Saturday, April 10, 2010

Speedster Saturday

The sun was shining again today! YAY! It was still cool out, but not so bad that being out there was uncomfortable. After enjoying a bit of a sleep in, I got some breakfast into me: IMG_1136

  • 1.25 cup water
  • 1/2 Mothers rolled oats
  • cinnamon
  • raisins
  • PB&C0 cinnamon raisin PB
  • walnuts
  • kefir


It was a lazy morning which I enjoyed. After 6 months of running from rink to rink every weekend, sitting around in my jammies is nice! I did do some baking in the form of Erica’s Nut and Fruit Granola bars. IMG_1138

I highly recommend you try these. They were fabulous! I had to leave the dried fruit part out because DD doesn’t like dried anything. I cut the batch into 12 bars and half the batch is already gone!! Thanks for another great recipe, Erica!

I decided that DD and I would head on over to the St. Jacob’s Market and then the mall for the afternoon so I had a quick shower and then made an even quicker lunch. IMG_1140

Half a cup of egg beaters scrambled with a LC cheese wedge and a burger thin with some hummus. At the market I picked up a bag of my favourite granola, (which will soon be travelling the the US) a pound of all white ground chicken, a dozen fresh eggs and strawberries & blueberries. IMG_1142

There was a lot of veg but it’s not local yet so I passed this time around. DD bought herself a freshly made orange strawberry juice:IMG_1141

The mall we hit up has just been renovated and it looks awesome! DD bought some summer clothes at Aeropostale and other than a NF green tea latte from Timothy’s, I bought nothing: IMG_1143

I just wasn’t feeling the whole trying on clothes deal today, but this latte hit the spot! :)

I spent some time on the computer when we got home and snacked on one of these cookies: IMG_1144 IMG_1145

Not bad. A little small, but not bad. Earlier in the day I had put a Hungry Girl chilli recipe in the crock pot. The recipe was in the first cookbook and was done on the stovetop, but we needed to be out over our dinner hour so I just set it on low for 8 hours and forgot about it. And where we needed to be was a photo studio so that DS could get some professional First Communion pictures taken. They turned out so well and when I get them back I’ll be sure to post a few!

The studio is located on the upper level of a grocery store so before leaving I picked a couple things. Shocking, I know! LOL! IMG_1148 IMG_1146 IMG_1147

Here’s my chilli with a dollop of Greek yogurt on top: IMG_1150

Then I had a pineapple oat bran muffin with some of that honey pecan spread on it. IMG_1151

I can’t believe it’s already 8pm! This day went by far too fast. Maybe tomorrow will go slower? I sure hope so! Anyway, hope you all enjoy your Saturday night!

Bye for now!!


  1. So cool that you made the bars!! Glad you are enjoying them. <3 ya! Love going to the farmers market. I'm always careful about checking whats local and whats not too. The chili looks amazing. Makes me want to cook up a batch. I love making meals in the crockpot- makes dinner so effortless.

  2. awww yessss...St jacobs! I ALWAYS get some of that fresh juice to take home with me. Carrot orange is my favorite. Or blood orange ;)

    Love the crockpot chili!

  3. that farmers market looks fantastic! i'm hoping to hit up one tomorrow!

  4. Wow you had such a busy day Krista! Hopefully Sunday will slow down a bit and give you some time to rest :)

  5. oh... summer is so close, I miss farmer's markets... just looking at those veggies makes me happy. those rainbow tomatoes are adorable! :)
    happy Sunday!

  6. Your bar looks better than the store bought ones, nicely done!

  7. Those granola bars look phenomenal, I'll definitely have to check out the recipe! I can't wait for local produce! :)

  8. I bookmarked Erica's recipe right when I saw it--glad to hear you give em a thumbs up!
    Ahh, I love the looks of a Farmer's Market--ours won't get here till mid-May!


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