Wednesday, April 28, 2010


**Did you miss my First Communion Recap? I wanted to thank everyone for their kind comments on that post. I let DS read them and they sure put a smile on his face!

Happy Wednesday! It seems like lately I’ve become an “every other day” blogger. HA! I usually start my posts through Word at work and then copy and paste the bulk of it into WLW later on in the evening, but seeing as work has been really busy the past week I haven’t had a chance to get a head start. Also, now that I’m not out every single night of the week with the kids, I kinda enjoy just hanging out. Anyways, I’ve got some “house cleaning” to get through in this post and seeing as life has pretty much been eat, work, sleep the past few days, I figure it’s a good time to get at it! But first, here’s yesterday’s breakfast: IMG_1380
Gotcha! Bet you were expecting oats, right? And with good reason. I was running a bit behind yesterday morning so I grabbed a bowl of this here cereal. IMG_1378 IMG_1379
DD is the only one at our house that doesn’t appreciate this stuff and that’s because she’s not a fan of the dried fruit. Her loss. LOL!!

At break time yesterday morning my co worker was telling me that her 18yr old daughter was let go from her job on Monday…through Facebook. Seriously? Maybe I’m behind the times and this is how employers deal with terminations now, but I personally think that is the scardy cat way out. Thoughts? Has this ever happened to anyone you know? Holy smokes!

My snack before the gym yesterday was a Special K bar: IMG_1381
Sheesh, these guys are tiny! I’ve also been making good use of my new Starbuck’s to go cup by getting my H2O in! IMG_1382

I ellipticaled my way through a great workout.

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 162
Max Hr: 175
Calories Torched: 483
Distance: 4.9m

I enjoyed a yummy lunch, too. I brought the leftover sautéed veggies, a couple falafels, a flatout wrap and a mixture of goat’s milk yogurt and minced cucumber. Here it is pre wrap: IMG_1383
And all rolled up! IMG_1384
The flavour blend was amazing. I was sad to see the last bite! I also ate a good 2 cups of sliced strawberries: IMG_1385

*Newsflash* We have some new babies on the farm!!! This little dolly, Cinderelle Ella, was born 2 weeks ago: ella
Doesn’t she look like a little unicorn with that tuff of white on her forehead? And this little dude, name still unknown, was born last Thursday.

What a handsome fella!! My MIL says a few more mares are due within the next few weeks so I’ll be sure to post photos as I get them.

Dinner was rushed last night because the kidlets had dental appointments after work and I didn’t get home until 5:10. I need to leave the house by 5:30 to get to Pilates!! I quickly warmed up some WW couscous, a chicken sausage and green beans. Then I dumped some wasabi ginger sauce on top. IMG_1386
Did the trick! When I arrived home from Pilates I had the urge to bake so I made some pumpkin muffins that were based on this Hungry Girl recipe. IMG_1389
(This was today’s morning snack!) The biggest change I made was turn what was a loaf into 12 muffins. I also nixed the Splenda and used a ¼ cup of agave. Lastly, I left out the craisins and added a 1/4 cup each of dark chocolate chips and pecan pieces. Needless to say, they came out smashing!

I was back to my oats this morning! IMG_1388
-2/3 cup water
-1/3 cup Quaker oats
-Dorset cereal IMG_1387
You already saw what my morning snack looked like so how about I show you an award that I received from Coco! award2
Thank you Coco for not only this award, but for your informative posts, your honest product reviews and your zest for life in general! You are an inspiration to me.

I went for a run on the treadmill today. I ran at 5.8mph which my brain feels is not fast enough, but my body likes. So my brain will just have to get over itself because I don’t need any more injuries like my ankles last year! Also the last 5 minutes I walked at 4.2mph with a 7% incline.

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 168
Max Hr: 180
Calories Torched: 483
Distance: 4.2 miles

For lunch I ate a grilled veggie and goat cheese panini from Lean Cuisine: IMG_1391 IMG_1390
I haven’t had one of these in almost a year! It was pretty good although I could’ve done without the eggplant. *yuck*. I picked most of it off. I also had some banana bread from the staff kitchen: IMG_1393
This was indeed a “normal” sized piece, but I ate most of it before I got back to my desk. *blush* I also ate some more strawberries before I left for home: IMG_1394

The kids and I have been ploughing through strawberries like nobody’s business lately! LOL!

I made a HUGE stirfry for dinner tonight. I had some veggies that absolutely had to be used…..4 red peppers, 6 green onions, an 8oz package of mushrooms and some pineapple. I sautéed the veggies using water, a 1/4 cup at a time, until they were tender. Then I added pork from kabobs that I got at the farmers' market and froze and the last turkey sausage, chopped up. When we get Chinese take out I always freeze the leftover soy dipping sauce so I thawed that out, thinned it with a bit of water and OJ and used that as the sauce. This concoction was served over rice noodles. IMG_1397

Even though DD picked out the red peppers and DS picked out ALL the veg, this meal was a hit and there was only enough leftover for my hubby’s lunch. Score! My sweet end was a chocolate chip All Bran bar with a side of cat:IMG_1398

We just got back from the pool (swimming lessons) and I’m munching on the last of the pineapple: IMG_1395

Yum! One last thing….Krista’s Kravings made an appearance over at Women’s Day new blog!!! Check it out! :) I think I’ll let you all off the hook now. :) Thanks for reading and I’ll catch ya all later!

Bye for now!!


  1. Congrats on the Women's day blog mention! That is super exciting!!The horse babies are so freaking cute! And I want all of your fresh fruit (pineapple and strawberries) right now ;). Blog when you can! Sometimes its just too hard to keep to a schedule! Enjoy the rest of the week

  2. Those horse babies are so flipping cute! I'm so envious of those falafel balls. Looks like some great dinners at the Krista's Kravings household :)

  3. no respect for a boss that lets someone go through facebook, how rediculous is that!

    can i have some of that all bran but with a whole side of cat? lol too cute!

    my brother makes those paninis all the time and i love the smell in his kitchen when its cooking.

    perfect snack-pumpkin muffin love this! and i love the horsies too! so much i can comment on..everything looks extra good today.

    xoxo <3 ps. glad the comments put a smile on DS's face! :D

  4. Congrats on your womans day debut! Your blog is great and I really enjoy how you keep it real!

  5. AWESOME PROPS for the women's day feature. And, imo, letting people go through facebook just shows how lazy people are these days to actually put the effort into communicating with others face to face.

  6. LOVE the horses! I love baby animals, nothing sweeter. Our first lamb of the next 'round' was born yesterday too! Spring has sprung and new life comes in so many forms. I love this time of year.

  7. Ugh I think it is disgusting that someone ..a BOSS..would let an 18 year old worker go through facebook. I think they need to grow a pair.

    Anyhow..congratz to your son on his communion! The pictures were so cute :):) I love all of the little girls dresses lol...

  8. Whew...busy lady! Your new babies on the farm are so cute!

  9. I love that yogactive cereal! I haven't had it in a long time but its delicious.
    I am guessing you are from northern Ontario because of the adorable farm babies. I'm from Toronto and I've never been very far north..maybe about four hours north of here. But I love it up there. Its nice to actually experience fresh air.
    Your photos are all so pretty and put together so nicely on your blog. I love it!

  10. Pumpkin muffins are one of my favorites and those look great. Loving the baby horse pics too!

  11. Oh congrats on the Woman's Day!!!! So happy that you got recognition for your wonderful blog!

    And I love the pics of the baby horses!! How adorable. I'd love to visit them!

    Your eats have been wonderful- love the falafel wrap and the pumpkin muffins!

    Congrats to DS on his first communion!!

  12. Mmm that falafel wrap looks amazing!!

  13. Congrats on the Woman's Day feature! How exciting!!!

    Those babies are too cute! We had mini ponies out the other day near us and all i could do was squeal!

    but OMG FACEBOOK!? that's freak'n lame...i would totally argue against that if it happened to me! That's ridiculous!

  14. congrats on the Womans Day...girl, that's awesome, congrats!!!!!!!!!

    aww, i love babies! LOVE baby animals too!!

  16. That is freaking sweet your blog was mentioned on the womans day site!! U need to celebrate that girl!! Wooohooo!!!!!

    Awwwwwwwwww babies!!! Baby animals are so cute!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend!!! xoxo

  17. Firing on facebook?! Um...yeah, I really don't think that's the norm. That's like breaking up with someone over a text! Unacceptable. I'd be pissed off if that were me.

    And congrats on the Woman's Day feature :)


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