 1.5hr soccer practice and beyond:IMG_2679
I turned 2 English muffins into French toast and topped them with strawberries, walnuts and agave.  Mmm, Mmmm, GOOD!IMG_2678
I’ve been overrun with zucchini from the garden lately so I decided to make some muffins from ED&BV.  They came out fantastic!  My hubby ate 4 over the course of the day.IMG_2687
By the time these were in the oven it was just about lunch so I pulled my Hungry Girl cookbook and made some zucchini fries:IMG_2680
I served myself a heaping plateful with Dijonnaise for lunch.IMG_2686
This is the point where some serious sweat was shed in the yard.  The yards on my side of the street are pretty secluded and don’t get a whole lot of wind.  It gets hot back there!  By the time dinner rolled around I just wanted a huge ass salad.IMG_2690
All the veg you see came from my parents garden; the lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers.  There was also feta, leftover beer butt chicken and roasted red pepper dressing.  I ate a few cookies at Mom’s as usual for a Sunday night.  When we got back home we set up the cute little fire pit we bought at Walmart (also intended for said deck).IMG_2692 See that concrete pad in the background?  That is the area we will be extending into a 12 x 16 deck.  Our raised deck is directly above that.  I can’t wait to have another liveable outdoor space!  The kids REALLY wanted to roast marshmallows….IMG_2695 
And I set out the fixing for s’mores.IMG_2693 
I enjoyed 2 myself.  That was more than enough for me!!IMG_2694
Enter some TV, sleep and 8am wake up time to get breakfast and head off to Pilate’s.  I needed something quick and cereal was the way to go.  A bowl of Kirkland cinnamon pecan crunch to be exact!IMG_2698
My hubby and I cruised the net looking for a few things to do over the next few days that will entertain the kids.  At 11 &  8 we have to ditch some of the places we usually go because they’ve outgrown the attractions, rides, etc.  We managed to find a few areas of interest and printed off tickets and coupons.  Before I knew it lunch had arrived.  I made big salads for DD and I with greens from the ‘rents garden, feta, hemp seeds and cashews.  The dressing today was pear & blue cheese…IMG_2699
I also ate a muffin with some almond butter on top;IMG_2700
We spent the afternoon catching some rays at the “beach”.  It’s really the local conservation/campground park, but the kids love the beach area there!  They splashed around..IMG_2702
While I chilled on a towel with my hubby:IMG_2707
I coated us all with SPF 50 and was impressed that we were all OK after 3hrs of sitting out.  DD was tuckered out by the time it was time to jet home!IMG_2704
HA!  We stopped for Chinese take out on the way because neither my hubby or I felt like cooking anything.  I had some lemon chicken, low mein, beef & broccoli and fried rice.IMG_2710
This was good but made me very, very thirsty!  I have sucked back 2 bottles of water already!  Yikes!  Dessert was some pineapple coconut froyo.IMG_2691
As soon as the kids go to bed my hubby and I are gonna watch a movie or 2.  We have some plans set out tomorrow which will have us leaving the house by 10am.  Should be blasty!  See ya tomorrow!
Bye for now!!


  1. So glad you're enjoying your vacation already. The english muffin french toast was a great start. Love the fire pit- I haven't made smores in ages. I am also craving some pool/beach time. Have fun with the hubster

  2. Glad you are enjoying vaca! You deserve to relax and have fun! :)

    mmmm smores!!!!

  3. How fun! I'm trying to figure out things to do with the 10 year old I nanny for.

  4. Glad you're already having fun!! :D And there's almost no way to have a fire pit without s'mores. Heck, I used to make them over the stove! Mmm mmm goood :P

  5. Boy does that cinnamon pecan cereal look FANTASTIC! I've been on such a kick lately!

  6. Glad you're enjoying your vacation. French toast english muffins... seriously brilliant!I have been wanting to try that cereal I might have to get it next time i`m at the store!


  7. you just made me realize that i haven't had s'mores in so long. i really need to make them. cute pics!

  8. Hooray for vacay! Those smores look awesome - one of my favourite treats, I need to find a way to have them this summer!

  9. What a great start to your vacation...looks like a fun day, Krista! Your garden veggies look incredible, especially the beautiful summer squash...delicious!

  10. so glad to know that you're having a blast!!! your breakfast looks marvelous.... I can totally tell that you're on vacation mode! Have another fabulous day! :)

  11. Have fun today with the family wherever you guys are headed!!!!!!

    I love smores and I would of ate more than 2! U have good willpower!!!

    I am loving the english muffins french toast style! Great idea! Did u get the hungru girl cocktail book??!! i need to get it!

    Have a wonderful day! xoxo

    Yay for Vacation!!!

  12. i feel like smores always make a vacation extra special!! i mean, you know ur bound to have fun when u whip out the chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers!! wow looks like such a hoot!! <3

  13. This post just reminded me that I haven't made a HungryGirl recipe in fooorever!
    S'mores are the official treat of summer--we always make s'more shakes. Vanilla ice cream, crushed grahams, chocolate syrup, and toasty marshmallows on top--heavenly!


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