Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time for a Holiday

Hi everybody!   Hope your weekend is going well!  I’ve got 3 days of eats to cover so I think I’ll just get to it….
I had a dentist appointment first thing (ugh) so I had a quick bowl of cereal before giving my teeth some extra attention.IMG_2648 This is the Kirkland cinnamon pecan cereal:IMG_2647 Very good indeed!  I snacked on the last Kardea bar before going to the gym:IMG_2649 Thursday was 30 Day Shred day at the gym and 4 of us sweat and grunted through it.  :)  Later on in the day I ordered the Jillian Michaels “No Trouble Zones” DVD.  I’ve seen it around blog land and heard good reviews so I’m eager to try it out!
Thursday and Friday were still clean-out-the fridge-and-pantry days so my lunch morphed into a salad of sorts.IMG_2659 Corn, edamame, cucumber, feta and white balsamic vinegar.  Turned out pretty decent!  I really didn’t get hungry for an afternoon snack, but whipped up an amazing little dinner for myself.  IMG_2652 WW pita, lettuce, mayo, dijon and falafels.  Yummy!  I munched on  blueberries, too;IMG_2651 Thursday night was soccer night and SYTYCD night.  I was pretty tuckered out so a night in front of the tube was needed.   This asthma business of mine seems to be taking a lot out of me and I don’t like it.  *sigh*
It was a rainy morning and I just wanted some comfort food.  Enter my dark chocolate cherry mocha oats:IMG_2657 IMG_2656 Doesn’t that just look divine?  This is probably my favourite bowl of oats ever.  Thank you Starbucks for the inspiration!!  :)
Morning snack looked like this:IMG_2658 I’m still not over the moon about these bars.   Have any of you tried them??
I hoped on the treadmill for a sweaty incline walk on the treadmill.  I set the incline to 7.5% and the speed to 4.2.  Thirty five minutes later saw me pretty red in the face!  LOL
I was getting pretty desperate when it came time to pack my lunch and ended up with goat’s milk yogurt, blueberries and Bear Naked granola.  There was also pear ginger jam mixed into the yogurt:IMG_2650 Aside from eggs, yogurt and granola is a go-to meal for me.  Tell me your favourite go-to meal, K?  A co worker brought in some carrot cake after lunch and I took a small piece.  IMG_2660 Mmmm…not so good.  For some reason it tasted like there were grains of sand in it.  I ate it to be polite….I’m not feelings hurter!  How’s that for improper grammar??  LOL
My hubby finally broke and bought oven ready pizza for supper.  The one he picked for me was a thin crust with spinach, feta, mozzarella and edam: IMG_2661
I enjoyed this so much I had a third piece!  The crust was light and crispy and reminded me of a croissant.   After dinner I finally went to do groceries.  I was a little scared that I would have to spend a fortune, but the bill wasn’t much more than what I usually spend.   Once again I was exhausted by 9pm and just got comfy on the couch with a book.  T’was nice!
After a glorious 10hr sleep I awoke fresh and ready to tackle the day.  I was quite hungry so another bowl of cereal was definitely the way to goIMG_2662 This is a fave of mine; Wildroots.  YUM!  We spent a good chunk of the day pulling weeds.  They’re much easier to get out when the ground is wet.  We’re planning on extending our walkout deck so my hubby took all the measurements needed for the job.  After showers and a quick lunch of salad and the last piece of pizza…IMG_2663 We went to Home Depot to price out the wood and somehow ended up at Walmart.  Backing up to my salad a minute….I used the last 3 falafels and dressed it with some Renee’s pear & blue cheese dressing;  
At Walmart I came across a very appealing sounding Hershey’s chocolate bar that HAD to come home with me!IMG_2665
BOOYA!!!  For dinner we did a beer butt chicken, quinoa and corn:IMG_2675 Dessert was some homemade pineapple coconut froyo.IMG_2677   Oh, yes I did!!!  More on that to come very soon. 
So I’m very excited because we start 2 weeks of vacay on Monday!  YIPEE!!  I plan on kicking back and having a great time while off…IMG_2667 And maybe getting a bit goofy, too.IMG_2668
Should be a riot!!
Bye for now!!


  1. Have fun on vacation! My go to on-the-go snack would be carrots and sugar snap peas, yogurt with berries, a veggie-loaded sandwich and apple with laughing cow cheese

  2. 2 weeks of vaca??? wahooooooooooooooooo! How exciting is that? The falafel pitas look amazing. And I love yogurt, granola & fruit (parfait in a bowl- PIAB?)- it is totally a go to for me. The pizza the hubbie brought home looks pretty sweet as well. Enjoy your vaca!!

  3. just as i was reading your post about the dentist, my tooth starting aching. crap!! it's a sign! :( sand in carrot cake?! that's awful.

  4. So exciting about vacation! Love the falafel + pita combo, SO good. Allen really likes that Kirkland cereal too, it's so flavourful and a reasonable price for such a large box.

  5. 2 weeks vacay!!! yay girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy every second of it!! Are you going to the US at all? I know you love going and getting yummy food you cant get where you are : ) fun!

    Oh your oats are always rocking, and I am loving the cereal you had too, cereal is a fave of mine as well, I could eat it every morning but try to eat different things!

    Have a great day! xoxo

  6. I had a dentist appt this week to--I despise going to the dentist, but no cavities yet! Carrot cake is by far my favorite dessert, to bad it was less than stellar tasting!

  7. Enjoy your vacay! Oh wait, it sounds like you already are :) Your pizze looks like an absolute winner!

  8. Have a wonderful vacation! I remember that I first found and started reading your blog when you were on summer vacation last year... :)

  9. two weeks of vacation! man, i'm jealous! wish i got something like that!

    that pizza looks awesome! i'm a huge thin crust fan!

  10. I really want to try the falafel now, it looks divine in your salad and sandwich.
    to go meal? lately it's the sandwich with LC, romaine, tomato and a microwave egg.. easy and tasty! :)
    have a great vacation!!!

  11. ur probably the only other person thats featured kirkman foods too! its really good to see :)

    definitely should be a riot, so exciting!! VACATION TIME!!! <3

  12. Yay for vacation!!!! Lucky!! :D and those photos are absolutely gorgeous- ever consider getting her to model? No kidding, she could do it! Tastefully, of course :)

    As for my go-to meals, they're eggs (hard boiled away from home, sunny side if home), cereal with milk, yogurt, or dry, and veggies of some sort if I can..always!

  13. Those dark chocolate cherry mocha oats definitely look fabulous! I hope you have a wonderful time on vacation!

  14. Can I come to your house and eat? Where do I start!!?? First off, those oats look divine! What did you use for the cherry-licious-ness? Did you make those falafel yourself or is there a store bought brand that you recommend? YUM!

  15. love the last 2 pics! so fun!

    your eats all lookk amazing...that cereal, mmmmmm, good! too bad i cant have wheat, darnit!

    have a great week pretty lady!!!!

  16. You'll enjoy No More Trouble Zones - I have it, and it's a great all over workout. I always feel accomplished when I'm done...and sore when I haven't done it in a long time.

    My go to lunch is a good ol' sandwich. You can never go wrong slapping some ingredients between 2 pieces of bread. Plus it's uber portable!


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